Surface Pro Comparison vs. Macbook Air Laptop, Nexus 7 Tablet, Wacom Tablet


“Hi, welcome to ‘Lachlan Likes a Thing’, a
show where I take a thing, and see whether or not I like it. Now, the thing we’re looking
at in this video is the Surface Pro, which is Microsoft’s 10 inch, Windows 8 Professional
tablet computer. Now it might be a bit late making a Surface Pro video, considering the
new Intel processors are just around the corner, but actually the Surface Pro only just recently
came out in Australia, so I just wanted to make a video to give some of my impressions
of the device.” “So, I’ve been using the Surface Pro daily
for about two weeks now, and I actually got it to replace an 11 inch Macbook Air, a Nexus
7 tablet, and a medium sized Wacom digitizer drawing tablet. So this video is just going
to go through how the Surface Pro compares in terms of pros and cons versus all the devices
that it’s meant to be replacing. ” “So how does the Surface Pro compare to a
lightweight laptop? Well, this is my trusty, mid-2010, 11 inch Macbook Air, and I really
like this machine, I’ve used it for basic internet browsing, for taking notes during
lectures, and it’s been really great. It’s survived through all kinds of things, survived
being dropped, survived having a cup of water poured on it, all sorts of things, but it
has been getting a bit long in the tooth. So, here’s what I like about the Surface Pro
compared to the Macbook Air.” “As a Mac user who’s come from six and a half
years of using a Macintosh, and Mac OSX, I actually really like Windows 8 as a touch-based
operating system. Now, thankfully I didn’t have to go through that whole transition period
from Windows as a desktop, mouse and keyboard operating system, to Windows 8 with the whole
Modern interface and the touchscreen, I’ve just been using it as a touchscreen interface,
and in that respect I think it’s really great. ” “I love being able to just reach out and zoom
in and out of webpages when I want to read them a bit more closely, I love being able
to multitask with just gestures and flicks, and with the included stylus that comes with
the Surface Pro, I really like just being able to swap between the touchscreen and the
stylus and the keyboard and the trackpad, and you know, really mixing it up with those
interfaces and input methods, so that I can do whatever works best, and in that respect,
it’s better than Mac OSX, because you don’t have to juggle windows, you don’t have to
make sure the windows don’t steal focus from each other. So that’s what I really like about
Windows 8 as a touchscreen interface for small screens.” “So, in terms of battery life, I get about
the same between the Surface Pro and the Macbook Air, although of course with the new processors
for the Macbook Air that equation changes quite significantly.” “So here’s what I don’t like about the Surface
Pro compared to a laptop like the Macbook Air. ” “Firstly, I got the type cover for the Surface
Pro, and although it works, and it’s OK, and it’s a passable keyboard, it’s not nearly
as nice to type on as the 11 inch Macbook AIr’s keyboard, or I guess any other laptop
keyboard, just because there’s not much travel in the keys, they’re a little spongey, and
because the type cover is not a kind of rigid element of the whole body of the Surface Pro,
unless you’re typing on a flat surface like a desk or anything like that, the type cover
can get quite flakey in how it picks up key presses, so it’s not fantastic to be using
it in a casual kind of position, compared to the 11 inch Macbook Air where you can kind
of use the keyboard lying up or sitting down or anything like that, and the keyboard is
much nicer that way. ” “The other thing about the Surface Pro is
that the kickstand is not variable in angle, it only goes out one angle. It can be quite
hard to find a good position sometimes with the Surface Pro unless, again, you’re sitting
on a flat desk.” “The other thing is that although it’s relatively
light, all the weight distribution on the Surface Pro is in the screen rather than divided
between the screen and the keyboard, so it’s very difficult again to use on any situation
where it’s not sitting on a desk because it kind of tips forward, or backwards just because
the screen is relatively heavy compared to this surface here.” “So as a laptop, although you can get away
with it, I don’t recommend the Surface Pro if you’re going to do a lot of typing, it’s
just not well suited to that kind of thing.” “So how does the Surface Pro compare to a
tablet computer? Well, you can probably guess my answer, because you can see that I’ve wiped
my Android tablet, and I’m preparing to sell it to a friend. I actually got this Nexus
7 as a replacement for my 11 inch Macbook Air, when I poured a cup of water on it and
I thought it was never going to come back, but after a few months I managed to bring
it back – the Macbook Air – from the dead, so since then I’ve never actually really used
the Nexus 7.” “I don’t actually think tablets are all that
useful for me personally, because you can’t really type very well on them, they’re not
