Telling Your Story In The Digital Age: Apps and e-Books

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Hello everybody aware happy to tell you about
our storytelling apps and e-books. I want to talk about the PPG. [Indiscernible] a worldwide
broadcaster to inform, engage and connect with people around the world and you probably
may not have heard of us that you may have heard of our brand the voice of America radio
free Europe, radio free Asia. Video free [Indiscernible].>>Tran1 and we are broadcasting and 60 languages
and preaching hundred 57 million people every week around the globe for the office of digital
design innovation is basically the innovation arm of BBG and they are charged with experimenting
and trying to figure out news coverage and news storytelling is going to be in five years
so we do a lot of prototyping a lot of mobile news apps and we maintain [Indiscernible]
affiliate tools and staff contractors there interested in e-books it offers advantages.
It is a format that people want. If you look at
computers are lagging far behind and from
what I see worldwide clear heading to every man woman and child has a little bit of–in
their back pocket and obviously we want to be in a position to broadcast and test these
people. They are the format of the future they allow for storytelling
they have a longer shelf life and allow for
repurposing content these news entities broadcasting we’re putting them out for 24 hours or maybe
a week and [Indiscernible] and repurpose them. We are using e-books to engage loyal users
and here to talk to the Washington Post basically a living e-books gets 5000 downloads, which
is not a lot. It’s not going to make you $1 million but drive engagement award loyal listeners
and for us where looking at getting information society government closely controls the Internet
and for us for everyone else it’s really I think if you are dealing with sensitive subjects
or health subjects is a good format for that. When you go home today, if you’re on the Metro,
try to figure out who is reading 50 shades of gray. It is the ultimate Brown paper wrapper.
It is good for personal information or engaging people in a one-on-one conversation. Little
bit more than websites.–Bandwidth Africa and Asia don’t have a lot of bandwidth so
when we looked at e-books we were looking at the wanted to experiment with broadband
[Indiscernible] and tablets because worldwide I have had both extremes out there bandwidth
they are not have any. So they take away and I am talking about immediate organization
the most important thing for a good e-books is good writing. I can run down the hall and
run into a dozen people that edit audio and video every day. We actually were challenged
in finding a journalist who had experience in print are comfortable with [Indiscernible]
it’s not an advantage when it comes to these skills–experience. We want to cover a bunch
of different likely dozens and dozens of tools but we will look at likely tools for an author,
a creative clouds, digital public–and Microsoft Word and a third-party app and we will get
into all of these as we go with their three pilot programs will talk about today for me
since I am concerned for bad what bandwidth and tablet experience within that experience
you will need your offering tool I hope today you will have a better idea of the [Indiscernible]
tools and what is out there. You need to run the text and content [Indiscernible] basically
you get into ready text, very important content and what I found there are two rounds of writing
text the stuff you need and the stuff you need after you do the outline and this makes
sense and my favorite was adding value and they get the storyboard and you figure out
how you can enhance the story has content of your website and something that will make
it more meaningful. She met creating, testing and debugging. I was surprised it gets very
complicated very quickly and [Indiscernible] trying to figure out what [Indiscernible]
any challenges promoting and distributing it and we will talk about that and [Indiscernible]
anyway I’m going to give you a brief tour of a e-book. This first project is a project
that we did for radio free Asia think and basically China career a number of countries
to emulate and those countries like Cambodia and information they are not being allowed
to see [Indiscernible]. The iBook is a proprietary software from Apple and it is free. And it
works fairly well. The significance of this, this is a book about Tiananmen Square, the
thing about radio free Asia, Tiananmen Square had a crackdown on totally suppressed the
subjects in China. And [Indiscernible] 1989 Chinese government completely controlled the
Internet completely control the discussion and an Internet search China will give you
pictures about the square but nothing about the student uprising that happened to 25 years
ago. With that in mind, materials put this together into a e-book using a iBook outline.
They put in one package through video audio and interactive elements giving it not only
a complete description of the events but also an idea of the place and time 25 years ago.
