The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard


Slavery, the treatment of human beings as property,
deprived of personal rights, has occurred in many forms
throughout the world. But one institution stands out for
both its global scale and its lasting legacy. The Atlantic slave trade, occurring from the late 15th
to the mid 19th century and spanning three continents, forcibly brought more than 10 million Africans
to the Americas. The impact it would leave affected
not only these slaves and their descendants, but the economies and histories
of large parts of the world. There had been centuries of contact
between Europe and Africa via the Mediterranean. But the Atlantic slave trade
began in the late 1400s with Portuguese colonies in West Africa, and Spanish settlement
of the Americas shortly after. The crops grown in the new colonies,
sugar cane, tobacco, and cotton, were labor intensive, and there were not enough settlers
or indentured servants to cultivate all the new land. American Natives were enslaved,
but many died from new diseases, while others effectively resisted. And so to meet the massive
demand for labor, the Europeans looked to Africa. African slavery had existed
for centuries in various forms. Some slaves were indentured servants, with a limited term
and the chance to buy one’s freedom. Others were more like European serfs. In some societies, slaves could
be part of a master’s family, own land, and even rise
to positions of power. But when white captains came offering
manufactured goods, weapons, and rum for slaves, African kings and merchants
had little reason to hesitate. They viewed the people they sold
not as fellow Africans but criminals, debtors,
or prisoners of war from rival tribes. By selling them, kings enriched
their own realms, and strengthened them
against neighboring enemies. African kingdoms prospered
from the slave trade, but meeting the European’s massive demand
created intense competition. Slavery replaced other criminal sentences, and capturing slaves
became a motivation for war, rather than its result. To defend themselves from slave raids, neighboring kingdoms
needed European firearms, which they also bought with slaves. The slave trade had become an arms race, altering societies and economies
across the continent. As for the slaves themselves,
they faced unimaginable brutality. After being marched
to slave forts on the coast, shaved to prevent lice, and branded, they were loaded onto ships
bound for the Americas. About 20% of them
would never see land again. Most captains of the day
were tight packers, cramming as many men
as possible below deck. While the lack of sanitation
caused many to die of disease, and others were thrown
overboard for being sick, or as discipline, the captain’s ensured their profits
by cutting off slave’s ears as proof of purchase. Some captives took matters
into their own hands. Many inland Africans
had never seen whites before, and thought them to be cannibals, constantly taking people away
and returning for more. Afraid of being eaten,
or just to avoid further suffering, they committed suicide
or starved themselves, believing that in death,
their souls would return home. Those who survived
were completley dehumanized, treated as mere cargo. Women and children were kept above deck
and abused by the crew, while the men were made to perform dances in order to keep them exercised
and curb rebellion. What happened to those Africans
who reached the New World and how the legacy of slavery
still affects their descendants today is fairly well known. But what is not often discussed is the effect that the Atlantic slave trade
had on Africa’s future. Not only did the continent lose
tens of millions of its able-bodied population, but because most of the slaves
taken were men, the long-term demographic
effect was even greater. When the slave trade was finally
outlawed in the Americas and Europe, the African kingdoms whose economies
it had come to dominate collapsed, leaving them open
to conquest and colonization. And the increased competition
and influx of European weapons fueled warfare and instability
that continues to this day. The Atlantic slave trade also contributed
to the development of racist ideology. Most African slavery had no deeper reason
than legal punishment or intertribal warfare, but the Europeans
who preached a universal religion, and who had long ago
outlawed enslaving fellow Christians, needed justification for a practice so obviously at odds
with their ideals of equality. So they claimed that
Africans were biologically inferior and destined to be slaves, making great efforts
to justify this theory. Thus, slavery in Europe and the Americas
acquired a racial basis, making it impossible for slaves
and their future descendants to attain equal status in society. In all of these ways, the Atlantic slave trade
was an injustice on a massive scale whose impact has continued
long after its abolition.

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  1. Raw Dawg Craw Dogg says:

    That’s crazy!

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    3:20 I’d love to be that creature.

  4. Av Jack says:

    Shaved what blacks don’t have head lice

  5. S Mc says:

    History also fails to mention, how the US sent back so-called slaves that were Native to this land. Take a look at Monrovia Liberia. Just look up their flag. Not all blacks was slaves in this land but they also own slaves as well but history won't tell you that. Some were Creek Cherokee in other Native American tribes, but history won't tell you that. Truth is to fix is in the most people don't understand that their slaves.

  6. Phalair Carter says:

    Well done. Now if only the US Government would take the time to own up to and repair this murderous past. The admittance could jumpstart The healing process. Oh wait, nevermind when has America has never been interested in healing the casualties of its violent past … New day coming tho ⚡️⚡️⚡️😉

  7. Eri V says:

    Slavery is any system in wich principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a the jure form of property.

  8. Dark Truth says:

    You left out this was all funded by the Jews

  9. Narciso de Almeida says:

    Those Slaves were lucky ne.They escaped suffering in Africa.After they were free as slavesthey remained.

