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(relaxing music) – [Rohan Bandekar ’22] We come to college, not just to learn what’s in the books, but to collaborate, share and
be a part of the community. If there is one place where
people can come together in order to achieve their academic goals, their personal goals, that
should be the library. (relaxing music) (soft piano music) – [Lisa McDaniels] For decades, libraries really were seen and used as warehouses for books, when books were the
primary and sometimes only, materials that were in libraries. Now, libraries are seen as spaces for a lot of different
types of learning to happen. – [Lauren Bowen] Libraries should always
be evolving, right, because they are part of a community and they need to reflect and
respond to community needs. And so we want the physical collection and additional resources,
to better reflect the kinds of questions our
faculty and our students and our staff are asking. – [Sam Craig ’21] The library needs a facelift. It should be where you go
to have your best work done. – [James Troha] Structurally our library is sound. Conceptually it is illogical
for today’s learner. We need and want our library
to serve as the heart of this learning community
and itself become a space for vital connection and work. A space for our community of
students, faculty, and staff to work and learn together
in a collaborative, more contemporary environment. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very excited to make the first public
announcement right now, that earlier this month
Juniata was very fortunate to receive the lead gift
necessary to proceed with the re-imagining of Beeghly Library. Tim and Kathy Statton you
have taken our breath away with your cash gift of $3
million to make this a reality. (audience applauds) – [Rohan Bendekar ’22] Even though I know our
library’s a quiet place, I believe that there should be some amount of productive noise and just people sharing
ideas, collaborating, working on their projects and
just building a community. – [Lisa McDaniels] The hallmark of a learning
commons is flexibility. So flexible spaces that
might seem like what we want for the next say five years, but that undoubtedly will change as well. As the higher education, teaching and learning landscape changes, a learning commons can grow and
be flexible along with that. – [Lauren Bowen] We’re re-imagining
the contemporary library. We also want it to be able
to grow and adapt to things we haven’t yet imagined. While I could picture students
partnering with their laptops, I don’t know where we’ll
be in 10 or 20 years and we’re trying to create a space where we will continue
to be both responsive and anticipate the needs
of contemporary learners. – [Sam Craig ’21] Knowing that the
library’s going to utilize its full potential and offer
more resources for professors, for students, for classes,
for presentations, it makes me wish that I was gonna be here
when it’s completed. (relaxing music) (soft piano music)

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