The Best Beginner Drum Book


– Hey, Jared here, and I
want to quickly tell you, why getting started on the
drums just became easier with The Best
Beginner Drum Book. So traditionally when someone
wants to learn the drums, they head to their
local music store, they rent a drum set
and buy some drum books to help get them started,
they also might know a drummer who helps them out once in a bit or maybe hire a private teacher. But very often, learning the
drums is a solo experience. So they grab one of the
older drum books, there, that everyone tells
them to go and get but it’s just filled
with a bunch of patterns. No illustrations, no
written text, no pictures, just literally a bunch of
measures with notes written on them and different stickings. And they get lost and they
don’t know what to do. So I partnered with one of
my private drum students, Brandon Toews, who
actually just graduated with a bachelor of music. So we removed unnecessary
and overly complex exercises, we stopped telling
you what to play and instead we focused giving
you a rock-solid foundation to play whatever you want
based on your personal goals. Of course you’re still gonna
get exercises along the way, but by coauthoring the
book from both a teacher’s and a student’s perspective,
everything was built to help you progress quicker
without getting stuck on a single topic or
exercise for way too long. So the book has so
many great sections, we have getting started
and setting up the drums. We have goal setting and
practice tips, hand technique. You can learning
drumming notation, learn rudiments, learn
different vocabulary. You can learn how to apply
techniques to the drum set. Developing freedom,
playing musical styles and playing along to real music. So if you’re looking
for a clear path for learning the
basics, gaining momentum and falling in love with
this amazing instrument, then I hope you’ll
order your copy of The Best Beginner
Drum Book, today.

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60 thoughts on “The Best Beginner Drum Book”

  1. Cameron Fleury says:

    That's amazing! I'd support this.

  2. Tikla Emotera says:

    Where to buy the book? Thanks

  3. Sal Rosas says:

    Might check this out looks awesome! 👍

  4. Drumeo says:

    Get it for just $19 during the official launch:

  5. Guilherme Albertin says:

    You send? To Brazil?

  6. Groove With Passion Drum Lessons says:

    Just what we need. Jared I really like the approach you and Brandon have taken to write this book together. As a fellow Drum Teacher I’m going to check this out for my students. Once again Drumeo Rocks!!!

  7. Stephens Vlogs says:

    Omg Jared, this is what I've been needing

  8. Kenny Hsu says:

    I just ordered it in amazon. Hopefully it will not disappoint me….

  9. cometpowell says:


  10. Daniel Millan says:

    Been playing 10 years and still gonna get this!

  11. Pablo Charro says:


  12. Alex M says:

    Nice book, but $15 USD for shipping to a Vancouver BC address?

  13. Benjamin Pingel says:

    Do you have any intermediate drum books in the works? I'll be picking up this beginner book, but would be interested in an intermediate book as well!

  14. José Loeza says:

    Can you send it to Mexico?

  15. Shawn 71 says:

    Are you going to be doing a series of books? Probably where this one leaves off?

  16. The Sinister Minister says:

    I think this is something that even a seasoned professional can use! I’m going to check it out!

  17. JulianFernandez says:

    Well done!

  18. Brent Haskins says:

    One more drum book. Ill buy it when i learn those 25 i already have. Next live maybe.

  19. Jim Cheseborough says:

    Damn! I just moved into intermediate level!

    Are you working HARD on “Best intermediate drum book” now?


  20. Hayoo says:

    I find it a bit sad that every time someone releases a new method they discredit other already existing learning material. It"s always this "Oh yeah they are all super complicated, not adapted and definitely not exhaustive but I made it, mine has everything you need". I get it, it's marketing.
    But why not simply stating what makes this book different, original and how it can help students ?
    Why not acknowledging that's everyone's got his own approach to drumming whether it's learning or teaching and that some methods suit some persons better than others ?
    I'm sure it's a good book, no offense.

  21. DifferentEra says:

    Im affraid in a long time most of you will be dissapointed with this book. With most of the books. There is no better way than good drum teacher. He will teach you good technique, how to hold your stick etc. He can coordinate your moves and check them in real time to fix your mistakes asap. Book is just a book. Pages with text and pictures. So imo Jared is rly rly misleading here only to sell this book. And yea I know every1 need money etc but atleast he could stop lie about not needing a teacher. It is huge lie and I am dissapointed with that what he said 🙁

  22. Dávid Katona says:

    Wow, looks great! Please, can you make it available as an ebook as well?

  23. TECH no tizen says:

    Hi sir very long time too see you respect from India

  24. Chrioni Sta Ana says:


  25. Chrioni Sta Ana says:

    Next will be "The Best Intermediate Drum Book"

  26. Sai karthik Krishna Kumar says:

    In that beard you look like a bear sorry for criticising you

  27. Harsh Kapoor says:

    I so want it
    But, its not available in my region😞😞

  28. nethstar says:

    This is kind of what i've been looking for…However. On second thought – The fact that delivery is 2x the cost of the book for me in the UK is a bit overkill.

    How come there's no digital version? I assume you made it digitally so why not release it physically and on kindle? Any chance you will?