great for multitasking, so I don’t really like them, I don’t really think that you can
get a great deal of work done on them, and anything that you can do on a tablet, you
can do on your smartphone. So, I’ve never been a big fan of the tablet operating systems,
even after using them for a bit.” “In that respect, I think the Surface Pro
absolutely blows, blows away any tablet operating system. Just with Windows 8 Professional,
you can run desktop applications, you can multitask with all these panels, and it works
much nicer. Even though it’s heavier, and, you know, it’s harder to use with one hand,
and the battery life is a little less, I think that this is a great device to use as a tablet
computer.” “That said, the Surface Pro obviously costs
many many many times the price of just your casual, internet web browsing tablet, so if
you just wanted to do casual web browsing and content consumption, tablets are probably
a better bet than getting a one thousand dollar machine to, you know, watch movies and browse
the web on.” “So, lastly, how does the Surface Pro compare
to a dedicated sketching device like the Wacom Intuos tablet? Well, this is actually my favorite
aspect of the Surface Pro, and this is where I think anyone who does art, or design really
should be looking at the Surface Pro as a really wonderful tool, I am an art student,
and I would have loved to have had a machine like the Surface Pro during my undergraduate
years, it would have been fantastic.” “The best part of this machine is that, with
the stylus and the touch screen, you basically get a cheap Wacom Cintiq tablet, except the
whole computer is built into it, and what’s really nice is that you can do sketching just
by, you know, directly drawing on the screen and it becomes almost like a magic sketchbook
where you can kind of zoom in and out, and adjust the paper and erase infinite amount
of times, so it’s really nice that way.” “One bad thing is that the stylus on the Surface
Pro does require some calibration, and the default calibration routine on the Surface
Pro is not very well explained and it’s not very accurate, so I might make another video
that just explains how you can accurately calibrate this stylus.” “The other unfortunate thing is that for programs
like Photoshop, these are still Windows 8 desktop applications, and they haven’t been
optimized for a touchscreen interface, so on this 1080p screen on the Surface Pro, all
the UI elements are absolutely tiny and it’s very hard to actually select anything. Now,
once you blow it up to a big screen like this, it’s actually quite usable, but if you’re
going to do on-the-go kind of stuff, I haven’t really been trying to use Photoshop on the
Surface Pro tablet yet, just because the screen elements are too small. ” “One thing, one really nice things about the
Surface Pro screen is that once you calibrate it using a hardware calibrator, it’s really
colour accurate, you can read some of the measurements on Anandtech [see video description
for link], it’s a really nice screen and it’s almost as good as a full-sized desktop screen
in terms of colour accuracy. ” “So overall, do I recommend the Surface Pro?
Well, if you’re looking to replace a laptop, and you’re going to do a lot of typing, then
no, I don’t think the Surface Pro is a great option.” “If you’re looking for something like a tablet
that you can use casually, but you can also do a great deal of work on, I think the Surface
Pro is really nice in that respect, and if you can think of things that you want to do
with this stylus and the digitizer, if you can think of how this would improve your workflow,
absolutely, I think that you should jump on the Surface Pro, or at least have a play around
with it, because, you know, this Wacom digitizer is what, in my opinion, is what makes the
Surface Pro a really kind of magical device.” “If you can’t think of any reason why you
would need a stylus, then, honestly, I don’t think you should get the Surface Pro, it’s
simple as that. For me, I really like using the Surface Pro, it’s going to be a keeper
for me, I’m going to sell off the Nexus and the Wacom tablet, but I’m probably going to
keep the Macbook Air, just for those situations where I know I’m going to do a lot of typing.” “That said, this is going to be my go-to computer,
I’m going to take it around in a bag with me all day, it’s a really nice machine, and,
despite everything that everyone has said about Windows 8, coming from a Mac user, for
six and a half years, I think that it’s actually a pretty good operating system.” “Anyway, thanks for watching this video, I
hope it’s helped you, if you’re kind of curious about the Surface Pro and you’re wondering
if it’s the right machine for you. Thanks to everyone who’s liked my other videos and
subscribed to my channel, I have a Facebook page now, so you can check me out at
, and also I tweet at twitter at @lachlikesathing, so hit me up and we can have a conversation
or, sorry, a conversation about gear. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your week.”

