SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “The Library” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film


– [Taylor] There’s this rare condition called delayed drowning where you inhale so much water but it doesn’t kill you right away. You can still walk and talk even though your lugs
are filled with water. – Do it. Finish it. – [Taylor] It slowly drains you of oxygen, silently suffocating you. (hitting)
(yelling) When you can’t breath, what
do you really have to lose? I can feel the water. I still have time to fight it. But a part of me wants it, and the other part? Is absolutely terrified
of what happens next. (clearing throat) – Are you chilly? – Uh, not really. – Cool. I’m Roger, by the way. Subbing for 10th grade biology. I guess some teachers wanted to take their vacation early. – Yeah. Guess so. – This school has changed a lot since I graduated so many years ago. Used to be a single story, you know. There was no track over there. Nothing. – You don’t look that old. – “That” being the key word. Things change. People change. You know the drill. – Yeah. I’m gonna go. (school bell ringing) (slow, tense music) – Taylor. Taylor! We thought you were stronger. (slow, tense music) You can’t escape this. – You’re early. I’m usually the first one in. I make it a personal goal of mine to avoid all social interaction
before the first bell. Everything okay? Do you really wanna be here today? – No. – Me either. Come on. (slow, soft music) (slow, tense music) (slow, soft music) Skipping school is the worst
thing you’ve ever done? – Not really. – Oh. – What? – I don’t know. You just always struck me
as the bookish, quiet girl. – It’s the quiet ones you’ve
always gotta watch out for. Thank you for this. Today. – Yeah, any time. I needed a summer buddy. Do you wanna be my summer buddy? This might come as a huge surprise, but, I don’t exactly have a lot of friends. Kind of seems like you don’t either. I’m a ton of fun. You’ll see. Promise. Have you ever broken into
the school after dark? It’s like my favorite
place to go and talk. Write, think. Whatever. (phone buzzing) – Let’s do it.
(laughing) – Hi, uh, Taylor. Baby, I’ve been trying to
call you all afternoon. Where are you? I need you to come ho– – This is completely unacceptable. Come home, now. (slow, tense music) Well. Seems that our Taylor’s
running a bit late. Let’s get started, shall we? Everyone rise and join hands. (slow, tense music) Let us pray. (slow, soft music) – To summer and new friends. (laughing) (phone buzzing) (book falling)
(gasping) Someone’s jumpy. (tense music) What the hell? – You can see him, too? (tense, dramatic music) – Get in, now. – It’s fine. – I’m sorry–
– That is not good enough. – You cannot have some
people wanting to scare us. – What are you talking about? We wouldn’t do that. (slow, tense music)

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100 thoughts on “SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “The Library” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film”

  1. Dani Ferreyra says:

    Me encantaaaaaa!😍😍

  2. Theresa Cherco says:

    This supposed to be like the 90s/today

  3. Sunflower Socialist says:

    I’m not into the scary stuff but I’m loving this series!

  4. Maddison Fulmer says:

    My target: THE PARENTS dun dun dunnnnn

  5. I love Food says:

    This anime is getting better and better

  6. Akirann says:

    When they touched hands,SHIPPP,I'm an otaku yaoi shipper,but I also love dramatically horrors

  7. Penquino Drawings says:

    Does anyone really bring their backpack on that day of school?

    Cuz I dont

  8. Mr M says:

    Looks like a family member has gone rogue

  9. Maria Loya says:

    Friend:Is ditching the worst thing you’ve done

    me: hhmmm if only she knew

  10. V ANIMaTION says:

    It's a teenage drama, but with extra psychopathic murder!

