The Apple MacBook Air : MacBook Air Hard Drive Options


BRANDON KARON: Aside from the processor upgrades,
you can get the 1.6 gigahertz processor or the 1.8. Apple also offers a hard drive, different
hard drive configurations. You can either get an 80 gigabyte 4200 rpm drive that’s 1.8
inches thin and it probably spins at 4200 rpm so the drive is kinda slow. You’ll notice
a little bit in the computer that things open a little slower, but it’s not really a big
deal. They also offer a 64 gigabyte solid-state hard drive which is made out of series of
chips. Now, the solid-state hard drive is super quick and there’s no moving parts which
is great because the 80 gigabyte hard drive is on platters and everything moves and there’s
a cause for error there. Solid-state drive is great for people that are flying high up
in the air in non-pressurized cabins, things of that nature, but it’s a pricy upgrade.
It’s a thousand dollar upgrade. And there you go, those are the two different types
of memory configura–or hard drive configurations you can get on the MacBook Air.

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1 thought on “The Apple MacBook Air : MacBook Air Hard Drive Options”

  1. tipoomaster says:

    Having just used my friends second gen Macbook Air for an hour, I gotta say….The 4200RPM drive makes me want to rip my hair out whenever it has to access it. My sister's 5 year old Gateway 7330GZ laptop gets the same transfer speed and slightly better access times. Yuck. And its not like you can prevent too much hard drive access by getting more RAM either, its soldered in there. Me thinks the MBA is due for a refresh soon.

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