Summer Book Haul // June – August 2019


I’ve already filmed this video, but I
didn’t like it so here we are again. Hi guys! I’m Ashleigh, and today I’m going to be
doing a kind of summer book haul. This is basically just a lot of books that I’ve
bought over the past few months. I think it starts from around May/June, I don’t
know when. If you do watch my videos regularly then you probably will have
seen a lot of these books before because I do include them in hauls and things as
I buy them, so it’s probably not anything new here but I just thought I’d
accumulate them together and talk about them all because I haven’t done a book
haul in a while so yeah. And I will just say before getting into it that this
pile doesn’t include the books that I’ve been getting for university because I
will be doing a separate university book haul. I’ve done this the previous two
years and it’s not a video that’s for everybody, but I find it just easier to
separate those books because a lot of the time I won’t have heard of them or I
won’t know that much about them, and I didn’t choose them so it’s just easy to
kind of separate them from the books that I’ve chosen myself. And then for
anybody who is interested in what I read at university then they can just go and
watch that video and easily find out. So as I said, these are the books that I’ve
gotten over the summer. There’s quite a few here but I have actually read over
half of these, which is a lot different to my usual book hauls
but I think because I’ve been doing a lot of readathons lately I’ve just been
smashing through my TBR, so yeah. As always, anything that I mention in this
video will be down in description box, whether that’s books, people, or specific
videos. But I will just say that I have been weekly vlogging and a lot of these books
are included in those vlogs. But if I do mention that any of these books have
been read in the previous two months and you want to know which weekly vlog it’s
included in, then just leave a comment down below and I’ll be happy to direct you
to the right one. But without further ado, let’s just get into the book haul. So we
are starting with one that I haven’t read yet but for good reason, because
this one is The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M Harris. This one is inspired by
Norse mythology and tells the story of Loki. Loki is the god of mischief so I do
imagine that he gets into quite a few mishaps during this book. And while I do
love mythology and folklore and things, Norse mythology is just not one that I
tend to reach for. But I actually picked this up because Charlotte and I were
planning the books of the month that are coming up for Myth-Take. If you don’t know
what Myth-Take is, then it’s basically a book club that Charlotte and I co-host
which focuses on fantasy books that are retellings of mythology, folklore, and
fairy tales. We did have a book every month, but we’ve
actually just recently changed that to one book every two months, and also
there’s a theme relating to the book. So for instance in August we have the theme
of Chinese legends and folklore. Our theme before September and October is
Norse mythology, and because Charlotte really enjoyed this one and wanted to
reread it, we just decided to go for this one. It’s quite a short read. Not usually
one that I’d pick up but I’m intrigued to see what I think of it and hopefully it will
win me over towards the Norse mythology side of things more often because I just
don’t really find it that interesting at the minute and I can’t pinpoint why. But
we’ll see how this goes. Next up, we have one that I read pretty recently
and so it will be included in my August wrap-up, but that is The Sisters of the
Winter Wood by Rena Rossner. This one is inspired by Slavic folklore and Jewish
mythology, and it follows two sisters who lived a very quiet comfortable life on
the edge of a woodland, and that all suddenly changes one day when their
parents leave and then a bunch of strange men enter their small village, and
one of the sisters is put under a spell. They then find out that their family
line is actually home to the secret heritage and all of the fairy tales are
real and could very much save them. This one I had so much hope for, but I
actually was really disappointed by it. If you’ve watched I think it was my most
recent vlog, then you’ll know how disappointed I was. I thought this would
be magical and whimsical and everything that I loved in a story but I just
didn’t end up getting along with it. And while this book is featured in this book
haul, you’ll probably end up seeing it in my next book unhaul because I am going
to set this aside and donate it to the library at some point. Yeah… it didn’t go
well. Next up we have one that I probably won’t read anytime soon but I actually
have been wanting to get my hands on this for quite a while now, and then I
saw it secondhand and just decided to pick up while I could. So this one is
Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. This one is a retelling of Jane Eyre and it’s
actually from Bertha Mason’s point of view. If you’ve read Jane Eyre then
you’ll know who Bertha Mason is, but I don’t want to say anything if you
have a read Jane Eyre because that would be a massive spoiler.
