study tips from a college graduate ;) time management, note taking, motivation


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32 thoughts on “study tips from a college graduate ;) time management, note taking, motivation”

  1. astraeus says:

    time stamps if you’re looking for smth specific:
    01:38 give yourself time to study!
    03:01 handwriting your notes
    06:30 time management (bujo)
    07:37 study music
    08:25 food and drinks
    09:47 study w friends
    10:27 ask questions
    11:17 believe in yourself (aka ninas cute motivational speech that gives me namjoon vibes. gosh i love her)

  2. Ayera says:

    nina, i love u so much. pls keep being the wonderful human that u are

  3. Hoseok Kai says:

    Thanks for this advice I start college on monday and I'm scared, I have social anxiety and idk what to do but after this I feel a little more confident ❤

  4. almedina says:


  5. Magpie says:

    Lol I do the indenting thing too. I think anyone who took any heavy writing/note-taking course got this hammered over their head.

  6. samminos says:

    literally stumbled through high school with Cs and Ds (and even some Fs
    I M P R O V E

  7. oxi jin says:

    I’m starting my first year of college and my anxiety is at its all time high but I’ve already started to write all my assignments in a planner. WE GOT THIS GUYS. LETS HAVE A GOOD YEAR 🥺💜

  8. tamim tasfiha says:

    BTS chill piano music is my lifesaver. I thought I was the only one but now I realize I'm not.

  9. France says:

    thanks for this nina!! 💖💖

  10. Stiina Manninen says:

    came for some studying tips, but this actually ended up to help me with my existental crisis.

  11. Mary H says:

    I'm starting college this September and omg I'm doing media too!

  12. Sofía Santiago says:

    I needed that pep talk at the end

  13. jahadah murphy says:

    I just discovered you and am so grateful

  14. niña e. says:

    everything goes uwu

  15. uwu says:

    getting ready for my last semester @ cal and coming back to this vid for some motivation :,)

  16. Brooke Thole says:

    I hate quizlet but I can’t deny it’s helpful. I don’t study because super lazy and 2. I’m a horrible test taker and tend to get bad test grades regardless, but this year I’m going to really try to study because man should I do it

  17. KannAnimes says:

    Please portuguese subtitles

  18. mka d says:

    I found some of your advices very helpful! thank u sm.😊💕💕 I was very stressed before watching your video and now I feel much better. :(💕

  19. India Walsh says:

    Is anyone else watching this instead for do homework/studying

  20. beatriz fukumoto says:

    11:49 everythingoes

  21. Ann Green says:

    love u babe thx for the video <3

  22. Fiona Yang says:

    i c u chimmy…

  23. Adesope Adisa says:

    "grades don't define you, they define if you get stuff done or not"
    me:*gets a d*
    me :now it all makes sense

  24. Billie frickin Eilish STAN says:

    you are literally a perfect human

  25. hunohlulu says:

    this is actually very hepful!!!

  26. Asma Zainab says:

    hi i used to get good grades and now i get bad grades i applies to university and they reject me all this things go through my mind everyday

  27. Kourt Wolf says:

    omg uc berkeley is my dream college

  28. ↞Jamz↠ says:

    I love watching study and note-taking tips but never really doing the study

  29. sharon says:

    one of the best advice videos I’ve listened to :(( it’s so relatable and really what I needed. ty nina!!

  30. Kwamiiかわみい says:

    You’re such a wonderful and an inspirational person 😊

  31. Madison B. says:

    I have the same glasses😂

  32. Willian Andrea says:

    Thank you for that believe in yourself tip, those were the words that I really need right now that I'm doubting myself and capabilities in passing my course :(( i love you!!

  33. Kaitlyn L says:

    nina: drink a lot of water
    *glances at my bubble tea in my hand*
    me: slowly takes a sip

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