The Books of Dumb Decisions


So, sometime last year, I was talking
about characters making the dumbest decisions– I think it was for yeah–it was
definitely Jace–it was definitely Jace, and then someone commented and was like
do you know what? You could totally make this into a video, because I kept
insisting that based on the dumb decisions Jace was taking, that the book
should have been renamed the book of dumb decisions, and they were like “Oh you
should make that into a video, and I was like I’m like oh my god I could totally do
this, because there are so many books I have and I’ve read, where characters were
so dumb I’m like we should rename the book the book of dumb decisions, and
surprise surprise, I was able to get five books! I’m going to make this into like a
parts video, so like this is part one. Eventually when I have another five, I’m
going to do a part two, and I’ll just keep going, going, and going because
characters keep making dumb decision in books. It is sad. But here is the very
first part of a series I would call The Books of Dumb Decisions [Intro Song] and to kick things off I’m going to talk
about the one book that led–that was the inspiration behind this entire series
and that is, City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. This is the fourth book
in the Mortal Instruments series. Although the way in which this–the books were–the
series is being–is told, technically we would say that this is the start of the second
trilogy in the series, because it’s a six book- series right? But I do think that the way in which Cassandra Clare wrote the book, the first trilogy ended successfully
with City of Glass, and then City of Fallen Angels starts the second
trilogy in the series. And–and I’m not gonna lie, this book is just a book of
dumb decisions. I’m not going to go into that much details, but I would state now
that to further explain my points, this video is going to be spoiler-heavy, so if
it is that you’ve not read any of these books, you might want to skip it, if not
the minute I hold up the book, you might want to mute it, and like if it’s a book
you intend to read, you might want to mute that particular video until I’m done, and then like listen to the rest of it. But anyway, starting with
City of—um, City of Fallen Angels because see, [sigh] the whole
premise of this book is that Jace–Jace is obsessing over something. He can’t
sleep. He has these visions. He has blocks of his memory that he cannot remember.
Turns out that this dumbass–see at the end of City of Glass, he died. And Clary uses
the one wish from the angel, one wish, not to end world hunger, or to make sure that
war never happens again, but instead she uses it to bring back her boyfriend, which
is understandable because she’s a teenager; they are young, and they’re in love. But
see, here is where things get really really dumb. You would think that the–one
of the greatest Shadowhunters of his age, who is known to be
both strong, really strong, and also really smart in Shadowhunters’
matters would be aware of the fact that when you bring a Shadowhunter
back to life, something else has to happen right? So let’s even say that
oh it’s in really ancient text, and so new Shadowhunters don’t know that there are
certain set of runes that are placed on them as they are born to ensure that
they are not possessed. But you will think that when this thing started to
happen, where these occurrences he couldn’t explain away, started to happen,
smart Jace Wayland-Lightwood-Herondale would
have the fucking sense to be like “Hold up. Something is off.” No. It has to be Clary,
the young one, the young–newest shadowhunter to the–to the group. It has to be Clary telling him that
“Are you sure it’s not a possession?” Before it occurs to him that “Holy Shit. It’s a possession” and by then–by that time, it is of course too late.
But basically, this entire premise of this book would not have happened,
this book would not have happened if Jace had not been a dumbass. So, that is
how you know that this book definitely deserves to be the book of dumb
decisions, because if he had not being so fucking stupid, City of Fallen Angels
would not have had anything. Like… I’m happy we saw Lilith though. But, dumb
decision, dumb! A second book on the list would be Viper by Bex Hogan. This
is a pirate book. And you would assume that as a pirate book, it would have so
many things I would love it, because I love pirate stories. And then these are not just
any type of pirates, these are assassin- pirates. They’re like elite pirates that
basically kill anybody that the King wants killed. So they’re so many–I love
pirates; I love assassins. You all know that. So you would think that this book would
be double love, but no! Here we have a pirate-assassin who decides to never kill
anybody. Like she legitimately is taking the Hippocratic oath, right on a pirate ship.
And if that was not dumb enough, she realizes that her father who is the
Viper, basically the head of the pirate
whatever, she–she realizes that her Viper father is an asshole, and is a sadist, and
is killing indiscriminately, and he needs to be stopped, and she’s like “I will be the
one to stop him”. And she intends to stop him by not killing him. Please let me once
again stress that this book, is about pirate-assassins and the Viper who is