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100 thoughts on “Surface Pro Comparison vs. Macbook Air Laptop, Nexus 7 Tablet, Wacom Tablet”

  1. NgEmpire says:

    thnx for this vid! 1st useful comparison of the 2. im considering haswell air 11 in or this. i tried the duo 13 and while i really like it, its a little large and heavy. main usage is editing pics, office productivity and watch vids and web browsing. i usually have about 10 windows open in chrome. 5 sites and 5 vids loading. this is to replace netbook and i use imac normally. i worry about airs poor screen as i like editing pics, did you find the pro better for this?

  2. Jevon Smith says:

    Have you tested out any adobe programs on the surface yet? That's one of the main reasons why I want the surface pro, to run photoshop and use it on the go. Amazing review btw!

  3. themossydaily says:

    Can you link the wacomb tablet to the surface pro?

  4. IrishFists says:

    Subbed, your very good a describing your opinions.

  5. LT says:

    i have already have a macbook pro, and an ipad mini. though i seem to be interested in the surface too, as the mbp is still kinda heavy to take around and an ipad does not have office. An air would be nice, would you recommend the surface (or maybe the RT) or an air? Basically I'm looking for something that's in between the macbook and ipad and complements them

  6. qnal96 says:

    This is probably the only honest and unbiased review of the Laptop/Tablet. Really, great job. However, I am going to try to use this as a full laptop. Ive only had a desktop before so I think it will be easier for me to adapt to the keyboard. Thanks for the video!

  7. vancian1970 says:

    I agree. Nice job on the review.

  8. vancian1970 says:

    I use Photoshop on mine. Works really nice but I wish the screen was a bit bigger. Adobe Acrobat works well but tends to have a little bit of lag when typing.

  9. qnal96 says:

    Well I've had my Surface Pro with the type keyboard for about half a week now and I'm still getting used to it because the keyboard is cramped. It is a little wierd to type on but I think overtime I will develop habits to use it more easily. For me the biggest issue with the cover is the trackpad which I find a bit small and the clicks are a bit stiff. Overall the device is great and fast with an amazing screen. My only issue with the device is the lack of I/O but I think I can work around that,

  10. Sanford Syra says:

    What kind of sound system do you have hooked to your setup? Nice video very informative!

  11. C C says:

    Did it come with office or did you have to buy and install seperately

  12. stefanocelsi says:

    is it really as good as a waccom intuos in terms of pressure sensiblity?

  13. N0ZP1K3R says:

    Oh crap I though this was a chic!! Surface is retarded get a cheap laptop already.

  14. Aras Aslan says:

    great review! Better than ones one the full blown tech sites like Verge

  15. Chris Zhen says:

    Hi Lachlan, was searching for laptop use with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and stumbled upon this vid!

    I have a question regarding a laptop to compliment the Cintiq. Which laptop in your opinion would be best to use the Cintiq to almost full potential without buckling down on extensive 3D modeling?

    Video liked!

  16. Senthil says:

    nice honest review! you can possibly adjust DPI setting ("Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsDisplay") to overcome Desktop applications being too small for the 1080p screen.

  17. kashisman says:

    your dream comes true with the new wacom Cintiq Companion, it is also my dream 🙂

  18. Freediver HD says:

    You found some good things to say about the Surface Pro – i thought that was impossible! Hats off to you.

  19. Anders Pettersson says:

    The best explanation/Surface Pro review I have seen on Youtube! Thanks a lot!

  20. Freediver HD says:

    right then… let me sub you.

  21. Freediver HD says:

    If you get a chance , would love to see a vid on the Vaio Pro 13. Beg, borrow, or steal one.

  22. Marc Real says:

    Great video! Very informative and so direct.

  23. Saud Usman says:

    Have you tried installing windows 8.1 preview onto your device?

  24. Ricard Jensen says:

    What was the scetching software you used? I'm having some problem with photoshop as well, and didn't find any really good scetching software yet.

  25. H0nest Ab3 says:

    Having used the Surface Pro for about 5 months now, I can honestly say that I have zero regrets in buying this machine. As a college student, the surface pro has taken my productivity to entirely new levels. The OneNote application with a pen is GREAT for taking notes for any class. One can easily switch between drawing diagrams and typing out notes without even thinking about it. With a simple USB 3.0 hub and a mini-display port to HDMI adaptor, this machine can also become a new desktop!