Jane Eyre is obviously a classic and that means that being a literature
student, it’s referenced a lot in class. It’s been referenced a lot throughout my
years of study, and I think I studied it twice now. And a long with literary
studies, you tend to discuss things like race, and in Jane Eyre, Bertha Mason
is quite commonly one of the most popular examples of, you
know, racial issues and post-colonialism. And so this book also gets brought up a
lot because being from Bertha Mason’s point of view, this is apparently quite a
good book to counteract Jane Eyre in terms of that topic. And so because it’s
been referenced so often by so many of my tutors, I’ve been wanted to read this
for quite a few years now and now I finally have it. I didn’t expect it to be
so small. I thought this would be quite a big book, I don’t know why. Maybe because
Jane Eyre is big so I just assumed a retelling of it would also be big.I don’t know.
I’m quite excited to read this though, especially because I’ve heard good
things about Jean Rhys. So yeah, next up we have another one that I read recently
and that was Wicked Fox by Kat Cho. Again, I think this is in my most recent
weekly vlog. But this one is inspired by Korean mythology and follows an 18 year
old girl who is a gumiho, a Gumiho being a nine tailed fox
who feeds off the souls of men. But she loses her Fox Bead, which is the thing
she needs to be able to feed, and so she has to get that back before she starves.
This one is quite a chunky book, like this is taller than the average UK
paperback and it’s quite thick, but I read this really quickly. I really
enjoyed it. It’s quite a fun read. I won’t say any more just because I will
end up repeating myself in my August wrap-up but yeah.
Short and sweet, yeah. Next up we have The Furies by Katie Lowe, which I actually read
back in July. I picked this up on the recommendation of Becca at Becca and
the Books. I saw her read this in one of her weekly
vlogs I think, and I’d kind of been toing and froing about whether to read it or
not because the title intrigued me being a myth reference. And Becca really
enjoyed it so then I picked it up and also really enjoyed it. This one is very
much a dark academia thriller mystery type story. It very much reminded me of
The Secret History but with pretty much a complete female cast, which was
just… it was great. So this follows a girl who gets into an accident, and from
decompensation that she gets from the accident starts to attend a girl’s
private school. When she arrives there, she pretty much instantly zones in on
this one friendship group of girls and wants to join them. They seem really
aloof and mysterious and she just wants to know more about them. She ends up
getting involved with a group and it ends up being a lot darker than you
realize. This is very much one of those books that references the ancient
classics and I just love it. So yeah, really enjoyed this one. It was a
really quick read. I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for something that’s
dark and mysterious, although I will leave my July wrap-up down in the description
box because I think there I’m put in description box the trigger warnings. I
can’t quite remember what the trigger warnings were at this moment in time but
they are listed under my July wrap up. So going back to one that I haven’t read,
again this is probably one that I won’t read for quite a while and you’ll
understand why when I hold it up, because this one is A Little Life by Hanya
Yanagihara. This is a literary fiction book and it’s an absolute tome. I believe
this one follows four people who are leaving college, there were classmates, and
it just follows them through life. It’s very much one of the stories that just
follows the human condition, what it means to be alive as a human and existing. And
I do have to admit it’s very much one of those books I will read just because
it’s a well-known book and I want to see what’s going on with it. But I have heard
good things from booktubers that I really enjoy such as jasmine and Lucy.
And I actually bought this when I met up with Jasmine and her boyfriend Cameron.
Cameron is a bookseller and a very bloody good one at that because that’s
how I ended up buying this book. They both absolutely loved it and I’ll take
their word for it that it’s a good one. For obvious reasons, I won’t be reading
this anytime soon because it’s dense, I’m about to go into my final year at
University, and apparently it’s very emotional as well, so I’ll save this for
another time. But at some point in my life, I will read this book. Going back to
one that I have read – I feel like I’m just alternating between what I have
read and what I haven’t and it’s probably really annoying so I apologize for that.
But this one I have very obviously read, because it’s The Song Rising by Samantha
Shannon. This is the third book in The Bone Season series. I’m Samantha
Shannon trash, I love all of her books, she’s my favourite author without a doubt
and I do collect her books, and this was the only one that I didn’t have yet. So
these are the new UK paperback editions, and it will actually be annotating these
editions I have. I do have my collector’s editions as well so they’re like my
pristine untouched copies. So The Bone Season is set in a world where
clairvoyants exist, but being clairvoyant is illegal.
