TBU Book Club – The Crash of 2016… What you need to know (Thom interviewed)


this the going back Tom Hartman program I might happen Tonio in for Tom
I’ve been talking about tom’s book today let’s hear about it from Tom himself Tom great put the crash of 2016 had to be
fun to write because it just nails the issues what’s your
take on a path thank you yeah this book has been you know like a
year and a half and I read it but the I you know the core messages it’s not an
actual is guys is I I think the vice president’s plan
our of these guys set out take down the
middle class they set out really to take down the country and a
now back in the seventies they a they laid out a plan cuz they will
look at the sixties con wow you know back in the fifties Russell Kirk learning about cancer
defined predicted all this you know if these by Mintz Levin everything he was right
and and things are going wrong and we gotta take this country back and return it back into
something like second thing what their aircraft not SOC
I lay out the book how they did it how we can stop what the important thing
about the book is its it what it does is it tell gives
mechanics of how this happen and I think it gives the
mechanics have what we can do about it out elect as I read this the I don’t think there’s anything equivocal
about the idea that you believe the crash is imminent it will take place
because the way all the tea leaves are lining up here
are what was so what we do what is it we we
as individuals ought to be thinking about by I think
there’s two things we need our said the first is is really a very real way the crash sort
of in the middle of the crash it started in 2008 are 2007 housing bubble burst much like that the
big crash a up 30 started 1920s up a housing bubble first conduct for and and for the last six years or so they just
cant you know button paul got the holes in the pan out I just
try to keep it from from break and when it breaks gonna
break big so what we need to do is the just keep in
mind I guess that the foundation of all the things to keep in mind it when the big crash happened eighty years
got last time route last generation route all money is the the president %uh charming was help Chancellor and the
present United States as FDR we had bill progressive infrastructure
was largely built in but 1890 nineteen of
hygiene change and it was bearing in place and ready to
go are whereas in Germany they had built a very
very conservative area torture and infrastructure and it
was there and ready to go if you know of all either one need it
was a crisis it shifted into action and at crisis in the twenties but all these
progressive reforms out the up the New Deal and the crisis about time in Germany brought know the
nazis and we just have to to everything we can to
bill that progressive infrastructure to wake
people up to get people ready and and realized that this isn’t just an
economic crisis this acted only secondarily an economic
questions cause pre-cum purpose but it’s a
political are we running against the wind up Tom
are we running against the wind if people don’t even understand it if
they don’t understand what has happened if they don’t
understand that milton friedman lied to them if they’d understand ronald reagan
lied to them about this notion if you share with billionaires the
billionaires are going to share with you isn’t that alive that is so complete
that is almost difficult to if not impossible at times to overcome I but it yeah it is right now now and and it was in 1928 to in 1928
there were people who were you on what the outcome they had seen the housing bubble crashed
twice ever and or they just cant see how I’m substantial never laughed at or and and you couldn’t you couldn’t have a
conversation about these issues and and in 28 but but now you but now it is a its it’s here it’s it I she but let me start on surgical
strikes of palm but now because a a well not yet now but in 29 when the crash happened and really in
30 and 31 it took up people a couple years just stuff they were still support
Herbert who grew up in soap maybe 1930 30 watch and I took a couple years on eg and a couple years into it everybody
figured it out I think that it’s gonna take frankly really big crashed cause people to go are now I’m
just time if I as there is a read what you’re
writing here it for such a powerful book I G good
good luck with your you know you gonna be outside in the
snow hopefully you’re going to distribute this is widely as possible cuz it’s kinda
must regain it but I i think back up FDR referring to arm the folks that you know ran the
country clubs the royalist take on the economic royalists of his time if we compare where we are even when he
identified the danger of all that money being held
by that small group of the economic a royalist its worst today I mean the
numbers are as you just look at pure numbers look at the empirical data it’s worse
today than it was even when FDR said that capitalism will fail because all of the economic royalist
hold all the money and nothing is moving from the bottom it’s all should move from the top but but it’s
being held by the economic rollers yeah and and and that’s why I in large
part it’s going to it you know it’s about a you we have people say well you know we
can check around the edges sir you know maybe the fed will save us
or whatever and and for the Main St this book is but the I is art cropped you know it
just hasn’t come out the other you know picture the at No for and and there’s so much structural damage
that’s been done you know I’m doing starting mostly most mister the reagan
administration some I ministration and so much you know every
every demonstration sense bad trade policies up bad international
policies that monetary policies bad tax policy um and and these are all things that can
be come easy is which vexed FDR took us from 25
percent unemployment down to fifteen percent of them point but i hella 24 the 15 percent I’m percent jump in
just four years yeah I mean for you isn’t part of the
frustration if you were to turn on your television but I know you each your you don’t
actually follow Korra me but if you return on in look through corporate needed to try
to find anybody who’s even talking about the important
elements that’s laid out in the crash of 2016 a they don’t understand it be there on
willing to talk about it because it’s contrary for their best interest to you in my
right or wrong about that are you use now that’s I’m and that will
change when the passions absolutely impossible not Thom Hartmann
one of america’s great thinkers the crash of 2016 go by the book don’t do yourself a
disservice by not owning it a mic haven’t only on
for Tomo be right back

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19 thoughts on “TBU Book Club – The Crash of 2016… What you need to know (Thom interviewed)”

  1. Don Sanders says:

    When banks and WS use nanosecond trading to *spin straw into gold" eventually an inflation bomb the size of the fake currency will explode.

