Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes


– Welcome to the Cybertruck unveil. (crowd cheering) We’ve created an exoskeleton. (bangs) (laughs) (cheering) Nice. Now, hit the Cybertruck. (bangs) (crowd cheering) Yeah, what else can we do with this truck, let’s shoot it? That’s a nine millimeter
bullet shot at the door. So, it’s ultra hard, cold rolled, stainless steel alloy
that we’ve developed. We’re gonna be using the same alloy in the star ship rocket
and in the Cybertruck. Let’s show the glass demo. So, first this is regular glass, this is like normal glass, car glass. We’re going to show you what happens with normal car glass. (thuds) Now, I’ll show you Tesla Armor Glass. (crowd cheers) Yeah. (thuds) (mumbles) Alright France, could you try
to break this glass, please? (crowd cheers for France) Yeah. – You sure? – [Elon] Yeah. (glass shatters)
Oh, my fucking God. Well, maybe that was a little too hard. – Yeah. (laughing) – Dam, should we try the rear? – Let’s try.
– Yeah. (crowd commenting) – It didn’t go through.
– That’s true. – So, that’s a plus side. – Let’s try the rear. – Try that one, really, okay, sure. (glass shatters) (laughter) – Aww man! – It didn’t go through. (laughing) All right. (crowd commenting) Ah, not bad. (laughing) A little room for improvement. (laughing) Anyway, in addition the car
has an adaptive air suspension. The rear is a 100 cubic feet,
six and a half foot length, bed length, up to 3500 pounds of pay load. (cheering) So, let’s see on-road performance. (crowd commenting and exclaiming) In terms of off-road performance, it’s gonna have the best
angular, approach angle, best clearance heights,
best departure angle. For people that are really going off road this is going to be
great, you could basically do the Baja Rally in this thing. We have three ranges. (clapping and cheering) So, obviously they’ll have
access to all the super chargers. Be capable of more than 250 kilowatts, we’ll reveal the actual number later. And, it has onboard outlets
for 110 and 220 volts. And, as a little plus, because
it’s got an air suspension, we can tap off the air suspension so you have a pneumatic
source, so you have a, yeah. (crowd cheering and clapping) Onboard air compressor. Of course, it’ll come
with autopilot standard. (crowd cheering) Yeah. And, but it’s gonna– (crowd roars, whistles) So, that’s the price
without any incentives. That’s just like the price
without any incentives. Yup, so you can order
now if you would like? (crowd cheers) Alright, thank you! Oh wait! We have, (crowd shouting) we also made an ATV, so. (crowd cheering) (dramatic music) (crowd cheers and comments) (cheering) So, after the air suspension,
you can drop real low and you go high on the other
side, which pull as load mode. So, you got it load mode,
you’ve got a built-in ramp, so, you can take an ATV or
dirt bike, whatever you want and load it on the back. (slides) (clicks) Yes. Oh, (crowd cheering) and it’s currently
plugged in and charging. Alright. (crowd cheers) Oh, I should say also, we’re going to be offering rides in
this the whole night. (crowd cheering and whistling) Yeah, don’t mind the glass. (crowd laughs)

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100 thoughts on “Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes”

  1. Freedeoxide says:

    I mean its cool but uhh gta 3

  2. Granny 2 Hacker says:

    Elon: it broke but it didn't go through

    Me in my mind: some kid will break my glass and I will be like no problem it didn't go through

  3. Derek says:

    Gonna get one and put a gunner turret on the back

  4. A T says:

    He hit the truck so softly with the hammer .

  5. Niranjan Laghu says:

    Inspired by tin dustbin 😁😁😁 Shane MC man should jump from rope n land by kicking it. Let's say "MAKE WWE REAL AGAIN"😉😉😉

  6. Harsh Chaudhry says:

    Elon Musk: Who is the guy responsible for glass?
    Let’a Talk

  7. LM says:

    Musk thinks he is super man. LOL

  8. Nick Wessels says:

    Elon did it for the memes

  9. Granny 2 Hacker says:

    Me: What about The side Mirrors

    Elon: Good Question

  10. zia #?#? says:

    This video is funnier than memes

  11. brenballs123 says:

    Elon fans are the new apple fans

  12. Fresh Prince says:

    Elon Musk: poopity poop
    Crowd: woooooo

  13. Eugene Loh says:

    1980 : We will have flying cars in the future

    2019 : Bulletproof car made with polygons and square metals

  14. Ugandan Knuckles says:

    "Maybe that was a little too hard" – Elon, 2019
    That's an innuendo if I ever saw one.

