Huge Genetic Study Reveals Common Threads Across Psychiatric Disorders

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Welcome to Impact Factor, your weekly dose of commentary on a new medical study. I’m Dr. F. Perry Wilson. This week I’ve been reading this paper, appearing in Cell, describing a truly herculean effort to determine some of the genetic underpinnings of psychiatric disorders. The study begins as a huge genome-wide association study, but man, […]

Genome-Wide Association Studies – Karen Mohlke (2012)

Genome-Wide Association Studies – Karen Mohlke (2012)


Dr. Andy Baxevanis: Okay, good morning everyone, and thank you for joining us on this absolutely beautiful day here on the Bethesda Campus. Our lecture today is devoted to genome-wide association studies. And as you all know, these kinds of studies really help us separate genetic variations that are biologically insignificant from those that do […]