The 5 minute workout to get rid of man boobs naturally


Hello, my friend. Do you have man boobs? I know it’s not ideal,
but you are not alone. There are those in the comments (graphics popping)
who have requested a solution for this. It can be caused by being overweight, or an estrogen imbalance. Using The Natural Method, I’m gonna show you how to
get rid of your man boobs. It works by improving the
blood flow in your chest. This will allow your hormones to start the fat-burning process. Your diet is important, too. If you need help with that,
just leave a comment below. Now, let’s get rid of your man boobs. Place both palm on your breast, (hands scraping)
and massage it up and down. One, two. You will need to push in
strongly as you massage. Two, three, four, five. Massage it on the side, one, two. Push strongly. One, two, three, four, five. Massage from the inside to outward. One, two. Push your fingertips in
as you massage outward. Three, four, five. Palm in this position, and
stretch all the way back. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. With your four fingers, and tap it in a clockwise position. One, two. You should feel a soreness if you are tapping strong enough. One, two, three, four, five. Lift your left arm up, with your right palm
massage it on the side. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. Right arms, left palm, one, two. You will feel the muscle if you are massaging strong enough. Four, five, and relax. Palm in this position, and in a circular motion, one, two, three, four, five. Hold your fists, one, two, three, four, five. And your palm at the back of your head, and bring it down, one, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. This time, move all
the way back, one, two. Your arms need to be behind your head. Five, one, two, three, four, five. Bring both arms together, one, two, and back, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. And hold it. With both palm, massage your breast in the clockwise position, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, stop, hold for five second. One, two, three, four, five, and relax. In your fist position,
one more time, one, two, stretch all the way back, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Both palm in this
position, all the way back. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. And hold it for five
second, one, two, three, four, five, five more, one, two, three, four, five, and relax. With your left palm,
(hand thumping) just pound on your chest, two, three, four, five. Right palm, one, two, three, four, five, and relax. Do this two times a day for three weeks, and let me know how you get on.

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100 thoughts on “The 5 minute workout to get rid of man boobs naturally”

  1. Brutha Dnubian says:

    Boy do I hope this works. Mine seem to be a family trait. I've had them since I was a young adult over 30yrs ago,I've been to 2 breast reduction consultations but I get spooked when they talk about cutting my shit to get the fat out. This has been hell for too long,I just want a normal flat chest 😐

  2. Rakesh penkarlaa says:


  3. Rikki Bagra says:

    Sir please formulate me a diet

  4. Radwan Ahmed says:

    I need help,I'm trying very much,i do it 2 time in a day, per time 10 minutes, it’s little bit pain,give me some suggest please 😥

  5. SwayzeJustin says:

    I will try to record my results over a three week period:
    Day 1: No changes or anything.
    Day 2: A little bit sore but no noticeable changes.
    Day 3: More firm and I think a little bit of change
    Day 5: I notice a change and you can see my chest muscles
    Day 6: same as 5 but more muscle I think

  6. emkeey mk says:

    I have been doing this method for a week and a half before when I touched fat deposits were bit of a solid now I have long way to go this is a process I guess and I can really feel the fat is burning and u feel hotter when u touch them after exercise. thanks

  7. SlimeFactory Kawaii says:

    Man boobs is just fat tissue covering your chest muscles and since you can't burn fat locally, you have to lower your overall body fat to lose them. What do you say to this sir?

  8. Arvid Jokela says:

    Does this work with your belly fat lose. Can i do both after each other?

  9. Zatoxz says:

    Ive had an keto diet before the vacation and lost some weight, but going on an holiday to london and not really following the diet actually gave me some KG's back. I also had an problem with man boobs for some time (I liked to eat chips etc. for a very long time.) Now that I will go back to school Ill start updating my progress, I will continue with an Keto diet and visit the gym for 45 mins 2/3 times a week. I shall update my progress once a week. I shall also include my weight in these update, for the first day of starting this I weigh 85 kilograms.

    Week 1: The first couple of days I noticed nothing really much at first but that is kind of an standard with weight loss things and such. Though after 2 days my shoulders and breasts were feeling quite sore. This week I have not seen any visible changes yet. (I will keep updating every wednesday).

  10. Edgar Garcia says:


  11. Anthony A says:

    anyone else getting aroused off of this?

  12. zaqeeb khan says:

    So I’m going to start this I will update you everyday !!!

