Study With Me! | Real Time Study Session for Study Motivation


Hi guys! Let’s STUDY!

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100 thoughts on “Study With Me! | Real Time Study Session for Study Motivation”

  1. Karla Linares says:

    Thank you, your videos accompanied me these last weeks while I was preparing my exam, and it's official I'm a pneumologist.

  2. Rifah Khan says:

    please do a study with me at cafe and library video showing your whole routine like how you prepare to study

  3. MiGz Productions says:

    hi, i want to ask you what your overall highschool gpa was if you dont mind. I dont know if you've answered this question in the past because i am new. I am currently a junior in high school with a 3.05 gpa and don't know if that is good

  4. Salma Almekhlafi says:

    YASS!! I've been waiting for this! Thank you so much ❤❤❤

  5. Jorge De la garza says:

    Jamie is the best you guys ! What would I do without these videos? Thank you for taking your time to share! 🙂

  6. Tamara Jun says:

    I don't mind watching 100 of these videos if you did make 100 of them and more 😂 i love it so much!

  7. Andreea says:

    I really apreciate your videos, they make me fall in love with studying, yesterday I played all your videos while studying and I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am. I watched some 'study with me' videos in the past but yours are way calming, everything is so clean in your videos, even the sound, and the music is good too. The only thing that was disappointing with these videos was that they are too short, so I played them again and again for 3-4 hours haha. Keep up the good work and continue to do this kind of videos, I tell you they are really helpful. Thank you thank you 😀

  8. ank yab says:

    to be honest, this is the best study with me video, help me a lot to stay focus. 😉
    btw love there's no music with the typing sound 😉

  9. Savage Cena says:

    Are you going to make any more study with me videos with music?

  10. 민G says:

    Love your keyboard typing sound 🙂

  11. alisonslife says:

    thank you <3

  12. Naf Studies says:

    Lovely to see this video !!
    I'm so behind need to get started and I'm playing this session alongside 😏😆

  13. yael nimni says:

    Jamie, thank you so much for the study with me videos!
    they're so helpfull and keeping me motivated for the rest of the day:)

  14. Tanja wanderfreak says:

    bless you! (cought you sneezing :D) hope you didn't get sick of all the stress.
    thanks for sharing, those videos really help my studying.

  15. Işıl Maydas says:

    I really like these study with me videos without music! it's really pump me to study

  16. jenny. says:

    really wasn't feeling in the mood to study, but this helped me get through pharmacology!! <3

  17. Mer Dal says:

    omg yes !!!! thanks <3

  18. Okay says:

    You should do another one with music. 😍 I loved the cousin playlist one

  19. Alanis Velez says:

    I love your channel and these study videos!❤❤ They really help me get into the mood of studying and they help me stay focused while studying and not wonder off.

  20. Sandra Trevino says:

    I got scared at 36:18! I was wondering where that music was coming from! LOL!

  21. TheJJettgirl says:

    These videos are so helpful! I like how the background noise is constant in this one rather than coming and going like the last one. Thanks!

  22. Whitney Hodge says:

    I like the ones with music too! And the quick time lapse motivation

  23. eunice.a says:

    thank you so much!!! Been losing motivation these past few days.

  24. Maylene Pingol says:

    This is really helpful! Thank you for uploading this! I like it without music!

  25. Nevena Aleksić says:

    Bless you! "nazdravlje" in serbian language 🙂

  26. dadua15 says:

    I love iT without the music, love the sound of the keyboard.

  27. Prabha says:

    so far i find this one is the best !
    clean , peaceful and inspiring…. please do more of these

  28. Victoria Morgan says:

    Love the video! I do sorta miss the music and the personal introduction. But girl… You are always killing it on youtube. Quality for days!

  29. Study Vibes says:

    Whoosh I love this angle and lighting! You can also hear the sounds in detail, which is so good! 😀
    All the best 🙂

  30. kitty Johnson says:

    when would u start revising for gcse
    plz reply asap

  31. uatty1 says:

    Is your studying more effective with music or without?

