The Book of Ecclesiastes


We’re exploring three books in the Bible
known as the wisdom literature Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job and they’re all asking the question what does it mean to live well in this world So we looked at proverbs who you could think of as a bright young teacher She’s all about pursuing wisdom an attribute of God that’s woven into reality and she’s optimistic that if you use wisdom you will build a successful life but then we come to Ecclesiastes who’s more like the sharp middle-aged critic and he says You think using wisdom will bring you success You’d better think again because life
here under the sun is meaningless and that’s a phrase you use a lot in this book but to understand this book we have to realize first that we’re hearing two voices So first there’s the teacher and we’ve been calling him the critic He’s the main voice in the book but he is introduced to us by another figure the author and he’s the one who’s collected the critics words and then at the end of the book summarizes everything and gets the final word So why does the author wants to hear
from the critic? He wants to turn your view of the world upside down and he’s gonna let the critic explore three really disturbing things about the world and we should warn you these are pretty intense Yeah! So the first is the march of time whereas the critic says Generations come and generations go but the earth it’s been here long before us and we’ll be long after No one remembers people from long ago and all the people yet to come They too will be forgotten by those who
come after them and so on a cosmic scale, you and I, we are just ibilik stars are born and then they die and form planets with orbit new stars and those planets they change over time and eventually burnt up And admits this cosmic backdrop, my entire existence is like a blink in time which leads to the critic’s second disturbing observation that we are all going to die Humans face the same fate as the animals Death, all people, the righteous and the wicked The good and the bad Those who offer sacrifices to God and
those who do not They all share the same destiny all this activity and madness then we all join the dead Man! This book is depressing and so is the final disturbing thing for the critic and that is life’s random nature So in Proverbs, life isn’t random There’s a clear cause-and-effect relationship between doing the right thing and being rewarded But the fact is that life doesn’t always work that way The critic has observed a glitch in the system He calls it, Chance, or in his words The race doesn’t always go to the Swift nor the battle to the strong nor does food always come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the educated time and chance happen to them all So his point is that you can’t really control
anything in life It’s just way too unpredictable so if i want to master life then you’re setting yourself up for a fall Now throughout the book, the Critic uses a
metaphor to tie together all of these disturbing ideas Nearly 40 times he says
that everything in life is “Hevel” it’s a Hebrew word that means smoke or vapor Like smoke, life is beautiful and mysterious It takes one shape and before you know it It takes a new shape and smoke look solid but try and grab it it will slip right through your fingers and when you’re stuck in the thick of it like fog, it’s impossible to see clearly Now our modern translations have lost the metaphor and they usually translate “Hevel” as meaningless but if you read closely the critic isn’t saying that life has no meaning but rather that its meaning is never
clear Like smoke, life is confusing It’s disorienting and uncontrollable So what are we supposed to do with all of this? Well! Surprisingly, the critic first of
all acknowledges the perspective of Proverbs He says it’s a really good idea
to learn wisdom and to live in the fear of the Lord Really?! I mean he just said
that doesn’t guarantee success but he knows it’s the right thing to do but secondly and more often he says that since you can’t control your life You should stop trying Learn to hold things with an open hand
because you really only have control over one thing and that’s your attitude towards the present moment Stop worrying he says and choose to
enjoy a good conversation with a friend or the Sun on your face or a good meal with people that you care about The simple things in life Yes and both the good things and the bad
because both are rich gifts from God and that’s the surprising wisdom of
ecclesiasticus Listening to the critic is painful and can lead you into some dark places and that’s why the author speaks up at the end of the book He doesn’t want you to lose hope He wants to make you humble Into someone who trusts that life has meaning even when you can’t make sense of it that one day God will clear the Hevel and bring his justice on all that we’ve done and so he tells us that the proper response to all of this is to fear the lord and keep his Commandments and that’s the book of Ecclesiastes Now there’s one more voice in the Bible’s wisdom literature and that’s the book of Job and he will bring us the final much-needed perspective on our journey
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  2. 93 msp says:

    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.
    Ecclesiastes 3:8
    One I just read and I like it.

  3. Servant of the KING says:

    This is kind of a complex way of explaining the book of Ecclesiastes I believe it's from one man giving life from three different perspectives. First in his misery as the Bible says he who increased in wisdom increasing sorrow he explains in his own grief how to him his wisdom cannot save him from looking at life from a dismal perspective. Is like saying he has reached a point in time where he has expended all avenues of exploration and I've come to a certain mortal conclusion. But you then makes it clear that nothing about life is fair because life has purpose. And its purpose is beyond the realm of our mortal ability to understand. That's why some people who may appear to deserve something may be denied. In the end it is about embracing that we were created as the angels to fulfill a purpose upon this Earth. It's not meant to be fair but God and his goodness will give you what you need in order to fulfill his purpose. In other words all the wisdom that was given to the author could not even remotely equate to the wisdom of God. His wisdom was a blessing but not enough to keep him from seeing the misery or avoiding certain circumstances that we all face. Apparently he's a rich man I believe this is written by Solomon in his old age. He is now questioning everything perhaps after losing the kingdom and at some point of contemplation at the mistakes that he made and the choices he made especially in regards to the concubines

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