  15. Point Blank says:

    Wtf is that 🤢

  16. FabP.72 says:


  17. hinah A says:

    Is this suppose to be a car lol

  18. edgar deluis says:

    Its incredible what you can do with wooden frame

  19. MR AND MRS STELOME. says:

    1:20 died inside.

  20. z PaLhaço 4i20 says:

    Alguém veio do edukof

  21. Qwerty asdf says:

    So Elon musk is interested in space so he can sell the technology from his space colonization research, like the cyber truck🤔

  22. Sidexxes - says:

    Bruh who turned high models to low models

  23. Michael Müller says:

    sorry, but this is old-school, there used to be a time when cars in Europe were built that hard, until they figured out that there is physics: there is a reason why cars in Europe have a softer/more flexible outer shell. The so called curmble zone protects people on the street when there is a crash.

  24. itwasagoodyear says:

    I want 1! Elon

  25. Willis_Senior says:

    I actually really like it

  26. Ironclad says:

    Where is the mirror?

  27. Sakshi YT says:

    2.8M Subscribers OMG👌👌👌
    give me some subscriber plzzzz😜😜

  28. Bengt Bepponen says:

    incredibly awful vehicle

  29. Brad Fuller says:

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7

  30. Frank Alviar says:

    I'm buying this truck just for the memes. it has nice specs and very practical. But who cares about that? It's all about the memes.

  31. Shalini Katiyar says:

    Slow hit

  32. Ghost that treats objects like women says:

    better call it ''Cyberturdonwheels''

  33. Homoud S. says:

    Elon’s new book:
    “How to stay focus and calm at the beginning of your presentation when you know it’s pointless to continue “

  34. sonit shrestha says:

    Cyber Truck idea came from Cardboard Box.

  35. Christ Tenten says:

    My god waste of money not impressive

  36. dark side says:

    Welcome to the future

  37. The Burning Toast Monster of Uranus says:

    F tesla

  38. Ray Kehr says:

    How can you call that thing a truck. 🤦‍♂️. Why didn’t they just call it the Syber SUV

  39. RedFer says:

    Remember low graphic = More speed

  40. Negador de pao says:

    This is batmobile

  41. Raj Srikar says:

    Idk why, but that shattered window reminds me of the Nick Fury scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

  42. Fadi Haj says:

    I feel sorry for the army of people who’s getting sacked right after this night 😂

  43. TheHappyKamper says:

    "Shall we try the rear window?" "Sure, you're already fired anyway"

  44. seven sad says:

    Ju$t dont comment…


    most worse looking vehicle

  46. Yago Dias says:

    Quem veio pelo edukof? Deixa o like ai

  47. Avi says:

    Elon : This time THINK completely out of box
    Designer: elon this is how box lookalike from outside
    Elon… hh this thing I will definitely send to orbit Mars

  48. SallyPurpleYT says:

    That’s cool

  49. DENVERTZ007 says:

    Για 1η φορα βλεπουμε ενα ηλεκτροκινητο αυτοκινητο μαρκας"Τεσλα",μιας και το ονομα το πηρε απο τον πιο διασημο εφευρετη του 20ου αιωνα,που πιστευε οτι η τεχνολογια πρεπει να χρησιμοποιειται προς οφελος του ανθρωπου και της Φυσης.Αποψη που δεν τολμουν να την εφαρμοσουν στην πραξη,οι διαφορες τεχνολογικες εταιριες της…Δυσης,επειδη…"κοστιζει οικονομικα",και πολυς κοσμος το πιστευει σαν αφελης,για να μην πω σαν…ηλιθιος,και εχει πεσει θυμα της παραπληροφορησης.Και που θα κατσκευαζεται αυτο το αυτοκινητο;Στην…Κινα μηπως;Επειδη τα εργατικα χερια εκει περα ειναι πιο…"φτηνα";Δεν πειραζει ας κατασκευαζεται εκει.Το πολυ πολυ,να τα παρουν τα σχεδια οι Κινεζικες τεχνολογικες εταιριες,και να φτιαχνουν αντιγραφα,και πολυ πιο καλυτερα απο τα πρωτοτυπα μαλιστα.Απο οτι βλεπω,εχει ισχυρη θωρακιση.Σαν τεθωρακισμενο μοιαζει…

  50. Bailey Forman says:


  51. Mr Cabbage says:

    It's Opra hard

  52. TiDaLLu says:

    Police can use this car door in shield

  53. Rayan Lopez says:

    Everyone: new Tesla car

    Me: new LEGO toy???