  32. Thanh Do says:

    I love the top angle, because I can relate the material to mine..

  33. Alexis Simmons says:

    Thank you for the "study with me" videos! I am a Senior Marketing major with a minor in Spanish Translation. I love using your videos as inspiration and I love using them so I don't feel like I am studying alone. Lol.

  34. kitty Johnson says:

    it's OK
    but can you give me tips on how to get an a* for science plz—revisison techniques

  35. Dana Pasculescu says:

    hey beautiful, your videos are awesome thanks for sharing with us your study sessions! I would like to ask you if you take any supplements for enhancing memory and help your focus or any kind of supplements? I am studying for my GRE exam and I am thinking about taking some, but I don't know which ones are good since the market is full of so many different products. I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!

  36. Jungkootie says:

    why don't you use the keyboard on your laptop?

  37. Kasturiy says:

    I'm new to your channel, and i don't feel lonely when i'm studying anymore! 🙂

  38. NotAnyone WorthRemembering says:


    Thank you so much, it's just nice to create that study environment 🙂

  39. sophie says:

    i passed my geo test because of this.. thank you

  40. ☆MilkyStrawberryBoba☆ says:

    Funny, I got an ad for having motivation before watching this!

  41. Rana Granger says:

    Please add music

  42. Maria Agu says:

    make more of these if you can please , your vids help me sm

  43. Anum Ahmed says:

    I'm an M1 and I'm studying for my ID exam soon. Love this! Could you put in the description bar what you're studying during these videos? I enjoy reading it!

  44. charissa corpuz says:

    I prefer videos like these. No music, just intense reading and studying.

  45. Gia Rivera says:

    Why do you have 2 keyboard

  46. Bego Muros says:

    i get scared at 33:48 hahahaha

  47. Anastasiya Kovner says:

    It would be great if you made a 2-hour session with no music!

  48. Ivonne Torres says:

    low key said bless you when she sneezed

  49. Adrienne Williams-Conover says:

    I love your video but would like one without music that also indicates a verbal end.

  50. Shelsea Arzate says:

    I love these videos I actually feel like we're studying together!! It would be really cool if you inserted some like studying instrumental music if you do listen to any

  51. 蔡瑞斌 says:


  52. 蔡瑞斌 says:


  53. mariana minotti says:

    Is that black tea? By the way, that's such a nice channel!

  54. iJonah says:

    Thanks!!! This video really helped me focus on English homework, which I really hate doing. Keep it up!! plz

  55. musicislife2393 says:

    MCAT coming up in May– so glad I found your channel to carry me through the next 6 weeks! Studying, reworking my application, balancing my full-time research, and fitting in my workouts has been a struggle.. but if you can do it all, hell, I can too! Sending love and success your way!

  56. Leslie Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for these videos! Please continue to make them!

  57. Marta Ribeiro says:

    Definitely keep these videos without the music. Even if it's just some calm music it's still distracting

  58. Ayesha Lala says:

    I love how even though there's no music, there's still real life sounds as if you're in the room! Makes me so productive. Thanks Jamie, your videos have been helping me for some time!

  59. Janet Janet says:

    Thank you! Your videos helped me a lot!

  60. Irene Crepaldi says:

    This is so wonderful, it may sound silly but hearing someone studying while you do helps so much! Especially with the playlist this also encourages me to study for a longer period of time! Thank you so much for this!!

  61. Fate Tassim says:

    I love this! Really helpful 😀 Keep it up!

  62. angelica ramoutar says:

    Today I studied for my physics quiz tomorrow its all about forces and Newtons Laws

  63. Faza says:

    Yay I love these videos, A future nurse studying here. Keep doing them please

  64. Ailin Liebler-Bendix says:

    These videos are great, I love studying/doing homework with them. Is there any way that you could do more of them with music? Thanks.

  65. Kaerra K says:

    wow you type so fast;_; love these videos they help me a lot<3

  66. Katya says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these! You have honestly no idea how comforting/motivating it is to study along with you, especially as someone who deals with study-related anxiety. I'm glad I found your channel 🙂

  67. Cassie says:

    Thank you! These actually motivate me to study and be productive!

