Teens Tell Why They Love Champaign Public Library

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My name is Leyton.
I’m in seventh grade and I go to Edison. I’m Abby I’m in eighth grade
and I go to Edison. My name is Nicholas.
I’m in eighth grade and I go to Edison Middle School. I do the same routine every day—
like just wake up, eat breakfast, go to school,
come back, eat dinner, go to sleep, but here there’s so much variety that I can
partake in and I love that. I come here to hang out with my friends.
I go to the Teen Lounge and I get books and movies. Usually when I come into this TeenSpace
I always go to the comic book section. I love Star Wars. I really like horror movies and musicals. I mean really any any movie it just depends on if I’m
just interested in a particular topic, but I’m especially
like a big fan of musicals and horror movies. It’s a really good selection of books—like it’s broad, but sometimes they’re not always in. And so you need to, you do have to request them. But it usually
doesn’t take that long to get the book. I come here when we don’t have school
sometimes and I just get a book and sit at the table and read. It’s not always after school that I come here.
I actually usually come here on the weekends. Whenever I come to library I also like
looking around because like every month or so they always have new art displays—
like the umbrellas hanging down or like they have like big butterflies in the
entrance. So it’s always fun when you walk in, every once in a while, to see like a new big
art display ’cause that’s always fun to look at and cool to look at, especially if
you get bored or something. There’s always just things around the
library in general to do. So it’s just a very fun experience
to be a member of this library.

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