The Book


Come on, come on! Man, you gotta lose some of that anxiety,
playa! Smoke, that book is cursed! Don’t take this personal… You won’t even get near me! You got- Ey, just don’t jack it, alright? You make my nuts boil. You gotta be kidding me! This fool looks like he’s got money to lose! The business at hand, motherfucker, the business
at hand! Smoke, is that you in there? Ey! CJ, can you hear me? Ey partner, wassup? I’m enjoying my meal. You wanna roll with me? Yeah, just hold up! Man, this is so boring. CJ! Get us outta here! Jesus! You gotta be joking! Blast this fool! It’s getting kinda tight! Go, go, go, go! Shit! Ice cold, baby! Idiots! Ey, that’s my dog! Oh, man, I got snitch’d. Come on, fool! Oh, shit! Shit! Whatchu into, Smoke? People have to open their eyes and the Book,
CJ. What fucking book? You know the Book of the Wise Sheep, Carl? Nah, I don’t think I do. Get in touch with your spiritual side or some
shit like that! Come on with that shit- There’s something about the book, man. Some kinda… strange kind of aura, man. Whatever. I’ll be back! CJ! Ey man, what do you want? Shit, I’m on a diet, fool! For real? For real. Shit. Smoke! Ey, what the hell you doin’? Man. Cat like me likes to drive, dude. Get in the ride! Okay then. Here we go. Smoke, you’re insane! My car! Well done! Brilliant driving. Ey, I don’t know why this had to happen. Oh shit! It’s gonna blow! Damn! Yo! What the f-? Shit… Where’s my fucking car?! No! What the fuck? Oh, no! Get that fool! Aah, no! Wassup, girl! I’m not into dudes, dude. AAARGH! Hey! How’s it going? What the f-? Alright! What do you want? Got to move the clouds outta the way to see
the sun. Ey yo! Here, take this! Go get yourself the book! Wha… I need to test some shit out. CJ. Oh, yeah, whatever you want. How do I find it? Where? Here, we go way back. Okay, okay. And look here. Remember me when you get the book! Later! No way! Man, you soaking wet. Ey man, whatchu want? The motherfucking book! Okay, fool, watch! Come out you old bastard! Whatchu doing over here? Man, get the fuck outta here! It’s CJ, fool! What the fuck are you looking at? So what you got for me, man? Paper, man. Okay. Can’t hurt me, nigga, I’m a real motherfucker! Ey! Gimme that! Get back over here! Just make a move! Never gonna get it, never gonna get it! Biatch! Carl! Smoke, I got what you wanted. That’s my brother! Just drop by Emmet’s! I’m coming over as soon as I can. Much love, baby! Aah! No! I hate gravity! Damn! Ey, here you go! Ohh! Keep it, dude! No, thanks! CJ, please! Ahhh! Alright. But remember this: You didn’t get them from me! Cool! I see you later, man! I see you ’round, Emmet! Uh-huh. Where to, Smoke? Motherfucker, I’ve got the wheel!
– Ouch! Ah, shit! Here we go again. Hold up! Aw! AWW! What the fuck?! Ugh! AAARGH! Shit! Damn! Ey look, if you hear shit start to pop off,
come in here blasting, alright? What!? Why? You a killer, baby! But… but… Shit! DAYUM! Ey, gorgeous! Want company? Yes, it helps me to sleep at night. Ey, guess what? You’re beautiful! Thank you! I warn you, I ain’t a nice guy, but I’ll take
you to heaven. That’s great, thanks! Ey! What you doing here, fool? Try to make people listen to my message. Emmet! You little chump! Who you think you are? You die! CJ! CJ! Get in here! You won’t even get near me! Ohh, Smoke! CJ, blast the motherfuckin’ fool! Shit! Cheap Emmet shit! Oh, I know what it is to suffer. Aw, baby! Guilt has ruined my life. You must hate me. I just wanna help people. And myself. Baby! You made my week. Believe me! Gimme that! Give me! No, you can’t have this! Get you hand off! Gotcha! Later, bro! Aw, shut up! We gotta get the book! Catch that guy! Hold up! Please, friend, I’m really sorry! The world hates people like me. Look, baby. Imma treat you so good, I’ll pick you up later. But now I’ve got business to deal with. Blast that cocksucker! That’s my dog! Taxi! Taxi, come here! Boo! Car is mine! Run! Get after him, CJ! Give a playa a break! Ey, Carl. What? I just need to know you’re down with this
shit, man. I already told you I am. Haahahahaha! Hold tight, baby! Aah, Smoke! Noooo! Shit! Let’s do this again! Crazy fool! Funny running into you here. What the? Back to this, huh? Why don’t you guys come work for me? Shit. Later on, girl! Bye, bye! Can I open this book, Smoke? Nobody reads my shit. The nerve of that man! Sweet baby, you gotta give me one last chance! My love, my dreams- Ey, what is this? What are you doing? The Perfect Girl. Put that thing down, man! Noo! Aah! Cat like me likes to scope the Book once in
a while, you know what I’m sayin’? Damn! Man, you okay? Fo’ sho! It’s all good. Somebody save the Smoke! What are you talking ab-? Aah! Get us outta here! You punk! Call my therapist! Any– aw! We’re closed, go away! Damn! Come on man, what’s your problem? Oh, bloody hell! Hi there! Shit! I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. Taxi! Taxi, come here! Not today, asshole. Don’t ask a wise man, friend. As the Book! Okay. Does the pope shit in the woods? A little something, something for you, dude. Whatchu tryna say, man? I got you a ride! Ey, look, if you hear shit start to pop off,
come in here blast the Book, alright?