  10. Spark says:

    Twitch Prime

  11. boss139 xx says:

    This history really hurts

  12. phan uyên says:

    The Project 1619-Remembering the
    First Africans landing T-shirt:

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    Talk about biases. Jeez

  14. QPDS says:

    Rothschild decendents .."The few who understand will
    either be so interested in there profits, or so dependent
    on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that
    class. The great body of the people, mentally incapable
    of comprehending the tremendous advantages, will bear its

  15. terry ferguson says:

    I suggest reading the book of Joel,The Book of Jasher and the book of Jubilees.

  16. terry ferguson says:

    See the video the book of Enoch,and Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.

  17. vince furchill says:

    Slavery is proof karma exists

  18. Nichoals Nastari says:

    Every body had slaves in the world

  19. Toxic_Twon says:

    Mayfield classmates

  20. Daniel Godfrey says:

    What the textbooks also don't tell you is that Africa enslaved Europeans first.

  21. KhoiKhoi says:

    Chattel Slavery actually began in the United States of America in 1661 in the British Colony of Virginia until 1865. Pre-1661, it was just indentured servitude, AAm could gain their freedom, own land, and AAm still had rights. So, Chattel Slavery lasted 204 years in the US, a period of embarrassment to the history of the US along with Jim Crow.

  22. 2TallNegrito7 CMN says:

    The Africans enslaved the Hebrews that fled from Israel to Nigera(Kingdom of Judah). Look up Emmanuel Bowens(english map maker of his time) 1747 negroland map

  23. ORIGINAL RACE says:


  24. Kirby Moffatt says:

    And I don't deal with them. They're arrogant rude and condescending.
    Why is it that you all don't see this?? They're not our people

  25. Aylor James says:

    If you will please post what literature/papers are you referencing?

  26. Shanika is Unpopular says:

    That was very interesting.

  27. jamaal Gooch says:

    Fake news

  28. jamaal Gooch says:

    You don't have any proof how did 12.5 million people get from Affrica to USA

  29. Jazz c says:

    Who gives a damn!

  30. Joe Cool says:

    Very disappointing. White U.S. citizens did not invent racism.

  31. Lewis says:

    Europeans enslaved blacks because they had already enslaved homeless
    white people from the streets of England and ireland for centuries,
    sending them to work on plantations in the caribbean and north America
    since 1623… see books ""White cargo"" and "they were white and they
    were slaves"" on Amazon… very desturbing grim reading!!!

  32. Lewis says:

    Europeans enslaved blacks because they had already enslaved homeless
    white people from the streets of England and ireland for centuries,
    sending them to work on plantations in the caribbean and north America
    since 1623… see books ""White cargo"" and "they were white and they
    were slaves"" on Amazon… very desturbing grim reading!!!

  33. Lewis says:

    Europeans enslaved blacks because they had already enslaved homeless
    white people from the streets of England and ireland for centuries,
    sending them to work on plantations in the caribbean and north America
    since 1623… see books ""White cargo"" and "they were white and they
    were slaves"" on Amazon… very desturbing grim reading!!!

  34. Lewis says:

    Europeans enslaved blacks because they had already enslaved homeless
    white people from the streets of England and ireland for centuries,
    sending them to work on plantations in the caribbean and north America
    since 1623… see books ""White cargo"" and "they were white and they
    were slaves"" on Amazon… very desturbing grim reading!!!

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    Leave out the truth to push your bias,

  37. Germen 12 says:

    I only see the video because is homework for school :v

  38. Mia C' Moore says:

    France abolished slavery 17 years bf the US -Russia 4yrs ahead and Britain 3yrs bf USA. The USA has a deep-rooted reminder of slavery with 2nd class of citizenship called "African-American" suggests a dual citizenship with a foreign country and culture, perpetuating a stigma and alienating particular people since depicting skin color as a prefix to nationality – All others deemed only Americans. Also a necessary political convenience.

  39. jeslyn borketey says:

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  41. Nonso Okonkwo says:

    The White Man's Medicine in Africa compensated for Slavery.

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  43. jim f says:

    Why does this guy avoid telling us of the Jewish involvement. Deceptive.

  44. King Gamez 50 says:

    this is all lies

  45. Han Gyo Jin says:

    4:42 can someone explain this part to me? I'm not native English and confused with the explanation.

  46. Mr. D says:

    I love it when others try to tell or explain our story.

  47. Ali Krowe says:

    Slaves were not taken from Africa. Free men and women were captured/kidnapped taken to a foreign land, sold and enslaved.

  48. creative person says:

    Can someone explain why some Cuban people have African in them?

  49. jameson panesa says:

    this is wrong info.