  26. Pseudomix says:

    As a soon-to-be college student i am currently looking for a device for taking notes at lectures, maybe organizing with calendars or emails.
    Currently I am really split between the Surface and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (the new edition)
    I like the keyboard and the standard Windows programs, i could work with, but the stylus navigation is not nearly as good as Samsungs. Also I really like the S-Note app from Samsung for lectures.
    Can you maybe give me an advice? I would really appreciate it

  27. Pseudomix says:

    It does, thank you very much 🙂

  28. Mikenopolis says:

    Surface RT/Pro (with TYPE cover) is great for Excel users, I'm what they call an Excel power user and have found the Surface RT to be a great travel companion. Normally I carry my iPad (play) AND a PC laptop (work) on trips. recently I've only taken the Surface RT and was able to travel lighter and still be able to do actual work. The Pro would be very welcomed especially since the announcement of the Surface Pro 2. I'm still hoping they will make the Pro thinner though

  29. TheQsanity says:

    Surface pro or galaxy note? Seems like galaxy might be better for note taking due to dedicated stylus note apps.

  30. solobackpacking says:

    In five years you will wonder why you put up with that hairstyle.

  31. Jehc Volt says:

    well youre conclusions say nathing, i mean only say what surface is.. an hybrid and i think thats the future for devices microsoft is doing well

  32. Magnus Tinglöf says:

    Even if I had to pick one single thing to highlight about the Surface Pro line is the fact that it´s a dirt cheap option for ANYONE eyeballing the Wacom Cintiq line.
    Only thing you will miss is: pen tilt recognition and around 50% pressure sensitivity, but for me it´s not an issue.

    Getting the Surface Pro 2 since it finally ironed out my remaining issues, 8gb ram,256gb SSD 46% better color reproduction and roughly twice the battery time.

  33. Andrew Mitchell says:

    Excellent review.

  34. TickleMeShlomo says:

    yeah, sony really messed up not offering wacom support with the tap 11.

  35. wornohaulus says:

    do a yoga 13 (2013) review with the same congifs !!!

  36. Hotfix says:

    Very informative video. I went a head and pre-ordered the surface pro 2

  37. TeamDHXS says:

    awesome video, can't wait for my surface 2, using it to take notes in med school classes and having something where I can write my notes out by hand without having to search through multiple composition pads will be awesome!

  38. Visbalalam says:

    Hey I am going to Uni next year and am looking around for a laptop, preferably an ultrabook, but I am interested in the surface as it provides the power of an ultrabook, but is lighter and more portable. I am planning on making it my main 'thing' i do my stuff on, like watching movies, doing assignments, research, etc…

    Do you recommend me buying the Surface Pro 2 in this regard, based on your experiences at Uni?

  39. The Silent Observer says:

    I personally find my tablet quite useful if I want to do my computing from the comfort of my bed. Yes, I can do that on a laptop too. But the laptop is too damn cumbersome in comparison when my tablet suffices.

  40. Antony Stern says:

    Thanks, best unbiased review/comparison I've seen so far!

  41. fart smith says:

    If I use a pirated version of photoshop is there a way to use it on a surface pro or am I going to have to buy a legit copy of CS6?

  42. Jogie Glen Mait says:

    hey man. great job. finally, windows 8 had some honest praises.

  43. Ichbinstark looza says:

    Windows 8 was only really meant for this tablet, on a non touch screen device it is terrible

  44. mrmhallman says:

    Great review!! Thank you

  45. MrElectrifyer says:

    Awesome and unbiased review coming from a hardcore Mac user. Regarding the screen angles it supports, don't forget it has wide viewing angles, so, the need to adjust the screen is a lot less (but still not absolute zero).
    Regarding the keyboard, I literally have had no issues typing up big reports with it, despite my hands being big (big enough to barely notice phones like the Note 3 as huge). Only problem I had with it was it missing some keys (like Insert), which I fixed with AutoHotKey.

  46. Usman Hassan says:

    hey dude ! just for clarification, how do you install the Photoshop program or any desktop application? is there any new version of application design for surface? or you can use the desktop application platform? on that device?