  54. game boii says:


  55. Hakan özmen says:


  56. Henrique Alves says:


  57. Blutadler says:

    How could the glass thing happen twice like did they not test this

  58. Tanzeel NYC Films says:

    Do u notice his tone, confidence change after window break

  59. Ebropeos says:

    I guess the name of the designer is… Pythagoras.

  60. Mark Willems says:

    1:41 at this moment he knew, he f***ed up.

  61. Out Mana says:

    0:08 > 0:17, The second blow was weaker.

  62. ivan bregar says:

    1980s called, they want their futuristic look back.

  63. Michał N says:

    FSO Polonez offroad verssion

  64. Fu Fu Fortnite says:


  65. Uhgtc Vhjghh says:


  66. Snack says:

    So this is basically the beginning of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?

  67. Vihan Subramaniam says:

    Imagine some rich psycho decided to go on a joyride in this thing.

  68. MR SALT says:

    Homer Simpson at work

  69. Exciting Cubs says:

    Click here 1:19

  70. F XM says:

    É o carro do Tango e Cash.

  71. SuPeR PaTrIk says:

    Gta 5 muscel car:D

  72. Toy_atz Toya22y says:

    jack ma: i told yah, never go to the mars

  73. JMADMACHINE says:

    Feels like gta5

  74. Ari Manninen says:

    can i test ddive

  75. Mister Kanister says:

    When your customized car is in a cutscene.

  76. Jerry says:

    Perché è presente nelle tendenze italiane?

  77. Zacth TV says:

    I thought it's oversized one star rated kids car toys. Lol.. it's actually a real truck.. I'm thinking this might need to be improved more.

  78. Rasmus Andersen says:

    Everybody that thinks he ended his carrer the car got writen about everywhere for free hes getting advertisment for free

  79. Sespo & Rosalba Fan Page says:

    1 in trending global

  80. Verdii says:

    Iron Man in real life

  81. ilyaDed says:

    шевцов шо ты за хуету купил я в шоке

  82. Kamil - Lekcje Easy English says:

    Made in china

  83. Andy Grylls says:

    I'm usually a big Tesla fan but this looks terrible

  84. Weebman says:

    where are catgirls?????

  85. Wandile justice says:

    Can someone explain the windows part

  86. Víctor Fúnez says:

    I guess it broke because unlike the frameless glass, all the energy of the blow is not absorbed but comes out of the ends of it, and being in a frame, absorbs all the impact and with such tension it broke, this is my theory

  87. Elroy Ahmet says:

    Wauw this is so awesome!

  88. Nienke Timmermans says:

    The stupidest thing is that people will actually buy this thing

  89. Christóbal says:

    Barış özcandan gelen kıtle +1

  90. RollOnBaby says:

    He didn't even hit the door as hard as the 1st one. Lol!

  91. muzamal khalil says:

    What a piece of ** . Such a waste of money.

  92. Braystad says:

    Glass: Ight imma head out

  93. happy2be says:

    Take a billionaire… Mix generously with a mid life meltdown…. Result…. This

  94. Jonathan Blood says:

    What I like about this truck…
    – spray it down with a hose and take a squeegee to it to clean it. You can't do that with any car because they're all rounded, etc… (hard water + hose = done)
    – hopefully no more cracks in my windows… so tired of large trucks throwing rocks
    – no more scratches, dings (hopefully)
    – take a ramp with you… always
    – huge leg room in the back

    What I don't like about this truck… doesn't come in a mid-size option (only full-size)… I just don't need that much and have a Colorado because it's 4x easier to park than my prior Silverado.

  95. Pony Jamk says:

    Nice trasch/

  96. Vinzent Andritzke says:

    Wie elotrix sagen würde… lääääächerlich

  97. Minecrafter Creeper says:

    Good,that it is bulletproof,will ease up my daily drive bys,lmao

  98. HΔTTY says:


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