    Day 1: no changes just sore
    Day 2: same as day 1

  13. Amare Davis says:

    8/25 still no change but shoulders are still burning and back is too

  14. Jerry Cat says:

    I have been doing for abt 5 days I see a lil change but not much only been doing one a day but when I started I couldn’t do the whole video and now I can

  15. Shyam Prakash says:

    Thank you for the video sir..! Also please help with the diet

  16. Sir Isaac says:

    WEEK 1: Eating nothing but vegetables and drinking water (which is NOT easy for me!), doing this exercise 2 times a day. Lost 2 inches of man boobs.

  17. Avraj Dhaliwal says:

    Gym work is better

  18. Douley204 bomin says:

    Pls can someone who already done it tell me if it works how many times a day they did it and how long till they actually saw progress

  19. Random Guy says:

    Wow! Thank you so much! Im on my second weak and i already lost man boobs! Thanks!😀

  20. Awais Ad says:

    When will we start to see results I’ve been doing this for 4 days

  21. Osama Sawalha says:

    will this work for gynecomastia

  22. logan garvin says:

    I have been doing this for long and it wont go away ☹

  23. I’m JR says:

    Do this help with gynocamastia

  24. Juicy2 Swerrvin says:

    How long did it take for you to loose them

  25. 50M says:

    Kaunch seeds reduces gynocomastia. Its good for weight loss and facial hair growth.

  26. Shabna Shebi says:


  27. let's get 10,000 subs with No videos says:

    Ok my journey starts today hopefully it works

  28. ECHO ZONE says:

    I give up. I wos doing for 11 days and I havent see a little resulte.

  29. Juan and Jesús Funny videos says:

    Ima keep track

    Day 1 arms little sore

    Day 2 arms sore I’m still doing it 🙂

    Day 3 it’s alright not a lot of sore

    Day 4 I’m noticing a little change

    Day 4 arms hurt a lot but seeing a change

  30. Luckster says:

    Does this actually work guys

  31. Daniel Nikolic says:

    is this guy for real :') jiggling my boobs will help me reduce gynecomastia?

  32. og M1 says:

    What do you recommend once we are done with these exercises lay down, sit or what?

  33. GHOUL RELIGION says:

    I tried it didn’t work can you help me?

  34. Drink Milk says:

    I've started and will try to stay updating by a day by day schedule started 8/27
    8/28 little sore from the stretches I don't see a massive difference but I'm still going to continue
    8/29 I feel like they are firmer but havent seen the size decrease yet
    8/30 they seem a lille smaller than when I started
    8/30 I think they decreased in size about .5 cm from the muscle to nipple
    9/2 the top of my moobs feel like the fat has mostly gone

  35. Yamaha 4Life says:

    Just do push ups

  36. Furqan Shaikh says:

    Sir i want to ask that it how many days it take (please reply🤔

  37. Ahmed Salman says:

    Give me the diet plan for reducing the man boobs. Please.

  38. Hakim Tanmoy says:


  39. All in one says:

    Sir will this really work

  40. diwas bastola says:

    This is fake🤣🤣don't belive this type of things belive hard work ✊

  41. Treal Oso saucy says:

    This shit work for anybody ?

  42. Alfredo Ventura says:

    What diet can I do for this exercise and what other exercise can i do too like running,pushups,sit-ups or any other at home

  43. iLuminate Gaming says:

    Is it good for kids to do this and have a diet?

  44. Random frog says:

    it's funny because this is how you're supposed to make your boobs grow larger (for women)

  45. avanish jain says:

    I will try this too

  46. Tee S says:

    Just do push ups everyday

  47. Addicted guy says:

    What is the maximum amount of time i can do these exercises in a day. Actually i want quick effects

  48. normal bhamshoe says:

    Day 1 nothing
    Day 2 Got Consfused with the instructions and ate my dog

  49. prince masood says:

    Can you please tell me the diet for this exercise

  50. prince masood says:

    I will try this for 100 days from tomorrow…

  51. sahem ahmed says:


  52. strengthnhonor says:

    He wants me to rub my own tits😂👌🥵

  53. __ciaronash __ says:

    Please can you do a fitness program that isn't to hard but motivates people.

