Sugarfoot’s 3 Legendary Drum Grooves (Study The Greats)


Hey, what’s up guys, Austin Burcham here. Welcome in to another episode
of Study the Greats on Drumeo. So, when you look back
the history of drummers who’ve had really illustrious careers playing with big name artists, does it really get much bigger than being the drummer for Michael Jackson? Because, I can’t really think of anything much bigger than that. But, that was the longtime gig for the drummer we’re gonna be studying today, Mr. Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett. Jonathan Moffett, also
known as “Sugarfoot”, is most known for being the longtime drummer for Michael Jackson, but, he has also performed
with other big names such as, Madonna, George
Michael, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and many more. His playing style is characterized by precise, funky grooves, combined with impressive showmanship, and today we’re gonna be
breaking down three grooves from his performances
during his visit to Drumeo. So let’s begin with the song, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”. One thing I learned when I was trying to
figure out these grooves, was that they’re definitely not as easy as they may seem at first. Even though they’re pretty
straight ahead, 4/4 pop grooves, he has a unique way of playing them that is tough to recreate, especially at the speeds
that he plays them. So, if we take a look
at this first groove, you can see that it’s based around alternating hand-to-hand 16th notes on the high-hats, which means that the right hand is gonna come down to make the backbeats happen on 2 and 4. He adds in a couple little hi-hat openings on beat 2 and the ‘uh’ of 3. And one of the thing he does that’s pretty tricky, is he plays a double left going into beat 2 to create that hi-hat opening with the backbeat, which is something you don’t see very often, but, it totally works for this groove. The bass drum pattern is really busy. It’s tough to lock in with the hands, especially at full-speed, but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll try to demonstrate this for you slow, so you can see how it all works, and then I’ll try to bring it up to speed. You can see there’s a lot of stuff going on there, so it’s definitely not an easy groove to play, by any means. And the fact that he has to play that groove, for that entire song is really impressive, in terms of endurance, and concentration. So, give that one a shot
when you get a chance, and see how you get along with it. But, let’s go ahead and move on to the next example, and that is the groove to the song, “Smooth Criminal”. This is a pretty interesting groove, because it has kind of a choppy vibe to it, because that’s
what the song calls for. So, if we take a look
at the notation here, you can see that it actually starts on the upbeat 8th note of beat 1, which can kinda mess with
your brain a little bit. And on beat 2, he adds in some quick little hi-hat openings with some double stroke embellishments to kinda spice things up a little bit. So that’s kind of the
tricky section as well, but the main structure of this groove is built around a driving, straight, 8th note fill on the hi-hat. But, again, like in the first groove, he brings the right hand down to play the backbeats, and fills in the hi-hat
with the left hand, which is just kind of a
unique part of his style. So, here’s what this all looks like slow, and then up to speed. There’s a lotta challenges
in that one too. The hi-hat openings and the quick little double stroke embellishments, are tough to execute cleanly, and it’s kinda tough to keep the timing right with those
choppy rests on the upbeats, but it’s a really interesting pattern, and it demonstrates how he can take a pretty straightforward groove structure, and add little things into it to make it a little more
interesting and entertaining. But, now, let’s go ahead and move on to the last one here, and that is the groove to the song, “Jam”. Now this one’s a little bit easier to play than the first two grooves, but again, the little embellishments he adds in there make it
deceptively difficult. So, if we take a look at it here, you can that it’s a two bar pattern, and it starts with two big crashes right on beat 1, and the rest of the groove is built around a driving, straight 8th note feel. He adds in some hi-hat openings on the “uh” of 2, in both measures, and those are kinda tricky to pull off. And on the very last note
of the second measure, he adds in another hi-hat opening to lead back in to the crashes on 1. But, this groove has a
really nice feel to it, and it’s pretty fun to play. So here’s what that looks like slow, and then up to speed. All right, guys, hopefully that gives you a little more insight into some of the details of those grooves, and the little things he adds in that are unique to him, but make the grooves a little more interesting
and entertaining. Jonathan’s had an incredible career, playing with some of the
biggest artists in the world. So it’s really cool that Drumeo got to bring him in to perform, so we can see what he does that makes him one of the greats. But, hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you in the next one. Take care.

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