  29. Luny & Milky says:

    Rock solid foundation is good 🙂

  30. Yann Guerlinger says:

    From France shipping cost are 40$ it's too much expensive… too bad I was very impatient to discover this book for practise.
    Cannot buy Drumeo then waiting for available on amazon shipping cost less expensive but thanks for all 😉

  31. Tristan Teo says:

    Infinity War Captain America (Jared Falk with beard) on the drums.

  32. Julian Ross says:

    Purchasing it from Italy through Amazon do you think Customs extra fees will be charged in arrive?

  33. merlin704 says:

    Ordered. I am getting back in the saddle after a 12 year hiatus. Hopefully this will help re-develop my skills and technique.

  34. Eri Morelos says:

    Can you do a video of how to get an endorsement deal updated version?

  35. JJ WAVEY says:

    is there and intermediate


    love drumeo but by saying it's the best is interesting. the way I see it is new students just don't want to put in the time like the greats's a different world and I think Jared and drumeo are great for this new modality of teaching.greg Venuto nyc

  37. Sebastien ARBOGAST says:

    I really wish this book was available in digital ebook format. I haven't bought a paper book in ages because they accumulate dust and take up weight in my bag where I have my iPad anyway. Please make this available as an eBook

  38. みっぷたの says:


  39. shz frz says:

    im a drum teacher.. i begin my lessons with fellow students with notes & its value..

  40. Le Guitariste Autodidacte - MattyPS says:

    Can we use this book if we don't own drums? (as in, we can just have a practice pad?)

  41. Colin Seymour says:

    After many years of teaching drum kit, I found the best way is to involve the student with live play a longs using piano/keyboard & drums. After some basics such as grips, notation, simple co-ordination, the student is able to accompany the piano/keyboard with the sense of real drum kit playing. This captures their attention & feel good factor at the beginning so therefore, the real in depth knowledge follows on at a later stage. By that time they are hooked! They are more than happy to learn the more demanding stuff later on because they`ve experienced the art of playing music & are happy to take up the challenge. So in effect, I turned the tuition back to front in order to capture their imagination. I started off years ago teaching notation, rests etc which would cover several weeks of study before getting involved with music itself. I found I kept more students by applying the first method.

  42. Mikhail Belov says:

    Jared + beard = Wolverineo 😀

  43. manickavasagam thirumalai vasagam says:

    I am so eager to get this book but I am in India . Is there any possibility

  44. vanderfragk says:

    Ι have bought drums but have no idea about notes. Will this book help me?

  45. Barry Learns To Rock says:

    Will it be release in Philippines?

  46. ut7k says:

    Just got my copy today ! man , i am impressed ! Nice packaging even . Cant wait to get home and start reading it . Thanks Jared .

  47. Kerry McCubbin says:

    I just got mine today! Super excited to dig into it. I think it was a very good buy at the intro price.

  48. Morin Macias says:

    I want my book now

  49. Eduardo Silva says:

    I wanted to get it so much, but, $40 delivery??? It is like 1 for the price of 3 😔

  50. Paul Dahmen says:

    good job

  51. Hunting for brownies says:

    Hey drumeo dudes! I bought the book, and the first thing I noticed was the packaging..10 outta 10! It was so good! I then spent 2 hours falling in love with this book ! I have an e-drumkit so I was practicing a lot! Another thing I LOVED was that the book was supposed to come in 30-35 days, instead it came in less than 10 days! I loved everything about this book, especially the 1 month free subscription to drumeo edge… I'm sure that this is going to improve the way I play because its so well made! Great job Mr. Falk and Mr. Toews

    Hope you reply 😅😇

  52. Charms434 says:

    Carmine Appice Realistic Rock is likely the best book to start with. This is likely good too.

  53. Azmain Abedin says:

    Pdf available??

  54. Kiyomi says:

    Could I get this through ther german amazon or Thomann for example too?

  55. Conrad Mason says:

    Have been playing quite a while,nevertheless, I purchased this book which I now own. It's a great book, well laid out, very glossy to with plenty of photographs in a perfect spiral bound copy. If you also teach drums, as I do, then using this book will take all the sweat out of teaching beginner students. It will certainly save me time compiling lesson structures as this is well structured and comprehensively compiled for those beginner students first few tentative steps into the passion that is drumming. Thank you Jared and Drumeo.

  56. 杨恒 says:

    Fan from China,Just went to the Amazon to buy a copy , but the shipping to China cost is too expensive,lol

  57. Kevin Rodriguez says:

    Es un libro increíble a la vista, aparte de mi hay muchos bateristas en habla inspana en Europa, América del Sur y centro america, me gustaría mucho que lo tradujeran al español
    Nos ayudaría muchísimo y comprenderiamos mejor los conceptos y las enseñanzas
    Saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨👋🥁

  58. Sachu Richu says:

    Please make one video with this book and we want pdf please give

  59. WHITE GAS says:

    Esta en español el libro ?

  60. Rolf Geschwind says:

    Truly enjoyed watching this. Drums are awesome. 👍

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