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[MUSIC] “Frazer!” “Frazer don’t run!” “Be careful, be careful.” [MUSIC] “If it’s alright with you, I’ve been
trying to fill this out and I should be able to read it but, can you help me?” “Oh lovely, don’t worry I’ll help you with it.” [MUSIC] [DOORBELL] “So Penny and Tom will be coming round
every week to read stories with you.” Penny: “Look I know you don’t really like reading but
don’t worry this is gonna be fun.” “Which one would you like?” “That one!” “This one!” Tom: “When a dragon comes to stay.” “Does she go roar and shout my way?” [Frazer laughs] “That’s just the way the dragons play.” [MUSIC] Penny: “Okay, so as well as slime what else do you like?” “Space!” [Penny gasps] “Great!” “Astronauts experience the launch first as a low rumble then the feeling of speeding up as the rocket blasts off skywards. Do you still want to be an astronaut?” “Yes!” [MUSIC] “Can I read to you today?” “Yeah of course.” “I’d really love that.” “He dreamed how this star might be his friend.” Tom: “I’ve found a local reading course for adults.” “For adults?” “Thank you, that’s really helpful.” “You’re very welcome.” [MUSIC] Poppy: “Mix the eggs, oil, water.” [SOUND FADES TO MUSIC] “Oh, I like the look of this one. “That looks great.” [MUSIC] “His name is Neil Armstrong he is the
commander of this space mission [MUSIC] Poppy: “Come in! Are you there? I’m losing signal!” [MUSIC] Thank you. Poppy: “And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed.” “98 and 3/4 percent g.. g… ” “Guaranteed.” “Guaranteed.” “Yeah.” “Kid, you’ll move mountains.” “Well done.” [MUSIC]

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