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100 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. Victor Moreno says:

    Whats the audio at 3:28 from? I could've swore I heard it before

  2. XXXTentacion _13 says:

    12:56 不不不不不 Lets do this again 不不不不不不不不不不

  3. Joshua Fireseed says:

    Smoke: "Don't ask a wise man, friend. Ask the Book!"
    CJ: "Okay." Turns arround and crouches down to the Book "Does the pope shit in the woods?"

  4. Rafinha Talib瓊 says:

    Muito bom!!

  5. the fuck you want says:

    14:20 the car just changed

  6. We Love ACSMegasound says:

    For: Carl Johnson
    By:Big Smoke
    GTA San Andreas

  7. Plot Twist says:


  8. Girei GT says:

    Like cartoon

  9. Girei GT says:

    I watch this video in CN(CARTOON NETWORK)LOL I dont Believe it

  10. Girei GT says:

    Im laugh at 4:40

  11. xxtravisxxify says:

    What fucking book?

  12. Gaming Test says:

    im laugh at smoke drive car. lol

  13. M. Fakhry Luthfi says:

    Very creative

  14. White Privilage says:

    At 5:29 just like every single pedestrian, CJ too jumped into the car.

  15. Aman Kang says:

    0:59 lol

  16. Ojashwa Sharma says:

    Damn This shit is Good

  17. Eric Zabdiel Mancilla Reyes says:

    This is the best movie that i ever seen before

  18. PHILMKD1995 says:

    This is awesome XD

  19. PHILMKD1995 says:

    She switched the books around.

  20. Yola Gcolotela says:

    7:38 rotf

  21. Chibrit 93 says:

    Not sure I understood the double scenario thing. Is it a nightmare or what?
    By the way, I felt like watching a real movie. You can't get bored with this. Good job!

  22. Aubrey KinG says:

    Yo did y'all see CJ run不

  23. NeoUzzy says:



    Smoke *smoked* that car lamoo

  25. personal753 says:


  26. Crazy Indian says:

    I wish big smoke would have been this helpful in real gta sa

  27. Crazy Indian says:

    I love to watch when big smoke sweet and Ryder work together

  28. Andrea Fomasi says:

    You are a God

  29. officer tenpenny says:

    Best anime I ever seen :')

  30. A-Man says:

    Glad i grew up with this not drinking shields

  31. JTanic Production says:

    13:49 "Say good night Mr. Diaz"

  32. Bluntchete420 says:

    3:26 Hahahaha only hispanics will understand that meme

  33. tom_606 HQ says:

    CJ: Aims at smoke

  34. tom_606 HQ says:

    Life is strange in gta san andreas

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    Tu esi Latvietis?

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    Los Santos Cast : Your San Andreas movie is very interesting.

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    Amazing movie better than hollywood bullshit

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    *what fuckin book??*

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    how u make ur own animate in gta sa dyom? are u work in rockstar?

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    Very nice

  47. Lovre kos says:

    You earned yourself a subscriber, it brings me great memories

  48. Psalm Tabat says:

    My new anime.

  49. B-Boy Duso says:

    If this was the story when sweet gets arested and ryder smoke will not sell out them will be m繳ch Better story if they will be together ryder smoke sweet cj together to the end

  50. Aregli Dine says:

    Huge respect dude or girl

  51. Carl Johnson says:

    So thats what you've been watching

  52. Alfonso Abarca says:

    Im not into dudes, dude. 5:24. hahahah xdd

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    The best in the series can't stop watching

  54. Saad Al Sajid Pial says:

    that's like a movie

  55. tiziano finozzi says:

    Best movie

  56. Guess What says:

    This is amazing

  57. Caio Waterson says:

    For me the best car is Buffalo

  58. SilentGamer says:

    hahahaha so good! how are these even made some sandbox version of gta sa?

  59. Mateus Abati says:

    Very good

  60. JustSomeRandomNingen says:

    Ryder protecc
    Ryder attacc
    But most importantly he got CJ'S bacc

  61. Carlitos Johnsitons says:

    This looks like a new mission.

  62. Claiton M says:

    14:18 fatal error: sunrise or vicent?

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    From 2020

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    Mf I got the wheel Aw shit here we go again

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    04:40 best hahaha


    All we had to do, was reading the damn book. CJ!

  67. Ziliev67 says:

    DING DING DING DING DING ! Wrong book Carl !

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    ey bro are these reall missions or just some funny animations???

  71. Revolutions88 says:

    ALL WE HAD TO DO!!!!!!!!

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    6:58 sound gay cuz

  73. Leandro Rodrigues says:


  74. Leandro Rodrigues says:

    10:27 When has GTA SA become a ultimate fight game

  75. RODRIQUENDO says:

    Please, Tell Me The Name Of The Mods :')

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    In the words of Ryder: Now this is a blockbustah film!

  77. Scr Fc says:

    416 dislike from area 69

  78. OG LOC says:

    When high af

  79. Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen says:

    It was the most enjoyable, dude. Especially the Ryder part.
    "Just make a move" while pointing the gun at the owner's head. Mane i bet you put a lotta effort into making this one.

  80. E plus Ejc says:

    2019 here ?

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    We are blessed aaaand cursed

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    same with his car straight buster

  98. Ballas 癟etesi says:

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