Teen Spaces at the Monroe County Public Library

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We’re filming MTV Cribs, this is my crib. I’m Olivia and welcome to the Ellettsville Teen Space. Hi, I’m Emily, one of the regular teens that comes to the Ground Floor. Which is one of the teen spaces provided by the Monroe County Public Library. What I really love about the Ground Floor and what’s provided here is
that it’s a space made for teens. Adults are not allowed in here.
And it’s very welcoming here. There are people of different identities
here, different ethnicities and I appreciate the welcoming sense that you
get when you walk in. So my favorite part of the teen space is hanging out with friends. So many people here. I’m like oh my god yes, I can meet new friends. There’s just a lot of friends here. Hang out with friends Hang out with my friends. Talk with friends. I’ve made new friends and I’ve met new people. A lot of my friends go here. I just like to hang out with my friends. It’s just a really nice social space that like me personally I’ve never had that type of thing in my life so, it’s really cool to have that. So there are many different activities
and events that go on in the Teen Space including Zombie Prom and Teen Tech Week. There’s Taco Tuesday in here where people come and talk about relationship stuff. And then the Summer Reading Program At the end of the Summer Reading Game you can get free books and rewards. We did a lego making activity, we did a mutant toy making activity. But I love that they display what all of the teens create. I actually have a few up here too. I painted a record It’s just a whole bunch of things they wanted to share. This is what teens did in the space. But then they also have books because it’s a library. So you get all the different aspects of expression here. Something that I really really like about the library is that I can just tell one of the librarians that I want to read like a
fantasy graphic novel or something and they can just go and bring me back like five different books and I’ll just like read them all and be like, I like this one and then that’ll give them more information so they can pick out even more books that I want to read So even though it’s kind of loud in the
teen space most of the time when you first walk in there is a study room in the
very back that you can check out for about two hours. You can watch movies, study, play games, and have group sessions. They also have activities provided by the Library I can bring in my math homework and I can just, have help. I come to the library every Friday to do homework before the weekend and, like, you can work on your homework and play games. You can do all that stuff in one room, so like everywhere and it’s for the teens. I also like to play video games for example. The Teen Space has tons of great things which not all people have enough money to afford. Me and my brother come here after we do our schoolwork and we hang out and and play Smash Bros. My favorite thing about the Ellettsville Teen Space is that there’s not like a certain volume that I can be and I can just really, be me. The librarians are amazing.
They’re really great and really fun and they really know how to
talk to people and, like, they really know how to interact with people our age. So as a teen that’s been coming to this space for about three years now I’ve felt
very welcomed and I’ve felt like there’s a lot of different opportunities to try
out new things and meet new people. I get to express myself in many different ways and I just really appreciate having this space here for teens. For people in this age range where they’re too old to do some things and too young to do other things. There’s a lot of welcoming energy in this space and that’s what I’ve felt coming here, for the past three years.

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