The attraction of the iBook format is that when it is downloaded, it is very portable
and easily shared from device to device. And you can share it on a USB stick from device
to device and display we help to and Internet censorship in China. The book I’m going to
show you in English and we have it in Mandarin as well. The third element you will notice
is this tab bar, a great way to cruise through events so it chronologically tells you what
is happening and the other thing that is significant, he wants to navigate you through the iBook
as well so and collecting this information, a lot of this was information and they put
it in a timeline they separated into a prelude to the protest, a crackdown and all of those
items an individual dates are part of a timeline divided into the various exceptions and like
I said, the timeline not only serves to tell about the events but it serves to navigate
it. Navigate the story. So when they are inside the iBook, basically you can move easily back
and forth and [Indiscernible] We went ahead and inserted a lot of video. We actually have
people on the ground during this whole process and a lot of the video that we have our individual
journalists families that were in Tiananmen at the time and watching things unfold so
a lot of it is footage that has never been seen before and the other thing about the
iBook it allows you to do the immersive slideshows and in addition, it allows you to access main
features of the book and we did graphics and a lot of the bloodshed did not happen in Tiananmen
Square but there were a series of [Indiscernible] and we were able to plot that on a map. What
happened, where it happened, and how it happened. So the Chinese, their eyewitness accounts
of this, there was a radio organization and we had the [Indiscernible] as well. So like
I said a little bit of journalistic truth you go out there and get beyond the firewall
in China and hopefully you share in the most important thing is that these things go out
and they are talked about and basically it gives people something to discuss so that
is the main aim in these kinds of products. Overall, I would say that our experience with
iBook was positive. It is easy to use. It is good for beginners people that don’t have
a lot of artistic [Indiscernible] pretty good, fairly clearly. Drag and drop audio and video
give everything formatted and it works really well. Very easy and the other thing is to
make the timeline or but it is possible and the real problem, products can only be distributed
by [Indiscernible] so if you’re looking for a universal [Indiscernible] book, this is
probably not it but that said , you need to go ahead and put audio and video and do something
that looks good and I basically the describe the school level and an estimate pages with
a lot of photos, I would say four hours page is a comfortable metric starting out [Indiscernible].
Samet the second project, this one is done for voice of America to create a storytelling
at using creative clouds and digital publishing, Adobe materials and software and this is a
shot of our editors and writers with a storyboard so this is the second storyboard for where
actually writing bridges and looking for gaps. It’s 75% done there. I’m going to give you
a brief tour of the book. And share my screen. This is an app that’s not going to work in
a book reader and it launches from your desktop and I get into this I want to say the reason
we picked immigration for voice of America is partly because they have make fair amount
of information on immigration and it is a big subject in his right now with a worldwide
audience is fascinated with immigration to America. They want to know how to get here
they want to know how the [Indiscernible] mom and dad are doing when they come here
and they want to know how the US feels about the new arrival and [Indiscernible] our audience
so we decided we would go ahead and do a book on immigration so this navigation sideways
like a electronic magazine for chapters and they go up and down because of the model that
we picked the e-books allow you to do the nonlinear navigation and I’m going to go ahead
and jump into chapter 2. There are three chapters in this book. One is about 19th century immigration
and Chinese immigrants experience in the fields of the gold rush as well as the transcontinental
railroad in the second chapter talks about the 20th century during World War II to basically
bring migrants home because so many people have been drafted and were fighting in World
War II and the last chapter is basically immigration today.
>>Looking at chapter 2, the [Indiscernible] allows you to do anything as far as formatting.
You can do anything with type, text, making it all possible [Indiscernible] things [Indiscernible]
[Indiscernible – low volume] Samet this book has 20 minutes of specially commissioned interviews
throughout to give context to the book. So once again, the ability to put video and is
very smooth. It is not as easy as [Indiscernible] that is a better tool but there a bunch of
features for instance this feature on the books are good for old records and staff and
it’s pretty cool and this book we went to the national archives and we God old films
and staff which tell a good story.>>[Indiscernible – low volume]
>>It is very easy to put archival films on and stuff used for your basically not restricted
we had gotten some old [Indiscernible] to give a context to the story. [Indiscernible
– low volume] Samet another thing with graphics and stuff, there are opportunities to progress
with infographics. There is an opportunity to do slideshows which are possible. They
are kind of interactive so here we have a touch and play interactive something about
things that might be harvested by [Indiscernible] and another chapter about immigration today
we view that as a game interface so you can figure out what this author that soup is.