  11. Johanna Hernandez says:


  12. Queen Krime says:

    I’m wondering what is they doing wit the bodies😂😂But this whole show is really good

  13. mob.manny X says:

    How does she have a iPhone 6 in the 1900s 4:23

  14. Gumball Watterson says:

    Jesus, I Feel REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD For Taylor :'( , She Just Wanted To Have A Normal Good Teenage Life, But Her Parents, Her "FAMILY" , The Killness, Dammit, I Hate All Of That EVIL Family Issue :(((((((((((((((

  15. Get This Channel to 300,000 subs says:

    I love Taylor

  16. Cat Kills Again says:

    "It's the quiet ones you have to look out for"
    That's so true

  17. • b e l l a • says:

    She legit looks like Malu Trevejo

  18. Kylie Miller says:

    Netflix see this and turn it in to a hour long episodes. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Rikki James says:

    How do you make suck scary gruesome vidios😨😱

  20. Rikki James says:


  21. Fleur Wignand says:

    Taylor's friend reminds me of Glamdora. They look kind of similar in a way

  22. isabella font-frias says:

    I remember…when I was a child seeing my mom laying on the kitchen floor with blood everywhere….and with my dad with a knife…

  23. Mariafruitsweet :D says:

    Awwwwww they are just friends

  24. Sky Ross says:

    I just finished season 1 and started season 2 this is crazy cool

  25. Shadow the indoraptor says:

    I have that grey jacket!

  26. Trisha Mitchell says:

    She just wants to be a teenager and have fun but since her dad is such an asshole he brain washed her into killing her old friends so she'd then have no one and got lonely.

  27. Shadow The Edgelord says:

    The funny thing is:

    That I saw the new jumanji commercial about pound cake…before this video…

  28. Abby Williams says:

    The whole time I was like HEEEEEEEELLLLL TO THE NO!

  29. ItsDoomguy666 says:

    The more I watch the more I get a leatherface Texas chainsaw massacre vibe from them

  30. Voices To Be Heard says:

    Crypt TV is my daddy but he hasn't been sending child support checks lately. You know family is everything

  31. Ocean_man_boogie says:

    hey crypt tv this is the most amazing series off all time in my opinion

  32. Sydney Taylor says:

    Girl you need to call the pooif

  33. Kyla Ramzey says:


  34. Scranton Rogue of the Silver Trio says:

    I ship these girls ❤️

  35. PUSSY EATER says:


  36. PUSSY EATER says:


  37. Nxt-Lvl_ flickz says:

    Keep it up Crypt Tv I love this series I’m still benchwatching it

  38. Nxt-Lvl_ flickz says:

    Don’t kill this one

  39. 51 51 says:

    Is it just me or did anyone scream at her freind to go away before it's to late lmao😂

  40. Brosky TTV says:

    Who got a hyper x ad also & I was wearing hyper x headphones wile watching the video

  41. kamoco says:

    So what year is this in like the camera is old but the phones are new

  42. Yong CHOONG SHIONG says:

    I hope jaina lives

  43. Gilles 82 says:

    3:57 When did young, attractive American girls become so unpopular?

  44. gacha verse tuber says:

    Then who was that man

  45. Hayden Rodriguez says:

    who was it?

  46. almighty andrew says:

    That sub teacher flirtin it up🤣

  47. Kenzie Reid says:

    Omg i love Crypt TV

  48. Jeriko Manalo says:

    I ship tayler with the other girl. That would be cute

  49. bunbunhyung says:

    can we please have taylor and jaina just end up as happy lesbian girlfriends ????????? i totally ship them so much

  50. Nuclear Waffle says:

    Yall heard that laugh at 5:36

  51. Deliriously insane says:

    I like.. Hailey..? Taylor's new friend, I hope she doesn't die

  52. Sarah Ali says:

    You guys are so cool

  53. Navyadisha Salian says:

    She is like veronica lodge and amanda syfried's combp

  54. dumdumdum dumbetch says:

    Ah my theory.ITS ROGER GRRRRRR

  55. Gumball Watterson says:

    Finally 🙂 , Taylor Has Finally A New "FRIEND" After She Killed 4 Of Her Friends In The Past 🙂 .
    I Just Hope For Now On, That Atleast "TAYLOR" Change A Little Bit, And Hope This "FAMILY CULT" End, At The End Of The Series,

    But That's Gonna Take A LOOOOOOOONG Time, Because I LOVE This Mini-Series <3 , And I Still Want More Of This Wonderful CREEPY Story, You Can Do It, CRYPT TV! 😉 🙂

  56. jhon rodriguez says:


  57. Ciara Karena-Cook says:

    I think Taylor's friend will join the family

  58. Harbinger sev-oh-wohne says:

    Teenage Taylor, the actress is so beautiful!!!