  68. Cassie says:

    Thank you! These actually motivate me to study and be productive!

  69. Emmber Garcia says:

    I am currently using your "study with me" playlist to write my 15 page paper that is due on Monday. 7 pages down, 8 more to go!!

  70. hanarnie:') says:

    do you have a cat?!

  71. jenna 77793 says:

    thanks for your videos its really helpful without music ! :))

  72. Einzz Basco says:

    do you learn by highlighting and reading only? just curious because u don't seem to be writing much but you use time wisely 🙂

  73. Naomi Hamid says:

    999 like!

  74. Trung Nguyen says:

    I watch kind of this video everyday, so I study everyday !

  75. Rosa and Agnes says:

    I really am in love with your studying videos especially when the camera angle is downwards showing what you are studying.
    Also I hope your videos could be longer for like 3 hours or so?
    If you films your videos downwards and for 3 hours and more..I would be SO SO grateful….
    Can you plz consider that as an option?

  76. Pooja Haridas says:

    The sound at 8:07 startled me 😂

  77. JustDaniaThings • says:

    It's so much better without music . Thx ❤️

  78. Tatyana Gorbunova says:

    I love these videos so much! They give such a cozy vibe when you're studying! I wish there were more of these 🙂 currently studying for my exams (law school, in Belgium). Wish me luck 😀

  79. Kamala D says:

    May I know what kind of laptop riser are you using? I wan't the same one like yours. Thanks!

  80. IntrinsicPixel says:

    Just discovered your channel…Instantly subscribed…Thank you so much for taking your time to make these vids!

  81. Rachel Strzembo says:

    These help so much! I love your black sweater, where did you get it?

  82. foxy little thing says:

    i was studying invoices , debit note and credit note under goods and service tax

  83. lana michele says:


  84. Sudarshani Surasena says:

    I love these videos!! :)Thank you so much for these..and yeah..upload more with no's easier to concentrate that way.. 🙂

  85. Byun Bee says:

    Crazy thing is, I don't keep this tab on display while studying because I have to use my laptop a lot, but I still keep it open and the videos playing to ensure I'm not studying alone! This is so so helpful, really.

  86. Katie Nagy says:

    I got a 90 on my first partial dif eq exam and it's 100% thanks to you! This is the most efficiently I've studied in years 🙂

  87. Leah H Li says:

    you're getting me through my cfa exam!!

  88. Aldara Expósito Villasante says:

    Thank you Jamie! I´ve been studying with you this week for the first time and it´s been a really nice experience. Greetings from Spain!

  89. Error Reloaded says:

    Thank u, cuz I got motivated after seeing u study soooooooooooo hard

  90. Jaron Joshua says:

    Uploaded on my 14th birthday…

  91. Vamika Bhat says:

    You are so damn pretty
    Ps.the tea might be getting cold
    I’m studying for my mid term physics test…you?

  92. Diva S says:

    your no music study videos give an ASMR effect! anyway you have inspired me a lott jamie <3

  93. Zaina Momani says:

    Please try to do a 3 hour study with me with no music 😍😍😙😙
    You helped me a lot.

  94. Omar Azad says:

    tomorrow is my pharmo exam and I'm studying with u I just want to say thank u so much you always motivate me to study
    kisses from somalia

  95. Satvika Putcha says:

    Thank YOOOU! SOO MUCH! I watch your videos everyday now! You are the best study buddy!!!

  96. Lehi Roman says:

    Hola tus vídeos me motivan a estudiar y lograr mi meta

  97. Barbara Jackson says:

    Hello Jasmie Lee, I aqm making a you tube talk session. On it I am talking about dfoing study. I only fo it in the morning because I get tgireed in the aftrnoon so I usually play games. From Barbara in New Zealand.

  98. shahr sholoqh says:

    i have just the teabag of this video

  99. Kirsten Angeles says:

    Today I have studied with you for 5 hours! I love this playlist

  100. Mannat Kaur says:

    this helped me get through force and laws of motion :))))

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