The #1 Fastest Way To Get Motivated – Morning Motivation


the question I get most is how do i make
myself study when i just don’t feel like it by the end of this three-minute video
you’ll know exactly how to make yourself sit down and study even when you’re
feeling exhausted the way my brain works I would rather die than not study when I
know I have to now of course I don’t mean that literally but it’s an
important perspective that a lot of successful people that are at the top of
their craft have Will Smith said something similar if we get on the
treadmill together there’s two things you’re getting off first or I’m going to
die it’s really that simple and as Owen Cooke explains it a lot of people that
are successful use death as an analogy now because they really want to die but
rather because there’s no other possibility so when someone says I’d
rather die what it really means is that there’s a 0% chance so what I’ve found
if I have it on my schedule that I need to study for two hours tonight when I
get home there’s a 0% chance that I will miss that study session because I know
that if I miss one day then all don’t want to miss another and then another there’s no convenient time for me to
study it is 100% inconvenient so once I’ve made that decision to go I’m going
to stick to that decision why because if I fail in that decision I will fail in
my larger scale goals let me explain most people I know that have a job that
they hate they don’t try very hard at their job this is very common and the
rationalization is that my boss is a bad manager this job just isn’t for me I
don’t get paid enough but everything is practice for the big show everything is
preparation for the huge opportunities that may unexpectedly jump in front of
you so if you can’t make yourself work hard in a job you don’t particularly
like how are you going to run a multi-million dollar company as an
executive director or save lives as a top surgeon or fight for justice as one
of the best lawyers in the country if you can’t study for just two hours on a
night when you’re feeling tired how are you going to achieve anything in your
career after you graduate you’re not a work ethic is something that is
cultivated over time and the hardest part of it is that you’re your worst
enemy because you can always give up I mean you still need to be flexible if
I’m really rundown and starting to feel sick and my body’s telling me that I
need rest and it’s an exception to the rule then yes maybe I can unwind and
sleep early that night without studying but assuming it’s just the typical
I’m tired excuse then I’m gonna carve out that time because I know that if I
fail to do that I’m not instilling those habits and it’s
going to affect whether I reach my long-term goal because those excuses
will snowball and I know you know what I mean because we’ve all been there we
feel tired so we don’t study and the next day we feel tired again so we don’t
study again you need to rewire your brain train your brain to ignore
how you’re feeling and just focus it’s like a muscle just keep working on it you

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27 thoughts on “The #1 Fastest Way To Get Motivated – Morning Motivation”

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  2. Actually Daisy says:

    What a good way to start my day like this! Thank you!!!

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    Hi guys how are you all, i wish you all the best for your exams.

  4. Jeremy M says:

    First view. …Yay😌

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  6. Goals and Crows says:

    You can live your dream if you take action today! I make yt videos to help people become who they want to be by controling their habits but it's only possible if they take action.

  7. Do Ha says:

    This is such a good inspiration 🥺👍🏼

  8. Guychgeldi Gylyjov says:

    Excellent motivational video

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    whats the background music?

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    Looootss of looooove from.

  12. Nûkö Chån says:

    This is absolutely the best youtube channel ever ! Great job and thanks for the motivation !

  13. Yashaswini Raj says:

    I am planning very well at my studies but I can't strictly follow it bcoz
    I am very lazy..I am very hpy at 5th nd 6th coz I only topper in my class.. I am got 98% nd I am not telling lie believe me..
    But now really i am v sad bcoz am in 9th grade i wrote my 1st sem exam in that my % was only 75 % really my parents were very sad.. am only last in my class …😢 am very weak at every subject.. Pls tell me suggetion for this anyone..😭😭
    Sorry for my any mistakes in this….

  14. #sanjufab 2209 says:

    If brain is a muscle u r treadmill I'm running on it to make the best version of myself. Thank team project Elon really appreciate your work ❤️♥️♥️♥️❤️

  15. Nancy Jackson says:

    Very very motivating 💜 .

  16. m.nageh says:

    I don't need motivation i need to get beaten up.

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    Vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru ji

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    Exams start on monday

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    💓💓💓aw Litterally I need this now💓💓💓

  20. omisha kumari says:

    Hey! I'm here after a long time cause I'm getting prepared for my goals to achieve… I'm just working hard and I will try to do more and more😌😌…. This year is more important to me👩‍🎓….. I hope this will pass with a best effort.. 😊😊…. Have a good day my motivator🙂🙂💛

  21. Kavish says:

    Fuck world Fuck phone
    Keep hustling..
    one day I'll find this comment and reply that I DID IT

  22. shakshi aka Me says:

    You say you bring together some of the top motivational leaders in the world but you bring together my LIFE which is in pieces… To be honest I procrastinated a lot today IDK but I know it was wrong and I regret but your vid which I saw rn was something that you know not only motivated me but ignited a spark, a spark that reminded me why I started… I am at the verge of crying YOU ARE JUST AWESOME MAY GOD BLESS YOU !!!


  23. Blissed Keyboardist says:

    I'm gonna study now, thank you

  24. Divya bharathi says:

    How to quit something we wish to quit ! I end up doing it again

  25. somyajeet gupta says:

    The problem i face isnt that i dont study . I actually study really a lot , not joking , literally i study a lot but the thing is that i dont see results.

  26. Paula K. says:

    I got distracted by that guy lol

  27. Abhishek Soni says:

    My favorite video 😍😍💓💓
    Thanks @ProjectElon

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