Our main character Paige Mahoney is a clairvoyant and because of this, she is
part of this underground crime gang where their abilities do help them
commit the crimes. And one day she’s actually caught, and it goes so much
further than that but I’m just not even going to attempt to explain that because
one.) spoilers and two.) there’s a lot going on. This is probably my all-time favourite
series, and I will actually be hosting a read-along for the three books that are out
so far in preparation for the fourth book that’s coming out next year because
it has been two years since this book came out. So I want to reread them, I
asked the people of Twitter and Instagram if I should turn into a
read-along and the vast majority said yes, so that’s happening. The basic plan
so far is to read The Bone Season in October, The Mime Order in November and
then The Song Rising in December. So if you want to join me in that, keep an eye
out for more information. But yeah, please do join me because oh I have so
much love for this series and this author and I just I can’t wait. I’m absolutely
itching to reread the bone season and I’m holding off until October for the read along so please join me. The next one is actually one that I’m currently reading,
just to change it up a bit there. But that is Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth
Lim. I actually think I will have finished reading this by the time this video goes
up – at least I hope I will because I only have like 150 pages left maybe . But this
one is a Mulan retelling and follows a girl who wants to become a professional
tailor but she can’t, because she’s female and they just don’t allow that. Her
father also used to be a tailor and is very well-known, and because of this the
Emperor actually calls him to become the Imperial tailor. But he can’t do that
anymore, and so she decides to disguise herself as her brother and take his
place to become the Imperial tailor. She has to go through multiple competitive
trials, and these trials are seemingly impossible. The story goes a lot further
than that as well which took me by a complete surprise. I’m very much enjoying
this so far. It’s quite a fun one. It’s proving to be quite a quick read so yeah.
This one will be in Monday’s reading vlog if you want to know my thoughts
while I was reading this, and of course in my August wrap up. What – ? We’re just going to
get rid of that. So the next three I’m going to just talk about together
because they are a trilogy, and I have actually read them all which is probably
the most shocking thing from this book haul because I don’t usually read series,
never mind back-to-back. But it happened guys. And to throw it even more off course,
this is a sci-fi series, because this is the Themis Files by Sylvain Neuvel, or
the (t)hemis files, I don’t know how you pronounce it. and I actually decided to
try out this series on the recommendation of Britt over at Basically Britt. She
really enjoyed Sleeping Giants, and then i decided to try t out because this is
actually written in a kind of interview format and diary entries and things like
that. It very much reminded me of Illuminae if that’s your kind of jam, so if you do
like that series and you want something that’s similar then maybe try out this
series. It’s very intense, very quick paced. I
really enjoyed the first two books in particular, the third one… not so much but.
So yeah, it’s not my usual kind of read but i’m very glad that I tried them and
managed to complete an entire series in July. Wow. So another one that i have of
course read because this is – just like The Song Rising -another edition of
one of my favourites, and that is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This
one follows a circus which arrives without warning, it’s very magical, and
surrounding the circus is actually a competition between two magicians. I
literally picked this up because I’ve never seen this copy before in my life
and it confused me- not just because I’ve never seen this cover before… but because
of this cover. What is going on here? Why on earth does the back of the Night
Circus include a devil, a featherless bird, a rabbit, playing cards, some
random guy floating in the bottom corner… I have no idea what’s going on here.