  47. lachlanlikesathing says:

    You can just install the normal version of Photoshop. The Surface is just like any other Windows 8 laptop. You could also get Photoshop Touch from the Windows 8 app store but that is a completely different thing which is optimised for touch controls…

  48. Pakorn Swadsri says:

    Great video!! I had a hard time deciding which device should I buy. Now I think i will go with the surface pro. By the way, you are so cute~

  49. lachlanlikesathing says:

    Haha thanks. Glad I could help 🙂

  50. Pakorn Swadsri says:

    Should I buy the cheaper first generation or wait for the pro 2.

  51. lachlanlikesathing says:

    I'd definitely get the Pro 2 if I was buying now!

  52. The Quiett says:

    Review the jaybirds bluebuds x

  53. Ashley Smith says:

    Hey, great review I'm not sure if I should get a Surface Pro,
    I really love the concept of it but for my uses I'm not sure.
    I do word/PowerPoint documents on my computer and browsing the web, YouTube and I do like casual drawing and Photoshop however most of my time will be spent on Steam games, I'm not of a hard core gamer who needs like octa core and 50GB of RAM but I can't use a really slow computer, the games I play are Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2 etc. I currently use a MacBook Pro 2011.

  54. Ashley Smith says:

    I also have a Surface RT which I got for tablet use as like you I don't really like tablets as there just a big smartphone but the surface rt is okay for me, and the keyboard doesn't bother me as I can type really fast on the touch cover so do you think it will be good option if I got a surface pro or surface pro 2 or any other laptop? Thx

  55. lachlanlikesathing says:

    Are you looking to game on the Surface Pro 2? I think it will make a good portable gaming rig but it isn't super powerful. When I get my Surface Pro 2 I'm going to try hooking up a 360 controller or a Dualshock 4 just to see how gaming works. The Surface Pro 2 can definitely handle older Source titles…

  56. lachlanlikesathing says:

    Do some more research and see if this computer is right for you. If it won't work in your workflow then it'll still be a waste of money, though $500 is really quite an attractive price.

  57. Christos5120 says:

    Very nice review!

  58. Njoi Fontes says:

    Dude if you can grab it for 500$ get it now, its a steal. The surface pro is awesome with the only drawback being battery life.

  59. Umer Farooq says:

    @lachlanlikesathing I really like your open mindedness compared to Apple consumers even the grandma minded PC users.. I have become your life time subscriber ! Really amazing video.

    If you buy Surface pro 2, you can get upto 9.30 hours of battery life. I am really loving it. It is way way better then Surface Pro 1 .

  60. Andy Green says:

    I've had the Surface Pro since it came out, and It's perfet for me, I love this thing! (and for the People who want to use it for writing. Forget the type/touch cover. Buy Microsoft wedge mobile keyboard, and the Microsoft wedge touch mouse. They are great With the surface pro! Perfect as a addition to the pro.

  61. Rubén Gómez Radioboy says:

    10 years Mac user here.

    I say OS X now is shit. Windows 8 is the present and the future.


  62. caspercpell says:

    For the keyboard/typing issue, one could always purchase a simple usb keyboard and simply plug it in. 

  63. Idzaudin Razak says:

    surface pro 2 is light day and night compared to surface pro. 🙂

  64. Claudes Tech says:

    Hi there, why don't you check this surface pro video Microsoft Surface Pro Running OsX Maverick 10.9

  65. Rex na Jutubie says:

    Please, make video how get better calibration! You made me very curious!

  66. Kimmi Ismail says:

    Totally agree with you man

  67. Jason C says:

    Very fair and open minded review, with positive and negative aspects of all three devices brought out. Well done.

  68. N0ZP1K3R says:

    I thought this was a chic!!

  69. Rafael Cintra says:

    This came in right time! Just about to get a device for drawing but too bad u didn't talk much about the pen and its pressures …  What u have said about the surface also matches the Samsung Ativ 500t – same similar situations – windows 8, touchscreen, etc.. anyways, think I'll go with a Cintiq 13hd – already own a macbook pro 13" but do not own any type of tablet. Really liked what you said about the main functions on a tablet (u can do pretty much everything on a good smartphone).

    Anyways please drop me an advice with what you think about the Cintiq device ok? Thanks in advance, subscribed!!

  70. Jorge Cortes says:

    Use the type covert….

  71. Zorro says:

    im about to shift to Macair, but i feel i will be disappointed with the small monitor as 13", as i have 16" hp at the moment.
    any suggestion?