[Indiscernible – low volume] There are a lot of ways to experience complicated information,
especially about thesis and [Indiscernible] we made an interactive map this is the first
chapter we’re talking about the steps that were needed to basically can delete the transcontinental
railroad site allows you to plot the progress of the transcontinental railroad and all of
the various things that were needed in addition we were able to use some [Indiscernible] information
this is something that’s from our website. This is an interactive map on detention centers
and basically that so many [Indiscernible] we talked about deportation and here’s another
example of the Adobe [Indiscernible] the restricted this is to pass the citizenship that we were
talking about and basically [Indiscernible] over 13 or 14 years, the various steps you
would need basically to get citizenship. And also immigration naturalization test we can
go ahead and take.>>So basically this allows you to give you
right and wrong answers and who will go ahead and tabulate things at the end it only to
find that allow you to take a test but if you’re looking at something immersive and
basically take existing information and products that they had worked on and give them a little
bit more shelflife. And in terms of dealing with the author and creative clouds with DPS,
what is good, it allows you to do whatever you want. Basically you can participate with
a variety of formats based doesn’t mean you can take one format and turn it into 1 million
different things. Within the design format you can create the version for a nap. You
can I find that you can create a version for the application and you can export and changed
about software and speed than the Adobe. You need a highly skilled designer. The design
skilled level is expert because it is complicated group of software. Functionality is hidden.
It is hard to troubleshoot fun things go wrong. They don’t have that it is not as extensively
documented that there are things that you may run into [Indiscernible] things that are
120% of the target and I struggled with it for four days and there’s a lot of hidden
stuff but DPS is not free. They give you a free ability to put Apple products but you
needed certificate for Google for sure. That’s going to be kind of costly. So the final product
we are doing right now, I don’t have an example but these are basically [Indiscernible] we
are taking manuscripts and Microsoft Word and running them through a third-party converter
and this particular case, caliber, and it takes the information and turns it into a
electronic publishing format and basically it is unencapsulated HTML file so the way
to think about it at this point, we have three different things, we have the iBook that is
a path that is inclusive to Apple. We have looked at the storytelling which is created
with a created clouded that is an app that can be used for Google, android or Apple and
this is a pipeline that would work with any reader Kindle all of those things and this
is a universal format and the universal language and basically a marked a website in a wrapper
with a closed navigation system that is the table of contents so it is actually very simple
product and to make it as small as possible but in working with this a very clean work
document with an immaculate table of contents because he bring it into a conversion tool
and you convert and edit the HTML. We actually like the caliber balance because you can edit
HTML and style 1 million different style on things and make it more downloadable, ePub
makes a lot of sense you can add video and audio to a ePub. You can go into the HTML
not all devices support audio and video. We’re doing a series with locations in Chinese and
their associated, each of these are associated with [Indiscernible]. Spent there are some
books are putting out that have the link to the video and there are some books that we
are putting out with the audio and video embedded and depending on the device you can download
the one with the embedded or without the embedded. It comes down to your device. Testing and
debugging, there are validator’s out there. You have to aim for [Indiscernible]. You’re
not going to get everybody because there are too many devices out there but before you
do this, you need to find out the major platforms that your audience is using an the major software
they are using and test those. You need to find the top three devices in the top three
software that they are using a test with that. What’s good about Microsoft Word and caliber?