the leader of the pirates, is the most bloodthirsty, the most vicious of them
all, who clearly has shown that he has no fondness for his daughter, who he
believes is weak because she refuses to kill. This Viper,
this stupid-ass girl, what’s her name again? Marianne? Is it Mary Ann? What’s her name? Yeah Marianne! This stupid ass girl Marianne, legitimately thinks that she’s going
to defeat the Viper, her father, the sadist,
the murdering scumbag. She believes she’s going to be able to defeat him without killing
him, and spends the entirety of the book not wanting to, and then the way she kills him
at the end, I’m just like… dumb! So fucking dumb. You cannot be a pirate-assassin, on a pirate-assassin ship, who wants to dethrone the current pirate-
assassin by what? Loving him to death? What the fuck!
Talk about dumb. Absolute dumbass! The dumbness! The dumbassery in this book has
no limits! Dumb! Fucking dumb! The third book on the list which I’m certain a lot of you will come for me, and come for my neck… But I’ve reached the point where I’m like…we have
to be honest” Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. What can I say?
See, when it is that a particular group has been making plans to overthrow a
demon king, a murdering, psychopathic, rapist, demon king, you will think that
they would…I don’t know, be really particular about making sure that they
do not miss their chance, because they have been planning this thing for decades.
What happens when it is that the trained assassin that they’ve been training to
enter the the Kings harem as a concubine and then eventually taking the
opportunity to kill him, what happens when that assassin has to
be taken out of the harem and so they cannot strike? What do you think this
group that has been planning for decades to take down this King, what do you think
that they do? They bring on the unskilled, un-trialed, absolutely not assassin concubine, that they meet. Like I love Lei and Wren as girlfriends, but let’s be real. Wren is
the killer. Lei is not! And the fact that you’ve been planning
something for decades, and you think that, “Oh yes!” Also, why would people who know that they have only one shot at killing the
king, why would they only have one game plan? What happened to having two, three,
four options just in case one of them fails? Why would you rest all your eggs
in one basket when you know you have only one chance to kill this murdering
demon king? Like it made no sense! This was the dumbest decision to ever dumb. I
remember this and I’m like…you’re seriously going to put Lei who is untested and untrialled to kill the demon king? And then, surprise, of course I ready
told you guys that this will be spoil-heavy but surprise surprise, of course the
demon king does not die! The minute she stabbed him, and I was
just like, he’s not gonna die; I can bet that he’s not gonna die. And of course he
does not die because I kid you not, any assassin worth their salt would be,
strike him in a pivotal region and then cut off his damn head, because that
is the only way… We all know that that is the only way to make sure that someone
that you want dead, stays dead. So of course he’s alive. And I have the second
book, Girls of Storm and Shadow. I pre-ordered it when it was announced. I
would probably read it soon, but I am NOT looking forward to it because I just
know that there will be most stupidity and dumbassery in the future, so I need to be
in the right frame of mind to pick it up. But I will pick it up soon. But yeah,
definitely dumbassery, stupidity. Another book that I would
consider the book of dumb decision… Yeah, Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi. I’ve already given–I have an in-depth review of this book, I’m going to leave
it in the description bar you can check it out. But if you’ve watch that video, you already know my thoughts about this book. Like this book was filled with so many
characters, making dumb decisions from Inan who once again was still stupidly
allowing somebody else to guide him only for him to realize at the end that “Oh my
god, she’s more horrific” and I’m like yeah you had this realization with your
father. You keep having the same realization every goddamn book! What the
fuck is— are you you fucking dumb? Of course he’s fucking dumb! And then you
have… Another person who makes dumb decisions has to be Amari. Amari’s
level of stupidity in this book. Like she– you already established that your father
is an egocentric, murdering, mass- murdering asshole, so the reason why you
think that following any decisions he would have taken is the right thing to
do just… I don’t understand it. It reeks of total, complete, absolute character
stupidity! I am still offended about those decisions that she took. Like tell
me how on earth do you think it makes sense in any way, for you to commit mass
genocide in order to save people? What is this? Game of Thrones Season 8??? You
are not Daenerys whose character was totally and completely massacred to
fulfill the fantasy of two dumbass idiots who should not be showrunners, should not be writers; who have no idea of characterization.
You are fucking Amari. What the fuck?!! Like I just…. The amount of stupidity