  72. Derek Dean says:

    You've helped a bunch not only with the surface review, but the specifics you've went into with the touch cover vs type cover, you've done an excellent job and saved me possible frustration that, if I were the Incredible Hulk, could very well have saved Cities. The world owes you a great deal my friend. 

  73. HellKnight1981 says:

    Thanks a lot. We are still waiting for the calibration video!

  74. oreokookie says:

    How would you recommend a surface pro for sketching outside??….I used to bring my paints , and easel and a big canvas outside, but now I am older and don't have the time or strength. I need something small with color and a stylus to use for brushes.

  75. anzatzi says:

    great review.  I can't  understand why ms never emphasizes the pen functionality–this is a student dream machine.  Instead it gets constantly bashed by text-centric journalists.  Its the pro 2 is catching on better, though.  thanks

  76. Jevon Smith says:

    Do you still feel the same about the new surface pro vs a MacBook Air? I'm a long term Mac user as well but I'm planing on getting the surface pro 2 for some design work

  77. james n says:

    why do people even use mac? its like 1000$ (or over)

  78. James O says:

    Seems like a very fair/balanced review. Purchased a Surface Pro 2 for my daughter to start college with. She really liked OneNote and the stylus as she likes to take hand written notes. Need to also see about audio recording for class as well.

  79. Peterson Blanc says:

    Great review, here in US the price to the Surface Pro recently dropped and I would like to hear your opinions on it compared to the Pro 2?

  80. Peterson Blanc says:

    Thank for the reply

  81. Nicholas Tang says:

    Surface Pro Touchpad Scrolling Bug
    Any idea on how to fix this?

  82. Enrique Marino says:


  83. wesley riggins says:

    I am looking at getting a laptop. I also enjoy sketching and painting. I travel back and forth to college. I would mostly type on a desk or bed. For about $700 plus a type cover, would you recommend this computer? Also, can it run everything that a desktop computer can (like flash player)? Thank you.

  84. Rakib Kamal says:

    So does the Surface Pro or Surface pro 2 operate like an actual computer? or is it only limited to the apps from the windows store. Also, can you download and run exe files on the surface pro? Lastly, i would like to know if the Surface pro is the best choice for someone who doesn't draw but rather spends a lot of time watching movies? if not, than what is?

  85. k7rsh says:

    what is the fan noise like on the sp1?

  86. k7rsh says:

    what is the fan noise like?

  87. Peter Chang says:

    In your opinion would you recommend the surface pro 2 or MacBook Air

  88. Cameron Patterson says:

    I've been trying to look for a replacement for my laptop for some time now, and would you recommend this for basic laptop usage (browsing the web, watching movies, typing papers, ect.) I was looking at the nexus 7 but now I'm not so sure what to get. Advice is greatly appreciated!

  89. lachlanlikesathing says:

    This might even be overkill for basic use haha,It depend on how basic you mean. You could even use a chromebook!

  90. kimmy sander says:

    As an art student, what apps do you recommend for sketching / drawing?

  91. Noah Vanbelle says:

    This is a awesome video

  92. Bino Explores says:

    can we install softwares in surface Ex : – Adobe Photoshop Cs6 ?

  93. lmlBFMVlml says:


  94. Smok says:

    Great comparison . I'm waiting for review of Surface3

  95. bloodsord9 says:

    Hello. Can you use a tablet with actual adobe photoshop? And can you hook up a tablet (drawing tablet) to a tablet device (such as i-pad or nexus7) and basically use your nexus or any other tablet for portable photoshop to paint (and I mean use legitimate photoshop, not just a drawing program)
    Thanks in advance

  96. Crarazy says:

    The Surface Pro does have a variable hinge. Unless this is the Surface Pro 1.

  97. 曹俊光 says:

    very deep review and solved my struggle bewteen mac or surface.

  98. Jorge Ferreira says:

    Great review and I agree with you, Windows 8 is very good. I have ditched my Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy tab and Thinkpad X301 laptop for a Surface Pro with a type cover keyboard. My surface Pro has replaced all my previous devices. I use it as my main laptop also without any problems, I used it 4-5 hours each days…the only change is that I use a wireless mouse with it.  

  99. Michael Huynh says:

    Hey man if from australia too do you reckon I I should pick up the 2015 macbook air or the pro with retina?

  100. Goated Ethiopian says:

    the way you set up your camera, made your arms look like it was someone else's.

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