Everybody can do it. When you get ePub. It is universal. If it is done right he will
play on almost any device anywhere in the world. You get one file that works it will
light to convert it into the other formats which is great to basically gives you the
opportunity to troubleshoot so what’s bad about it? It needs to be cleaned up and like
I said, they allow readers and apps [Indiscernible]. Spak those people that are driving the ePub
format are the Apple people all of these things look good on the Apple tablet. Things that
you need. Function and distribution is very daunting and we were should a government printing
office I’m sure someone will call in and say what that is but they are very good at [Indiscernible]
it will go ahead and put your book in a Barnes & Noble. I don’t think they have a group of
[Indiscernible] but Barnes & Noble and Google play and libraries a lot of different institutions
so we will get the e-books placed there, which is great. It’s always better I think, we don’t
charge for these products. It’s so much better to get someone interested in your product
and four of the two promoted because it’s a lot of work. It’s a huge amount of work.
So that said there are certain things that you have to do for promotion. It’s good to
launch things so tune in square we watch that on the anniversary of the uprising. And I
will show you in a few minutes a book that we did for international women’s Day which
is a good way to launch things that social media you can create this and nobody knows
it is there and I will tell you that is a problem that you have as a publisher and there
are so many books out there, it is a real challenge so definitely if you have resources
put them aside for function [Indiscernible] basically the future of e-books. Basically
they are not publishers and basically they may make one or two or three books here but
we are not getting into the publishing business but from this experience we decided to think
of e-books as channels. So when we have a story we wanted to go ahead and make sure
that we’re looking at the different channels for storytelling so do we have things that
are appropriate for iBook and ePub? And as I said, this book on Asian [Indiscernible]
women, we did it for radio free Asia and we did not do it for flip board, per se, but
we did in instance for flip board, so the publication is called, it’s not okay and it
is an illustrated story. We did the illustrations specifically for this book and it tells a
story of 16 different incidents of wildly different stories in Asia and this is a website
it’s is a ePub, a iBook and a conventional book and basically at the end of this, you
need to think about e-books as a possible channel for your content basically it gets
down to all the nice things that are good about this channel. It is popular, it is public,
it allows you to do storytelling, and larger to do a lot of different things. And I wanted
to go ahead and give you six tips.>>For first time ePub make it choose a [Indiscernible]
client. They have a design staff they were doing ePub before we were doing it and it
allows them to have resources to experiment with different tools I think we would agree
that they have increased their game and added more tools to their war chest and with that
group as experienced as they were, the most important thing we did a prototype pages scanned
and it is crucial if you have never done this, touching the device gives people such a motivation
to get in there and provide the weird [Indiscernible] things you’re asking. There’s a lot of discussion
about whether a map for Tiananmen Square was necessary that you got in there and saw the
timeline and started talking about the story, I think everyone agreed it was necessary and
it added a lot. Electronic books [Indiscernible] a real strength you can take advantage of
it and post it is through the table of contents but all of the text is searchable so that
is a huge possibility for technical things that might be drier and HTML basically it’s
possible he might be able to leverage the website by putting the most popular [Indiscernible]
to a book, an annual that talks about information on your website what has happened and I think
this is especially good for [Indiscernible] so I think it would be good for health oriented
things things that are difficult and take more time to think about, health information,
things you can scan and take advantage of the searching ability. Everything will have
a ISBN. It is basically a URL of a book. It is harder to find as it is and it will be
impossible without a ISBN. The GPL will provide them with you and [Indiscernible] they are
not expensive, 100 bucks each. But if you are doing one or two, they can certainly handle
that. You must set aside resources with the operating system upgrade and right now my
integration Burke won’t work on the current OS and if you’re going to do a storytelling
You have to think like a app maker and that the resources inside for when OIS upgrades
and things that break. A good book is ePub best practices , collects all of the technical
staff in one place. It is a good resource. Not only to tell you how to do it but to tell
you how to troubleshoot and do best practices. It’s an excellent book and then at the back
I have this from a catalog in the GPL you can go ahead and downloaded here. These are
links to the bookshelves and we have a number of books there and the women’s rights book
website is women’s rights.Asia. You can actually see the material in the web form and you can
go on and get the ePub and the iBook store and also flip board . Look for that. That’s
what I have. I’d be happy to take questions.>>[Indiscernible – low volume]
>>For the basic e-book it is almost universal and they can go everywhere and on every device
so for my audience, e-books are good [Indiscernible] it’s a pleasure to be able to tell a story
in a subversive way and there so much competition and it is a pleasure to include video and
text and include basically as an artist, I like the magazine but the other thing is,
we were talking about various channels and we have been immigration book we did a ePub
also so if you’re going to do a magazine, you have done 90% of the information and work
and I don’t see any reason to see by the information goes as far as possible and turning that into
a ePub as well.>>What about organizational manual?
