(sub) 새로운(?) 책장과 함께 오랜만에 책장 정리📚👏Organizing My Bookshelves


Now here is my new bookshelf in my room! It’s actually been in my home for more than 10 years, but my room doesn’t have enough space to put all of my
books, so I brought it again into my room. My dad made it several years ago. I will use this bookshelf and use that built-in bookshelf as well. Then I can put every book I have 🙂 I want to keep this space look kind of clean and neat because before bringing this bookshelf, I kept this space
as clean as possible but when I put books on this shelf, I know it’s gonna be
a little bit crowded here so I thought I would put some same-sized books
like world classic series here. Then it would look much more aesthetically pleasing
and less stuffy. I’ll put B6 sized hardcover books in this section and maybe here, I’ll put Minumsa’s world classic
literature series. I don’t know what I’m going to put on the top section while I’ll put some boxes on the bottom section. I have a lot of spece so I think I have to think about more. On the top and the second section, as I mentioned,
I put B6 sized hardcover books. You can see the empty space around here I think I’ll put some dolls or figures that I have
over there. You know it’s gonna be filled with another books
sooner or later Lol On the second section, I put some single books
which are not the series And on the top, I put Honobu Yonezawa’s series
and The Name of the Rose. By the way, this black one is Aladin limited edition
of The Name of the Rose. And it’s time to fill in this third section. I’ll put Minumsa’s world classic novel series
in this section. However this stain is… kind of evidence of age? It’s clean though. Well… Nothing comes out. The books are gonna be here, deep inside of the shelf,
so it won’t stain any of my books. Evidence of age… This bookshelf was made
over 10 years ago, so quite old one. There are lots of marks like colored pencil, glue, or dent. But it’s precious because my dad made it for me
and it definitely does its job very well. Then let me put Minumsa’s books here. I actually don’t have that many of the series. These are all the book I’ve had from the series… wait, I thought I had more… I thought I had two more Fitzgerald’s books… maybe there are in the other room,
so I’ll bring them back later. However, I don’t have that many.
As you can see. I have few more books over there which I didn’t unbox
yet because I have to film an unboxing video but still, not so many. So I’ll put other Minumsa’s books as well as these
world classic novel series. (By the way, what I’m putting on my ears
are my earphones.) It might sound like an excuse, but those books are
not the entire books I’ve read so far from the series. I’ve read more definitely, but I just keep what I was really love, so that’s why my
collection is not so huge. To be honest, there are few books that I haven’t read yet. These five books, I haven’t read them yet. I’ll read them as soon as possible. I didn’t know that my collection was so small like this. I think I have more books somewhere in my home… Where are you guys… Oh by the way, I put these 쏜살문고 series and some
limited edition here. These are Minum Bookclub limited edtions
that I’ve got last year And this one is a small notebook that I bought
in Seoul International Book Fair last year. I also put a notebook that I got from Minum Bookclub
gift set last year. I’ll definitely put 2019 Minum Bookclub books
after filming unboxing video. New world classic novel series, new Minum Bookclub
limited edition books, and new notebook! My collection will be grown a tiny little bit bigger then. I’ll do my best. I’ll fill in this whole section with my world classic novels.
With already read ones. It would be very substantial section. There are so many books that I really want to try
on my wish-list. I forgot that I had this 인연 independent bookstore
collab edition And Agatha Christie’s books in Aladin special edition
from 황금가지. I put them here. 황금가지 is Minumsa’s second brand(?)
that publishes specifically sci-fi and mystery novels. But still, I’m not satisfied with this collection. I don’t know why I’m feeling this, but it feels like
I have responsibility of fully filling in this section. What am I going to put here? I’ll put this Snoopy calendar here. It was a free gift from Aladin. I think it’s enough to put other books in the unwrapped
box that I mentioned. Then I’ll put the books in this fourth section. (I couldn’t finish organizing because I took the midterm exam at that day and it drained me,) (so I kept organizing in the next day.) I decided how to call this bookshelf. It’s my literature bookshelf! I’ll put literature books(most of them are paperback)
in this section. Poetry and novels… well, most of them are novels. And in this bottom, I’ll put essay books
which I don’t have that many. Then this bookshelf will be full of literature books. And this built-in bookshelf will be
my non-fiction bookshelf. Books I have to read in my grad school study
or other non-fiction books that I bought personally. Or some of my currently reading books. So I finally decided the purposes of those bookshelves. Then let me start organizing this section. I changed my plan. This empty space is so big and there is also some
spece over here, so I’ll put those essays in this upper section with
other literature books. And I’ll put my to-be-read books and currently-reading
books in this section. I have two or three more essays
like 여자 둘이 살고 있습니다 and others but my mom borrowed them. But even if I put those two or three books together here,
I think this one section is enough. So I changed my plan like that. It feels like my whole collection lessened so much… Of course my whole non-fiction books are in other
bookshelf, but still… I don’t have that many of books… Or maybe that’s because I suddenly got much bigger
space than before…? (So I prepared hundreds of to-be-read books for you,
Diana. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) (To be honest, there were some tbr books in the other
section. I just pretended I’ve already read them…) (Yes, I know. I have to stop buying books and
just read what I already have…) (This section is called ‘Professor, you’ll let me graduate
anyway, won’t you?’. These are my grad school books…) (“No, I like this side of its face.”) (I found my cameras’ home finally.) (This room spray… fragrance… thing is good.
I bought it from Kyobo Book Centre.) (My professor Snape and Newt Scamander’s room
LEGO cube that I made by myself :D) (Finding home for my Snoopy Christmas doll) (Snoopy vintage Christmas ornament
that my friend got me for my birthday :D) (These were also birthday gifts from my friend.
It’s called Snoopy UDF something, I believe..) (My favourite playmobils Lol) I finally finished organizing my bookshelves. I like how this bookshelf looks because it’s not that
stuffy or crowded. It would be many changes after this
because I constantly keep buying and selling books but anyway,
this is how I organized during past two days. As I explained before, those top sections are
for B6 sized hardcover books this is Minumsa section, this is literature(mostly paperback books) section
which also has few essay books, and this section is for my to-be-read books. I put some boxes at the bottom as well. So this is my literature bookshelf. Well, some of the books are not literature,
but that doesn’t matter 🙂 And this is my non-fiction bookshelf. Of course there are some non-non-fiction things
like them Lol But however. I tried to keep this as clean as possible
as you can see. There are two more sections at the top and the bottom,
but there are not so many things to show you. So that was my Organizing Bookshelves video
and I think we should say goodbye at this point. Thank you so much for watching
and see you soon in my next video. Bye!

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