that this character–the character of Amari displayed in this book was just… it was headache-inducing. I still haven’t recovered. I am still over here saying, What the actual fuck?!! Really! And then you have Zelie who kept making
dumb decisions. The oh I do not trust Inan so I’m going to–I’m not going to
accept the peace offering, which is understandable. But then again, you also
realized that Amari is liaising with her brother, and sure she’s still your friend,
but by the time you realize that Amari was basically dumb enough to force
your people to go into a war you think that they should not even bother going into,
a war with, you would think that she should be smart enough to be like “hey, by the way, this person that you all sorely trust, she’s kind of the reason why a lot
of our people are dead right now.” You–you would think that she would, I don’t know,
you would think that she would say that, but Zelie was really dumb in this book. So
yeah, another book of dumb decisions. And just–it’s enough to pull my hair out.
Talk about DUMB! And then finally, the last book of dumb decisions on this list, has
to be The Last Duty by Isidore Okpewho. I read this book when I was 14, and to show
you– it’s been sixte–almost 16 years, and I still have not forgotten the
dumbassery that is this book. So you understand how much I am
affected. You see, it’s all about this guy that goes to war, or rather he is conscripted to go to war because it was set during the time of the Nigerian
Civil War which did take place between 1967-1970–it’s
Nigerian history. Um, basically he is forced to go into war. Um how is he conscripted to go into war? His neighbour who apparently is jealous of him, and who also
believes that he wants to one-up this guy by sleeping with his wife, basically finds a
way to get the guy posted somewhere far away, and then for the months when the guy is gone, he basically tries manipulating the guy’s wife, to get her to be
dependent on him, so that he can eventually sleep with her. But, she ends up sleeping
with somebody else, who is this other guy, who is this other guy with disabilities
in their–in their village. And the–the almost rapist is so pissed, that the
woman that he has been basically been trying to box into a corner so that she
will have no choice but to sleep with him… he’s so offended that she will choose
somebody, and not just somebody else, but someone with disabilities, that he waits,
and when the–the husband returns, basically tells the husband that “Oh your wife
slept with this person”, and here is the best part… the husband is so humiliated
not that “oh his wife was basically trapped in a–in a sad, unforgiving
situation. No. He’s humiliated that she slept with somebody with disabilities,
and he walks into friendly fire and gets shot and that’s the end of this book. His
pride is so wounded, that he commits suicide, and leaves his wife and his kid
alone during the time of a war! Character stupidity anybody? Epicness. The highest,
the most dumb dumbass, absolute dumbest, dumbass to ever dumb-dumb is the guy in
The Last Duty by Isidore Okpewho. So yeah those are five books, those are the five books
of dumb decisions that I decided to talk about today. Let me know what are some
books that had the dumbest character decisions. Be specific! Please drop them
down in the comments down below. Let us just rant about characters being stupid
in books. Let us rant about it down in the
comments down below. If you liked this video, please do not forget to give it a big
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soon, until then… Stay passionate. Love books.Love yourself. Bye.

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9 thoughts on “The Books of Dumb Decisions”

  1. Michael Knipp says:

    YES! When I saw this video the first thing I thought of was Children of Virtue and Vengeance! Now I have to go watch your full review for that book! Everyone in that story is a complete moron in that book!

  2. Lezlie Smith says:

    ROFL!!!!! "This book would not have happened if Jase had not been a dumbass" I effin love it……OMG…I needed this video today!!

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    Omg I can't! πŸ˜‚ You are amazing with your unchecked rage. Please do more!

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    I love it, but the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa is the epitome of β€œbook of dumb decisions”

    Omg the first time I read City of Fallen Angels I really didn’t like it πŸ˜„

    🀣 your Viper rant has me nearing tears laughing and I haven’t even read the book

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    β€œDummest decision to ever dumb” πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I called Children of Virtue & Vengeance the book about teens trying to figure out there life and FAILING at every chapter 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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    I love hearing about stupid character decisions – awesome title!

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    Bahaha you give me life! I strongly share this sentiment. I have never read the Mortal Instrument series but I just loved watching you rage! Oh my god 'the dumb assery in this book' I just cannot !

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