  54. Khenos says:

    Day 1: neck kinda hurts, don’t see a difference

  55. evilstricker 619 says:

    And how long does this have to be done / How many days weeks
    Edit until you loose man boobs

  56. Blank says:

    thanks i’m doing this on a daily bases with sit ups trying to get rid of this tiny little fat i have

  57. Adnan Talat says:

    I hv very bad gynecomastia

  58. Poppy Pop says:

    Is it just me or u guys too that this doesn't feel right? 😂

  59. Ndanyuzwe joel says:

    Can I get help with my diet plz

  60. Julius Dimaano says:

    thanks for this vid, will try it eventually and will let you know the result.

  61. Madara Uchiha says:

    Thanks for video but is this effective if so what diet should I chose

  62. Paul vega says:

    Wtf is this!?

  63. phrog aka: poop dealer says:

    What is the diet? What do i need to avoid??

  64. J.S Bhati says:

    Thanks for the exercises sir it's a major problem nowadays

  65. Milkton Royas says:

    I need advice with my diet please help

  66. Ani P says:

    just want to know whether doing normal other weight training excercise along with this excercise will not damage my body???

  67. waqas khan says:

    How I will finish boobs ,

  68. ahmed faraz says:

    is it really helpful?

  69. Suman Pal says:

    Sir please paffy nipples reduce video ?

  70. jesse mendoza says:

    They stretch out from the outside of my boobs to the center if my chest lol

  71. AquaProductionsTM says:

    I will keep you updated (i will also do football training pushups sit ups pullups and calisthenics as well)

    Day 1 : Well i just starded and my shoulders hurt and i can feel a little sorness in my chest

    Day 2: I did it only 1 tims but my chest is definitely sore and my back as well

  72. Infamous Jason says:

    Starting today i will keep u updated

  73. Tracey's Tracks says:

    Will this help women to firm the breast? I think so, trying this to see how it goes. I love your exercises so quick and effective. Thankyou so much.

  74. Ram Charan says:

    It's is not for reduce ok..
    Don't try this ..
    They will be BIGGER ..OK

  75. hmm wassup says:

    So imma start doing this(1/9/19)

  76. UM GAMING says:

    Day 1 all same

  77. CG marlo Yt says:

    My journey start today September 1

  78. i am the only One says:

    I will do this..thank you .
    I will update you

  79. Pathan Anas khan says:

    Day 1 : felling some pain on my back and shoulders

  80. PARAS CHAND says:

    chal nikal ab bhaudkikaaakakakakakaakka


    what foods to avoid boobs man?

  82. Oskar Andersen says:

    first day finished

  83. Mark Daniel Robles says:

    What about love handles

  84. Skand Srivastava says:

    from today i start this exercise hope it help…

  85. HYDRA KYS KYS says:

    Thanks sir for this

  86. Rupesh Dhami says:

    Can i talk to u personally sir

  87. Awesomo 360 says:

    This is just burning me and I become all red, I’ll keep going for a few days but idk how I feel abt this

    Day 2
    Still burns the nipples but they feel a tiny bit tighter, still hurts but I’m going strong

  88. Mir Shumaim says:

    Give a video women boob became small in size and become tight love you😘❤️😘 from Pakistan

  89. jason hill says:

    Two times a day back to back?

  90. Cristian Jdm says:

    Is there any other ways to reduce them?

  91. Edgar Rojas says:

    Fucking trash don’t work

  92. the cartoon block jaymarc says:

    Can i do this after work out?
    Or before

  93. Repulsiixn says:

    Can i eat fat free yoghurt bro..i want to get taller

  94. Prince Masood says:

    I need a help from you for my diet.

  95. R Paula says:

    Hi Austin, could you do a version of this one for women?
    Or let me know if this also works for women who wants to lose a little bit of chest fat (those that tend to accumulate on the sides).
    I want to try something different from traditional home workout so I´m creating a daily playlist for me to workout only with your exercises, and that already includes belly, flabby thight etc…
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  96. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Does this work for puffy nipples??

  97. valton muji says:

    Hi Austin. I got one boob much bigger than the other( the other is very small)im a man so this is weird. I've had this problem since puberty. Ive never seen someone else with this problem. I was wondering if these excercises will work on shrinking my boob or balancing them. Whether you reply or not, thanks in advance.

  98. LXRDSAVX says:

    i dont hav man boobs but nice my guy🗿

  99. Q0f Triops says:

    Day one: nothing

    Day 2: hurts more

  100. Trini Benavides says:

    titty boys looking up comments that's funny..

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