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(techno music) – Hello everyone and welcome
back to English With Lucy. In today’s video I’m going to teach you how to study smarter, not harder. Many students think
that if they study more and if they study harder
then they will become better at English or
whatever they are studying. This is not true. Even our teachers will tell
us to study for longer, to study more, to study harder. It doesn’t necessarily work. The best students that I have had are those that study in
a smart, intelligent way and use specific study
methods, that I will teach you, rather than those that just study for ages and nothing really goes in. So I’ve got five study methods. And I’m going to show you how you can study for less time and learn more. Let’s get started with number one. The first one is find out how long your personal concentration lasts. Everyone recommends studying
for 10 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day, 30 minutes
a day, one hour a day and taking study breaks of
seven minutes or whatever. But that doesn’t apply to everyone, everyone is absolutely different. Language learning is
not a once size fits all and nor is any other type
of learning for that matter. You need to time your concentration, and this is going to take
a little bit of effort, but it will be so worth
it when you find out how long it lasts. All you need is a stopwatch, most people have one on their phones. And for your next couple of study sessions I want you to take that stopwatch and start it when you start to study. Then stop the timer when
you lose concentration. Do this a couple of times
and generate an average time. If your concentration time
is really inconsistent, try it a number of times over
a period of a couple of days. Try just after lunchtime,
just before breakfast, to see if that changes at all. And just try to get a consistent average so you know your minimum
concentration time. Now this brings me onto point
two, which is study in chunks. You need to avoid long study sessions. It sounds mad, doesn’t it? Because you think you should
be studying for hours on end. But no, avoid long study sessions. And just study for your
calculated concentration time. And between those chunks of
studying take short breaks. You can work out how much
you need through experience. Start with five minutes, and if your concentration time decreases, in the next study chunk, well you’ll need to
increase your break time. Over time you will work
out your perfect medium. But how can you find
suitable topics and lessons to fill your exact concentration time? How can you possibly work out
how long a topic will take? Busuu, the sponsor of today’s video offers the perfect solution. They are an online study platform with over 1000 lessons
created by expert linguists. You can learn English
and 11 other languages, ranging from the levels A1 to B2, that covers quite a lot of you. This is the part that
will interest many of you because so many of you ask me how you can find out your English level. Busuu offers a really comprehensive free level placement test. You can test yourself right
now for free by clicking on the link in the description
box and signing up. It’s a really good test
and I did it myself and I got a very high score,
thank the Lord. (giggles) So yes, click the link, take the test and share your test results
in the comments section. It will be so interesting to see which level you are all at. Now let’s get back to
chunking, how can Busuu help? Well, each lesson has a time indicator so you can work out how
many individual lessons you can fit perfectly into
your concentration time. Alternatively, Busuu can
help you devise a study plan and they’ll help you define goals. The lessons are very relevant
and they’re interactive, allowing you to keep your
concentration for longer and allowing you to
remember what you’ve learnt. Busuu also has an amazing
tool which will help you find and speak with native speakers, which is perfect for your
conversation practise. You can put into practise
what you’ve learnt in your lessons. You can sign up now and learn for free, or you can subscribe
for a premium membership which gives you additional features at an incredibly low cost. Click on one of the links in
the description box to sign up, there are links for iOS,
Android and desktop. But I highly recommend looking
at the iOS and Android apps, because they are currently offering a seven day free trial
on premium membership. And most importantly, let
me know how you find it. Right, let’s move on to point
number three, another method. It is the SQRRR method. Or it’s also called the SQ3R as well. This method was originally
introduced in 1946 by American educational
philosopher, Francis P. Robinson. It’s named after its five steps. Survey, question, read, recite, review. Now this method is
designed to offer a more efficient approach to reading textbooks. In your case this might
be grammar textbooks, or it can be applied to any other subject. You don’t want to spend ages reading every single word in a grammar book. Not everything is going
to be relevant to you and you are just going
to be wasting your time. You need to be filling in
the gaps in your knowledge. You don’t need to repeat
what you already know. I think reading an educational
text from start to finish is one of the biggest time wasters, ever! Okay, well, I can think of
other time wasters as well. But seriously, if you
already know something really, really well, why waste your time going over it again? Let’s break down these steps
and see how the method works. So the first one, survey,
also sometimes called skim. You need to resist the
temptation to go through an entire book or an entire chapter. Instead, go through a
chapter and note down the important information. The chapter headings, the subheadings, other outstanding features, this normally takes only a few minutes. Next is Q, which stands for questions. You need to generate
questions about the contents of the chapter or book,
if it’s a small book. This will help you identify
