The Big Problem With Most Books

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Have you ever had this experience where you just breezed through a book, it’s so easy to read and so pleasurable to read. You just smash it out in a couple of hours. And then conversely, you have the experience where, you know, it’s just a chore, you’re looking at your Kindle and I’m at 28%. And I’ve been at it for days or weeks even and it’s just slabs of text and really difficult to get through it. Do you feel me here? Has anyone experienced those two? So, here’s the problem with most books. I’ll get to that in a moment. So does anyone remember this phenomenon? The Free Hugs? It was not far from here in Martin Place in Sydney. So, it started with a guy walking around with a placard saying “free hugs” and you know, it became a global sensation. The guy ended up on Oprah and all of that sort of stuff. And so he didn’t do a bunch of weird hacks and stuff like that to get the word out. He just had an offer that converted. A lot of people wanted free hugs, right? And you know it created a life of its own. And so, conversely to that, this guy is offering free ass whoopings, right? And free ass whoopings are… unattractive. They’re painful and as someone who’s been on the receiving end of some as a naughty kid, I can tell you that from personal experience. So, the problem with some books is, some books are like the free hugs. They’re an offer that converts, you’re just onto them like a moth to fire, and others are painful and unattractive and difficult to get through. And, you know, sometimes I have authors asked me, Hey, I’ve got this book that’s just not selling, you know, have you got some tips or tricks to help me sell more? And, you know, they’re basically saying, Look, I’ve got these ass whoopings and I want to sell more or how do I sell more ass whoopings? And so the point is, we need to frame it as an offer that converts. We want to be selling hugs, not ass whoopings.

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