  50. Jeff Motter says:

    One1, White people Didn't bring slavery to America , North or South America,
    Some Native Tribe's Already Had it!
    As did the rest of the world before people landed in the America's !
    Two2, the United States of America fault a war where hundreds of thousands of white people Died to set slaves FREE, with Black's !
    Three3, there are more slaves Now than at the hight of slavery in America before the civil war

  51. Robert says:

    Hotep disagrees.

  52. S.D.S says:

    Still happening today

  53. rassle dane says:

    I would really like to see american text books cause in the Caribbean most of this is taught

  54. Lilian yamoah says:

    I wish Africans can narrates their part of the story too. These Europeans always narrates it to make both look negative whiles the Europeans played major role in it. They came to deceive the African leaders and now saying they sold Thier people to them. Of course existed some form of slavery back then but they were called donkor and their duties was to serve in the king palace. They weren't treated bad like the Europeans did. It was even a privilege for some Africans to serve in a palace. Always telling bunch of lies these Europeans smh

  55. alice mandon says:

    The problem that we have today is what to do with all these blacks , They keep breeding ,My god in some cities they are packed right in there. Everywhere they go it seems they destroy everything .There must be a solution .

  56. 3much4them wortham says:

    😂😂😂😂😂..nope didn't happen like that ..we were already in the so called America ..don't believe that spit coining from the same people who Brian washed us into thinking we came from Africa

  57. Hezekiah kins says:

    Deuteronomy 28:68 kjv

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    Who else here from world geo class?

  61. Green Eggs & Lamb says:

    Sterilized explanation. More than 10 million died in the middle passage alone.

  62. Lex Brini says:

    African kings sold out thier people..

  63. afro nija says:

    Now do the Trans – Sahara Middle East slavery.

  64. Se Ou says:

    christians whites still enslave whole continents. Africa's blood is still being devoured and sucked by white christians. slavery just morphed into exploitations that's christian Europeans still practice even more brutally to this day.

  65. Alann Regino says:

    Huh looks like they literally sold there own people out

  66. angelo is cool says:

    Very good

  67. Diana Mccall says:

    How do you know if they Prisoners what are their names

  68. Diana Mccall says:

    Why did President do anything about it

  69. Dave says:

    430 years slavery

    Sicut dudum (English: Just as Long Ago) is a papal bull promulgated by Pope Eugene IV in Florence on January 13, 1435, which forbade the enslavement of local natives in the Canary Island's  who had converted or were converting to Christianity.

    The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. In
    Congress, it was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, and by the House on January 31, 1865. 

    Galatians 3:17

    What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise.

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  71. Forbidden History ARCHIVE says:


  72. LamiNalchor says:

    A crucial piece of information that the absolute mayority of slaves waa captured and sold by North African Arabs.

  73. Liza Rosa says:

    America Europe Middle East etc were raiding pillaging and enslaving blacks from Africa Barbados and the Caribbean

  74. Keyser Soze says:

    @1:17 stop! ✋. There were definitely enough settlers to cultivate the land for the needs of its community. But their companies at the time just like the companies of today we're greedy and wanted to sell everything to everybody. And therefore needed more bodies to produce more Goods to sell a broad. Think about it if you have more farmland land than people. It's not going to take that much of the labor Force to meet demands for the goods.

  75. Nana Njiki says:

    Wat a world .. despite everything nothing seems changing ..

  76. jacqueline walker says:

    people who didn't have money use people as access

  77. Shatera Barnes says:

    This is BS lmao this our land we not Africans so stop the lies we are the aboriginal

  78. Joel Larkin says:

    Didn't tell you because it didn't happen anyone can make videos

  79. Gabie French says:

    No mention of the countless Africans who were just straight up, kidnapped?

  80. Myron Harper says:

    give me a break of of that kit cat bar

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  82. Carlo Realist says:

    10 's of MILLIONS

  83. Carlo Realist says:


  84. Carlo Realist says:


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  86. Paw Pads says:

  87. Joe Zavacky says:

    So much accuracy left out of this presentation.

  88. Tawanda Nzvenge says:

    It's because Muslims are untouchable in the current progressive culture in the US, you'll be called an Islamophobe for mentioning that,

  89. Rayne says:

    The art and story is fantastic…

  90. robins12345 says:

    Can we just send them all back now..

  91. Sean MacAnGabhann says:

    What Jews ran and blame on whites…..

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  93. Salut c'est maya says:

    Reading all the comments criticizing the content of this video is kind of intimidating because of how vast this topic is, but I really want to educate myself on it. If anybody knows a good accurate source and could tell me I would be super grateful! 🙂

  94. João Ferreira says:

    …that Jews were disproportionately involved in it?

  95. Paul Morgan says:

    Islamic slavery were is that in this story ?

  96. Ooga Booga Oscar says:

    Lincoln made a mistake.

  97. Adonai Zedek says:

    Just a way to white wash slavery. Remember they killed millions of Tainos when they got here too. Fed babies to dogs Columbus men did. Indians in Indian were enslaved also. Africa was carved up and colonized also. The attrocities go for miles

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