None of this is relevant to the Night Circus so I don’t know what this is
besides confusing. But it was only £2.50 and I do collect editions of the Night
Circus so I just now own a very confusing edition of this because why
not? The next two books again I’m going to talk about together, because they are
Nevernight and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. These are the first two books
in the Nevernight Chronicles, the third book is due to release in September I
think. And I am actually going to an event for Jay Kristoff at the beginning
of September. I’d been wanting to read nevernight for the longest time but I
was kind of waiting for the final book to be released, and then I realised that
the paperback won’t be out until June next year so I was like… you know what,
we’re just gonna do it now. So I bought them, I’m currently reading nevernight
but I’m only about 100 pages in so far. But I think it might be a five star read,
which I’m kind of nervous to say because if you know me all then you’ll know that
I very rarely give out 5 star ratings. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that
because last year in 2018 I didn’t give any new 5-star ratings. All of my five
stars were rereads of favourite books. And the last time I gave a new book a 5-star
rating was back in January at new year when I read The Priory of the Orange Tree by
Samantha Shannon, is anyone surprised? I did bump up The City of Brass to five
stars after my reread of it, but again it was a reread so nothing new. So I’m very
nervous about hoping that this is a 5-star read. But I think so far we’re
going well guys, we’re going well. So find out whether that happens in my next few
weekly vlogs and my August wrap-up. I’ve just realized I haven’t even told you what’s
about. Nevernight follows a girl called Mia who trains to become an assassin
in order to get revenge over the death of her family. And honestly that’s pretty
much all I know. Great synopsis, I know. But this is one of
those series that’s said to be very violent, as you would expect following an
assassin. It’s very much an adult series. Jay Kristoff’s writing is quite sarcastic
and has a blunt humor type and I just… I like it, we’re getting along at the
minute. So the final few books I have mentioned in a very recent vlog so you
might remember these ones if you’ve been watching lately. But the first one is
Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft. I actually picked this one up on
recommendation of Samantha Shannon because at the last panel I saw her talk, she
actually talked about how much she enjoyed this book and so I made a note of
it and went and bought it. I haven’t seen anyone on booktube mention this, but
apparently it’s like a classic fantasy series that people really enjoy. It
follows a guy who is a headmaster, quite mild-mannered and quiet, but he’s forced
to become a man of action after he loses his wife not long after marrying her and
he has to set out on an epic journey to find her. I believe as well that this
centers around a tower, and on every level there was a new kind of world.
Although I could be wrong about that. I said this in my vlog. But it doesn’t
mention that anywhere on the back, but I do have that in my head for some reason
so whether I just made that up or not I couldn’t tell you, but all the links
for the books will be down in description box if you want to try and
find out. But I’m very much looking forward to trying this one and seeing
why Samantha Shannon likes it so much because I’ll just take all her
recommendations honestly. Next up, we have but We Are Blood and
Thunder by Kesia Lupo. This again is a fantasy book but I believe it’s a
standalone, which we don’t get very often so I
really hope it is. This one is set in a world where there’s this kind of storm
cloud just lingering over one place. It follows two girls, one of which is
running away for her life and one of which is trying to get home.
However, these girls don’t realise that their lives are somehow linked through
the storm cloud and they very much need each other to be able to get what they
want. The synopsis is very vague, it doesn’t really say anything more than
that, but I’ve been eyeing this up for the longest time and it finally came out
in paperback. And I did say in my vlog that it’s actually this page in
particular that intrigues me because it kind of -let me see if I can – it kind of
looks like a comic strip to explain the gods in this world and their disciples
and I’m just very intrigued. So yeah. That stack is very wobbly and this could end
very badly. But I do only have one more book to talk about, and that is We Hunt
The Flame by Hafsah Faizal. This again is a fantasy book, is anyone surprised? and
it follows a girl who is a very good hunter and she actually hunts for the
people in her village so that they can have enough food. But everybody knows
about this renowned hunter, but they just don’t expect it to be the main character
because she’s female, they all expect it to be a guy. But there’s also a prince in
this book, and I believe both of the characters have to set out on a journey
to find magic. And obviously at some point they’re paths will cross. I’m very
intrigued about this book. I’ve been eyeing it up for quite a while now, and
I was intending to read it pretty much as soon as I had my hands on it but I’ve
heard that this is quite a fun read. A lot of people have been describing it as
a fun fantasy book and by that I imagine it just means it’s probably not as dark
and gritty as… I don’t know, nevernight for instance. It is a young adult book,
and a lot of people find it quite fun and light-hearted so I’ll probably save
this for when I need something like that. Probably when I’m at University and just
stressed out and need something easy to read. I think this one will be the one
that I go for during that kind of time period so that’s what I’ll be reserving it for.
But that is it for this book haul! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you’ve
read any of these books on this big ol stack behind me. If you have read any of
them please let me know your thoughts on them, or if you want to see me read any
of the ones that I haven’t read yet then let me know because I can try and
prioritize. If you did enjoy this video then please
leave a like and a comment to let me know that you’re here. If you’re not
subscribed already then please consider doing that. But for now, I hope you’re having
a lovely day, and I shall see you next time with a new video. Bye!

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