  2. Duane Craig says:

    There is a good reason why the Democrats walk in lockstep with the Republicans. The blue dog democrats were at one point 54 members strong, also many Democrats have bought into neoliberal economic polices.

    We should have purchased the trouble banks via hostile takeover (their stocks were worthless). Fix them, get money to small and medium businesses, and when they are healthy cut them up and sell them off one part at a time.

  3. judyleasugar97 says:

    There is a difference between Republican and Democrats. Democrats may be weak in fighting the billionaires, but the Republicans are completely bought. With the GOP we'd have no SS, no medicare, no minimum wage and we'd be at war with Iran.

  4. Barbara B says:

    I agree, but think it will happen much sooner. The BIS told the Fed in June they have to stop printing.

  5. mrzack888 says:

    go buy what book?? the book isn't released until November.

  6. John Maddin says:

    I'd add to Thom's very good points that the winning powers of WW1 largely pushed Germany towards Hitler with the crazy reparations forced on Germany which led to it suffering the most in the depression. A nation cant be expected to work well whilst a major chunk of its earnings are taken from it. Is it any wonder that both the Nazi's and Communist's did well when despair was at its most and even more galling is the fact Germany never started WW1 in the first place.

  7. celainea says:

    The rich & ultra rich are already fighting amongst themselves for the last of the pie. Stand up for your Commons, before they start selling air to make a profit. Privatizing Human Needs only works to serve the few. Do the research or go to US against Greed dot org.

  8. Kristoff Bjorgman 87 says:

    I'm not sure about 2016, but I am 99.9% certain that the we will have another 2008 fiasco in the coming years.
    Ultimately FDR was right when all the wealth flows to the top Capitalism dies, as the money do longer flows through the economy.
    (Try telling that to the Teabags or RW libert/propertarians though…)

  9. Donovan Worland says:

    We'll see, if people figure out what money and currency is and then decentralize banking, something will change. That's the key stone, central money printing….follow the money, hate the game.

  10. Bozo the Clown says:

    Something to keep in mind was the Communist (actually feudalistic) threat was REAL.

    Not some hypothetical one like America faced during the cold war; the Soviet Union was across Poland, not the Atlantic Ocean.

    WW2 was inevitable, either Hitler or Stalin would have started it.

  11. scotty says:

    people will never 'get it' If that retarded asshole bush, baby bush was again running for pres millions would turn out to support him, even after all that happened in those awful eight shameful years. Reagan is seen as a great president, a hero. And anyone not 'conservative' is seen as unamerican. Dumb as dirt. America has little chance to live up to the dream and be great because there is little greatness in the populous. Sad

  12. Nadine Warsaw says:

    You've got that right! He knows it though, I think he's just trying to be optimistic.

  13. Bochanable says:

    Wow! Look at the weak number of views this very important clip has so far. It was much easier to create community in the crash of 29. We are not filled with communication tools like Facebook. But those tools are already being overseen by the negative surveillance systems. And that's not President Obama I'm referring to. He is trying to find the right way to use those systems. Its the neocons, rethugs and constant disrespectors of his administration.

  14. Ela Lamblin says:

    Hopefully, a crash will lead to a whole new society.

  15. mikedoesseo says:

    It's disappointing to read so many of these negative comments about capitalism……….while hoping for a socialist/communist utopia to take over.

    Here's a news flash.  There are a TON of people worth between $1 and $10 million who are not the elite.  They are just like us except in most cases they were more ambitious.

    Your dreams of everyone having the same is not a world I want to live in. 

  16. Jimmy Bonham says:

    The problem with Thom's argument is that it is built on un-truths. He claims the Great Recession was caused by the banksters engineering a housing bubble and then bursting it. This fails because the bubble burst in 2008 which was AFTER the recession started.    

    He also claims the Great Depression was caused by a real estate bubble burst which really didn't happen.

    Real estate failures don't cause recessions because when housing values fall so does housing COSTS. When housing costs go down rents go down. When your rent goes down you have that much more money to spend on other things which pushes the economy sideways.

    The real cause of the Great Depression was interest rate shock.

  17. Timothy Janssen says:

    As Rome burned the people slept. Hell, Americans are so polarizedl It's hopeless. But hope springs eternal, get busy living or get busy dying.

    Unfettered capitalism, the idolatry of money. Time to buy a ticket on the Arc, Noah's that is.

  18. Dean Counts says:

    Most Democrats are corporatists almost as bad as Republicans, with a few exceptions, only solution seems to be third party.

  19. LiveBySoundReason says:

    The crash will occur in 2017, or else 2018.  If not 2018, then 2019 or 2020.  It may occur in 2021 or 2022.  If it does not occur by 2023 or 2024, then it will just have to wait until 2025 or 2026.  If it occurs between 2017 and 2026, then I get all the credit for predicting it without guessing.

  20. Bill Hampton says:

    There's been a crash around every 8 years in the states since the 70s they're all predicting 2016 because it's 8 years from 08s crash and blah blah blah we all know the rest . You Americans better fricking vote in Bernie .

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