what you don’t know and help you avoid what you already know. Questions like: what is the passive voice? Are there any exceptions to this rule? The next one is read. You need to go back and
look for the answers to your own generated questions. This is called active reading. This will help you to
avoid passive reading, which is just reading without engaging in the study material. The next one is recite, or remember. Try to retrieve from memory and recite what you’ve just learnt as if you are telling it to someone else, and you need to use your own
words, that’s very important. And the last one is review. Once you’ve reached
the end of the passage, review the material by
repeating back to yourself what the point of the passage
was using your own words. I really recommend looking
further into this method because I think it can
really, really help you, not only with English, with
lots of other subject as well. Especially if you’re studying
for a university degree, because they make us buy so many books and then we only need a
couple of lines of information from each, I remember that
being so frustrating. (giggles) I really could’ve used that SQRRR method. Right, number four is create
a study time and place. You need to create an
environment for yourself. The amount of people that I see sitting in a noisy library or a noisy cafe trying to study, they just get distracted. I remember studying sort of being a social interaction as well,
and I didn’t get much done. You need to create an area
which is free of distraction and is also relaxing, so
that you can make the most of your concentration times
and nobody is going to annoy you or distract
you during those periods. If you can’t make this sort of
environment in your own home, maybe you have young siblings
or you’ve got limited space, try somewhere outside. Now this is weather
dependent, but I find that studying in nature is
really, really amazing. You also do need to set study times. Now I don’t mean doing a
color-coded study plan, although that works for many people. But based on your concentration times, try to set out some sort of study plan. Now if you’re studying for an exam, that would probably be
a lot more intensive. And if you’re just studying
to improve generally, then maybe it’s once a week or daily. We’re really lucky
nowadays because we have noise-canceling headphones,
so you could sort of create a distraction-free
place to study anywhere. As long as you’re not visually distracted. Maybe you can study on your commute. I always advise listening
to music without words or listening to other
sorts of white noise. Something that I found
really, really useful when I was studying was a band called the Vitamin String Quartet. They do violin quartet
covers of popular songs. Popular songs? God, I sound so old-fashioned. (laughs) Popular music. (laughs) No, it’s really, really good. I remember I used to listen to Coldplay and the Kings of Leon, but on a violin. And it was great because
you can’t really sing along and the words don’t distract you, but you’re still listening
to music that you enjoy. And they’re also very talented musicians. I will link below to the
Vitamin String Quartet as well. Now the last point, number five. It’s one of my favourites. (laughs) It really is how I learnt English grammar. Because I was never taught it at school. It is teach what you learn. I was really, really bad at grammar and it is only when I started
teaching at the age of 19 that I started to understand it more. So my first couple of lessons
really were quite shaky. But then the more I taught the information and the more questions
I received from people and the more I thought about
and processed the information, the more I understood it. Now I can offer grammar explanations (clicks fingers) like that. So, is there anyone around
you with the same goal as you? Can you take turns teaching each other? This works with English, it
works with any other subject. Work to the other person’s
concentration time, have a little whiteboard,
do a little session, times up, have a break, swap. Both of you benefit from
it because you’re learning, ’cause you’re being taught, and you also learn
because you are teaching. By thinking as both a
student and a teacher you are looking at information
from both perspectives. So it can be amazing for your brain. When I look at grammar now I think, how can I make this easier
for my students to understand? And subconsciously I am
also making that grammar easier for me to understand. So, those are my five tips. You now know what you need to do. You need to time your
next few study sessions. And then you need to study in chunks. If you are learning a language, try Busuu because they tell you exactly how long each lesson is,
and you can also find a nice speaking partner to practise with. Click one of the links
down below to sign up and don’t forget about
that level placement test, find out if you’re an A1, B2. Is anyone a C1? I would be very, very impressed
if we had C1s and C2s here. If you’ve got long texts to
read, try the SQRRR method. And definitely do some
more research into it if you are interested in that, because it really can be so beneficial. And then you need to create a
study time and a study place. And teach your friends,
and hopefully be taught by your friends as well. Right, that is it for today’s lesson, I hope you enjoyed it, I
hope you learnt something. Don’t forget to connect with me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Facebook, my
Instagram, my Twitter, and my personal Lucy Bella Earl channel. And I will see you soon for
another lesson. (smooches) Start with five minutes
if your concentration… Start with five minutes if
your concentration time… Start, (laughs) sorry. It’s a really good test, I did it myself and I got quite a high score. (giggles) Make sure you share your test results in the comment description box. Alternatively, Busuu can
help you devise a (babbles) By the American educational
philosopher (babbles) I wanted to call him
Francis P. Bacon, why? (relaxed music)

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