  59. Henlo There says:

    This series is way WAY WAYYYY better than any horror show that's on T.V. The narrative of Taylor is sort of a Riverdale vibe, but it's her thoughts, not Jughead writing, so it's so much better than what I thought it would be. I keep coming back and rewatching this specific video, it's so good.

  60. God Has says:

    They're in love

  61. italexclark says:

    edens gate is better join us join our family

  62. GJ Battles says:

    "Let us pray."

    Me: TO WHO?!

  63. Trashy the Raccoon says:

    Good story but i hate that the voice over is so awfull

  64. Cupcake Killer says:

    I like how the series is going but sometimes it doesn't make sense, like how are they hanging out in the library and the night staff or night security don't exist and theirs no alarms or camera's😂😂😂

  65. Jason Voorhees from Freddy vs Jason says:

    Seems like Sunny aren't rasists….Something good from them finally 😉

  66. V1r4l RaGe says:

    This should be on Netflix

  67. Derrick Weisenberger says:

    1min in teachers a perv

  68. The Weeb says:


  69. SebasNoobGamer22 says:

    Fucking dad

  70. KnL Studios says:

    I love look see and this series

  71. bree nichols says:

    She's 17 but she can drink

  72. deon hunt says:

    I will sadly unsubscribe if her friend dies👿😈👺😪😪😪😪😭😢😥😰😨😱

  73. Queen Sunset says:

    6:39 OH SHOOT

  74. Logan says:

    Anyone else notice the "can you see it too?" Reference

  75. Angela M says:

    Ooo after watching all the episodes, coming back to this….yup. It's just as good the second time, when you notice all the details

  76. Animal Lovers says:

    THAT, being the key word!😂

  77. Brenda Maldonado says:

    Hi, I just discovered you and I'm loving it.💯🇵🇷👹💀☠️

  78. you'e so strange says:

    ITS ROGeR!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Brooke Dooley says:

    There is so many episodes in the series

  80. Brooke Dooley says:

    Y do they have to KILL every one of her friends

  81. Weird Guy says:

    I ship them

  82. graveantelope68 says:

    Finally, a goal i can relate to.

  83. Lyrical Therapy says:

    Okay so from what is seems they go killing guys who she gets hit on by. The catch is as of now most of them have been over 18 often replacing a teacher. I don’t like it when she kills like, those she actually cares for or when her parents do

  84. gamer nicky says:

    Pretty good mini series not gonnalie

  85. gamer nicky says:


    there a cult why should they pray?

  86. Vore Lover says:

    i wish taylor was a lesbian… they look so happy and cute together

  87. GachaLifeStuff says:

    Uh why’re they drinking?! They’re um still in school and they’re jus teens ight??? Also hopefully they DIDNT KILL TAYS FWANDD

  88. Potato Dog says:

    I think Taylor’s friend joins the “family”

  89. H20wizard says:

    I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but I’m guessing Taylor’s friend will die and that will make her snap

  90. luxoluminous gloriani says:

    Phew i thought they were going to kill jiana

  91. sisters from another mister says:

    Roger nobody likes u

  92. Mehmet Alex Genc says:

    Pembelinin yanındakini kime benzettiniz😀

  93. Colin Duckworth says:

    Why hasn't Netflix put this on..made it a full series

  94. YouTube S says:

    This should be a Netflix series!!!!

  95. neon wave says:

    roger is such a creep

  96. Isaac Walker says:

    Reminds me of eleven and max from stranger things season three

  97. Chazzzy7 says:


  98. אוראל גרמרים says:

    זה ממש מפחיד

  99. Sarah Carmen says:


  100. Weirdo says:

    I ship the heck out of Taylor and her friend and I hope they start dating

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