>>The great thing about ePub there is a limitation in size but not pages so if you’re talking
about a text only that is ideal for an organization and additional navigation and search as well
and what I would do is make sure you had it beautifully scrubbed and a lean HTML and go
ahead and include a number of different ways and it would certainly be okay to do I think
I think they can get a places they are interested in and include everything with a standard
table of contents.>>[Indiscernible – low volume]
>>Everybody is my with creative clouds and Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are publishing
tools and it allows you to create an app. It is integrated pretty well into creative
clouds. Basically it’s a dialogue that you bring up and it forms a layer and that’s how
you add slideshows and navigation and video and audio it is all integrated into the digital
publishing suite and it allows you to package the book and send it to your publisher. It’s
very useful when it works. Especially for a designer who is familiar with cloud.
>>[Indiscernible – low volume]Adobe walks you through the certificate and if you’re
going to do those kinds of apps you need a certificate [Indiscernible] basically you
sign up for them he will submitted billing information because it is tied to the App
Store’s and billing information very other-event various other information and you can put
things together. The Apple Store is ruthless but a list of faults it is not unusual for
you to go through and we have a dedicated team all they do is apps all the time and
they can take one or two ago around and get apps and validated and checked and approved
by Adobe and Google and as I said [Indiscernible] is understandable and easy and it’s getting
the book out there and also promoting it so I see that as a third and a third and a third
as far as division of labor.>>[Indiscernible – low volume]It’s much easier
to sell something people really need and I would take a look at basically your skill
set and think about but the easiest thing is for you today. And basically mixing it
with [Indiscernible] are taking a look at the bookstore you will be able to get it done
and it will be a good project and as I said, the [Indiscernible] had started doing just
e-books HTML ePub and to include audio and video with iBook was a big deal and right
now they’re looking to create a cloud to include larger books as well like I said it’s something
he can [Indiscernible] and a tool that you are comfortable with.
>>[Indiscernible – low volume]Somebody at-11 somebody asked about [Indiscernible] concerns
[Indiscernible – low volume]>>Because my products are out of the country
and not necessarily United States accessibility has not been an issue for me domestically
the other part of that is I’m going to places with limited bandwidth so everything I have
to do, the [Indiscernible] has to be really clean and is bulletproof as possible so I
could tell you what the 508 compliance issues are. I know you can put together a PDF and
the compliance for all of these things [Indiscernible].>>Any potential issues with screen reading
are other platforms [Indiscernible] etc. acceptable?>>If you’re looking at accessibility issues
have a look at what the ePub and how it works staff because as I said the ePub is a HTML
website in a box. So even if it is an accessible and include a link to a live website that
is, it would help you mitigate any concerns because not every reader but a lot of readers
have access to the Internet and-event would be fine.
>>[Indiscernible – low volume]Language tends to be oral and not written and [Indiscernible
– low volume]>>The arriving books have a section on languages
which is part of the reason why we got it so if you’re looking for different languages
have a lot of different information in there. They need to try to identify the main platforms
the tablets and basically
you can put that audio stuff in ePub and it could be accessible through most devices and
where we are right now, the first time we ran them through the validator we came up
with errors and they
are starting-we are trying to stay away from tablets and universal phones and anything
that is proprietary works in this country but
not other countries. If you have a domestic audience I would think
about all readers even if you create files in a proprietary
format converted to another few devices so I would never stick with one device have a
go with as many as possible.>>Okay and
the last question actually which of these
formats would you recommend if you want the readers to have a capability.
>>[Webinar was ended by the host.]>>[Event concluded]

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