The Curse of Oak Island S7E4 Summary


In this video, we’re going to take a look
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7, Episode 4 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ begins at Smith’s Cove’s Upper Beach, where
evidence of a dynamiting operation carried out by the Oak Island Treasure
Company in 1897 was discovered the previous episode. In this episode, the
crew punches a second hole, dubbed OITC-6, ten feet northwest of the hole drilled
at the end of the previous episode. A core sample taken from a depth of 50-53 feet contains two pieces of old wood separated by two feet of moist earth. The
wood pieces appeared to be fragments of hand-cut beams, leading Paul Troutman to
speculate that they might constitute the remains of some sort of underground
tunnel. Terry Matheson expands on Troutman’s theory by suggesting that the
undisturbed quality of the earth above the wood, coupled with the fact that
there are no documented tunnels in the area, may indicate that the wood is part
of the Smith’s Cove flood tunnel. In a later meeting in the War Room, during
which Steve Guptill demonstrates that a line drawn from OITC-6 to the centre of
the U-Shaped Structure intersects two of the walls unearthed at Smith’s Cove the
previous season. The crew agrees at they ought to have the wood fragments
carbon-dated. Craig Tester presents the results of this carbon dating in another
War Room meeting at the end of the episode, stating that the wood fragments
were found to date from 1735 to 1784- a date range which corresponds perfectly
with the dendrochronological dating of the various structures found
beneath Smith’s Cove throughout Season 6. All of the crew members, including
an especially enthusiastic Jack Begley, agree that the carbon dating is very
encouraging, and that they ought to thoroughly investigate the area
surrounding OITC-6. Earlier in the episode, Charles Barkhouse and Gary
Drayton conduct a metal detecting operation on Oak Island;s Lot 21, where
Drayton discovered the iron swage blocks in Season 7, Episode 2. After discovering
a 19th Century British halfpenny, the pair unearths a decorative brooch not
far for the remains of the old McGinnis family cabin. This is not the first
brooch to be discovered on Oak Island. Back in Season 5, Episode 16, Gary Drayton
and Rick Lagina discovered a brooch on Oak Island’s Lot 8, in which was set a
rhodolite garnet. Later, in the Season 6 premiere, Rick and Gary unearthed a
brooch with a red glass jewel set in its center. The boys found the latter
artifact on Lot 21, the same lot on which this latest brooch was found. Following
the discovery, Alex Lagina and Laird Niven drive to Acadia University in
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where they present the artifact to conservator Kelly
Bourassa. The conservator proceeds to
professionally clean the object, revealing a unique design consisting of
twin coils of rope surmounted by a fern-like leaf. Bourassa suggests that the
object has a Maritime flavour, but is unable to determine its age or maker. He
also acknowledges that he has never seen another artifact like it. Shortly after
the discovery of the brooch, Rick Lagina and Craig Tester meet with Tom Nolan in
the War Room, where they tell the Oak Island landowner about the three
locations they would like to excavate in the swamp, namely the Ship Anomaly, the
Paved Wharf, and the so-called ‘Eye of the Swamp’. Nolan informs the
treasure hunters that the swamp has risen substantially over the past 30 years due
to an accumulation of organic material, and that the surface of the swamp today
is significantly higher than it was 30 years prior. He then suggests that the
team remove the top layer of the swamp before proceeding with their planned
excavations. After meeting with Nolan, Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, and Steve
Guptill meet at the swamp with Jack Nichols of Dam-It Dams, the contractor
who constructed a successful inflatable cofferdam around
Smith’s Cove back in Season 4, Episode 12. They inform Nichols that they would
like him to dam off a section of the swamp so that they might be able to
excavate the three aforementioned areas of interest without having to contend
with water. After touring the area in question,
Nichols declares the task feasible and accepts the job. Thanks for watching! If
you enjoyed this video and would like to help support this channel, please check
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  1. NeuWorld Solutions says:

    I think that if there was any secret tunnels, they've blown up or drilled through the area enough that it'd be impossible to recover anything

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    The previews are the real show.

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    Thanks for watching! If you'd like to help support this channel, please check out 'The Oak Island Encyclopedia':

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    This guy's book is actually so dece, gotta buy it

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    Where’s the girl who used to narrate?

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    Just dig the whole island down 200 ft three weeks tops you’ll find out the area to spend digging and not

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    This is an easier way to get the update on whats happening on this series without wasting a ton of time…thanks for the update.

  8. Boshi Yoshi says:

    Sounds exciting but so did the ship anomaly and they debunked that an episode later. Expecting it to be revealed next episode that the wood is just another searcher tunnel that they suddenly remembered existed. 🙁 Still, the carbon dating linking it to the strange Smith's Cove structures is very interesting. It's almost like the walls there were built to hold back the sea so that the "tunnels" (whatever they are) could be built. Maybe the cove was a lot smaller in that time period and so they only needed those small walls to hold back the water.

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