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We call this bit of our channel the curriculum. It’s where we invite you to come and see what the greatest minds in the world have thought and why their ideas matter right now. It’s like the ideal university education compressed into a range a beautiful, useful, little films. Our curriculum is divided into 8 parts: philosophy, political theory, eastern philosophy, sociology, psychotherapy, literature, art/architecture, history. In each category we look at the most important things. The big question we’ve been asking all of them is: what are the urgent things you want to say to us today? What part of life could you help us with? What’s the main advice you’d like to give the modern world? Each individual film in the curriculum is conceived as part of a sequence, which will take you around the really vital ideas in a given field. Take your time to travel around them. It will all add up to an introduction to the most useful and interesting concepts in the world. Welcome to the curriculum at The School Of Life. Please press the subscribe button, keep up to date with the latest films in the curriculum.

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45 thoughts on “Study with us”

  1. Jimmy D says:

    Would you ever consider creating a new category for films and TV shows, I feel they can give just as much insight into society and the individual as literature can, arguably even more so depending on who's behind the camera and due to the fact that it can actually show and control what the audience sees and therefore takes away from the art much moreso than literature can because of their audio-visual nature as opposed to the descriptive nature of books; I also feel this can make the message much more powerful due to this, which I feel easily makes up for the fact that books can describe what a character is thinking and their tendency to be longer than films (but not most TV shows).

    Some people you might do videos on are:
    Kubrick: who was very opposed to the idea of art for arts sake; Tarantino: who is very in favor of the idea of art for arts sake; Anno Kideaki: who injected his own experiences with depression into his works; Hayao Miyazaki: who focuses on the importance of nature; Terrence Malick: with his very metaphysical approach to subjects such as war, and everyday life; David Lynch: with his surrealist dive into the unconscious; Jean-Luc Godard: he and the other french new wave filmmakers often focus on existential themes; and Federico Fellini: with his and the other Italian neo-realists refreshing and brutal portrayal of the lives of the impoverished, among many other auteurs, other who come to mind are Bergmen and Tarkovsky.

  2. Wanny Renali says:

    Mais uma escrita.. Amei seu canal… além de aprender diferentes assuntos ainda treino meu listening e speaking em inglês.😃😃😃

  3. Vicente Temes says:

    I have graduated from senior high school and I haven't been taught like 90% of these things.

  4. Darsey parsons says:

    NO!!! Why so u can take our ideas n make them you made it ! Get the fuck outta here

  5. Viejo Dani says:

    Thanks for the well-organised collection!

  6. Keldon Alleyne says:

    Why is this not shown in schools?

  7. Rezdell says:

    That's why I love this channel, always something interesting that can be actually helpful in life.

  8. Doriel Abu says:

    Can you make subtitles available in more languages?
    The automated subtitles are being made in English, is there any way to translate them into other languages?

  9. chris s says:

    Would be great if you could include links to playlists of topics as presented 25 seconds in =)

  10. XrosM says:

    My best advice would be, keep watching the school of life.

  11. Trish Page says:

    I'm in let's go!

  12. Mpho Mathelele says:

    You should also do video on raising a happy child vs a high achieving child. Your videos are great

  13. Aku says:

    I want to found a group at my university to discuss your teachings. University approval is necessary, of course, but I wish to become a direct affiliate of The School.

  14. Aniruddh Singh says:

    Does anyone know channel like this about mathematics?

  15. Rafael Segovia says:

    I subscribed today!!!!! Yay for me… Lol

  16. Jimbobillybob Gabriel says:

    The narrator reminds me of "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"

  17. WeSpeak says:

    You guys should make a video on Minimalism, please

  18. Hendrik Graf says:

    This is what heaven must feel like.

  19. Chen Chen says:


  20. Andreas says:

    Please do a video on neoliberalism. We need a definition of the doctrine we are living in now.

  21. Houssem Eddine says:

    this is obviously focusing on the extremeties of east and west without a single glimpse of the middle eastern culture let along the neglect of judaism and islam being quantitatively together more significant than christianity. Considering this in your future videos will make it closer to globality and more attractive for many people living in circumstances similar to mine.(mediterranean)

  22. doppelganger7771 says:

    I love this channel, I feel like jacking off, and these are not porn.

  23. Jacky Lin says:

    I really needed this! Feels great to explore life again and myself

  24. Felix Yuki says:

    The best educational channel ever.

  25. Jack says:

    Wow, thank you so much 🙂

  26. Kevin King says:

    I LUB IT! ☺️

  27. Artifex Mortis says:

    The funny thing is, it puts universities to shame. "Useful knowledge? available to everyone? WILL I NEVER!"

  28. Mary Collins says:

    I heard Alain speak on TED talks on Sunday on our National Public Radio station. It was his TED talk on success. From that I discovered this program. Wow it is fantastic and very much needed. I can't wait to share it with others.

  29. Alexandra Kantaria says:

    this is my favorite channel. than you very much

  30. Yuli Vale says:

    where is tje curriculum? or is this order that i should follow?

  31. leoncio catolos says:

    i like to bring it to class!

  32. VITASart says:

    The point of the above film is to hear the thinking of many great minds; to advise us, as if they were in one great room, about ordinary peoples' lives today, right? It's a great idea, but where next? Where do we take the theories forward, or build our own theories around those of the great thinkers?

  33. Ali Alidrissi says:

    there are mor than 10 subtitles in different languages and there is not Arabic?!!

  34. Ham Sarris says:

    HOLLY SHIT i have been craving this for years, a way to educate myself that is not boring, for my school education is crap, thanks so much, i really hope you dont fall into clickbait, that would be the most disappointing thing that could happen to me, plus, im inproving my english😁

  35. Athanasios Niotis says:

    thank you very much Shool of life!

  36. Keone Kojin says:

    Dear School of Life,

    Could you please add short biographies of historical figures, like: Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Ceasar etc.. ?

    There is no better channel than yours to do so and, I’m sure that, synthesizing the importance of these great personalities, will definitely help a great quantity of curious people around the world.

    Thank you,


  37. Ellie Bañez says:

    Would you also cover astrology and alchemy? 🙂

  38. pankaj wasnik says:

    Simply Wow ! This channel is Amazing.

  39. Alexpx ThreeTen says:

    SOL is one of my favorite YouTube channels. I like it so much, I don't even click the "skip ad" button! Keep up the great work folks!

  40. Jouke Seinstra says:

    Can we have great ideas without good food, so, culinary arts?

  41. Nguyen Ngo says:

    Thank you Alain!

  42. Cindy Tang Aguilera says:

    What is 'cherophobia'?

  43. Arr Ziz says:

    0:26–As of 4-16-2019 Still waiting on a video about Milan Kundera :/ ..

  44. Alexander Pham says:

    Literally fucking awesome, why can't all schools be like this??

  45. Rio says:

    this is grand. so glad this idea hatched from someones mind. brilliant use of web! thanks

  46. Pau Lin says:

    Could you please talk mora about women and feminism? You mention very often the same set of philosophers, thinkers etc. and very many of them are men. Most of them, obviously. Could you please add some more women to your curriculum?

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