Study Proves Americans, Not Chinese, Have Paid $40 BILLION For Trump’s Tariffs


The New York federal reserve came out with
a new study recently that blows a major hole in one of Donald Trump’s favorite talking
points, and that is that China is the one paying those tariffs he put in place, don’t
worry. American citizens, as he likes to tell us, China is paying those and the treasury
is just rolling in that dough that Chinese dough, American citizens, you’re not paying
a penny of this, don’t worry about it, but again, the New York federal reserve, the central
bank came out and said, yeah, that’s not true at all. In fact, American citizens are paying
for the tariffs. They’re the ones picking up the bill and they’re doing it to the tune
now of $40 billion per year. That’s $40 billion per year that Americans are paying, not Chinese
manufacturers shipping stuff to our country because the New York federal reserve also
pointed out that guess what? China hasn’t changed their prices. China’s still charging
the same amount, and because of that, we’re the ones having to pay the tariffs. China
is not bowing to Donald Trump’s pressure. They’re not lowering prices to compete over
here. The only thing that’s actually happening in terms of price differences is that American
manufacturers who aren’t even subjected to the tariffs are raising their prices to keep
up with the added price tags going onto those tariffed goods. So we’re getting screwed no
matter what we do. You buy American well, they raise their prices just because they
could. You buy Chinese, you’re paying extra because it’s tacked on with that tariff. Now,
China’s doing fine. The U S government itself is doing fine. As Trump says, they’re rolling
in that dough. It’s just the rest of us. Everybody else that got screwed out of $40 billion in
the last 12 months, that’s $40 billion that could have literally gone to anything else
because let’s not forget, these are consumers, American consumers, the working class who
are paying these tariffs, everybody else passing it on to us. $40 billion that we could have
spent on anything else. $40 billion that would have been re-injected into the economy instead
of going and sitting in the federal reserve. That’s, that’s what happened. $40 billion
taken out of economic activity, and that’s how we need to look at this. But we also need
to stop listening to Donald Trump’s lies, not just about the tariffs, to be honest,
quite possibly about every single thing, because that is all the man knows how to do is lie
about crap. And that’s what’s happening right now. The federal reserve, the New York federal
reserve, excuse me, their, their study that came out this week, this is not the first
one to tell us. This is not even the third or fourth one to tell us that we’re the ones
paying the tariffs. Economists have been telling us that other studies have been proving that
we know this to be true, but Trump’s gonna keep telling the lie, and every time he does
go find one of these studies, maybe it’s this one, maybe it’s one of the previous ones we’ve
discussed, but whatever it is, find it and send it to them, print it out and send a copy
to the white house, copy the link and reply to one of his tweets with it. That’s what
I want everybody to start doing. Let’s let him know that we know the truth. It’s not
going to change what he says, but it is going to let him know that his lies aren’t resonating

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100 thoughts on “Study Proves Americans, Not Chinese, Have Paid $40 BILLION For Trump’s Tariffs”

  1. Patricia Ray says:

    Look at all that money that we have had to pay out or have had our money used for corruption.

  2. Sander Weisbeek says:

    tarrifs is for import, so yeah, when imported from china, the americans pay the price

  3. adamf663 says:

    You don't need a study to determine that. A dictionary understanding of the word "tariff" reveals the lie.

  4. UberHeroMystic says:

    You don’t say.

  5. Young Lee says:

    No one believe that what this devil does do it and talks it.

  6. Arathon Bow says:

    You don't need a study you need an Education its no secret Tarifs are on the backs of consumers. What's wrong with America your POS school system a country of morons courtesy of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND

  7. Richard Russell says:

    Make America Pay Again ( MAPA ) lol. Trump is a pathological liar so what else is new. Trump is a narcissist and doesn't care if you don't believe in his lies and keeps on lying! Trump is a sociopath and has no empathy for anyone but himself!

  8. Uniqueness Entertainment says:

    This doesn't Shock Me Trumps a fucking liar his whole ministration are. Especially the wall that we the taxpayers are still paying for. Or the whole tax break that the middle class was going to get when it went to the rich to 1% including Donald Trump. If we the people don't stand up. We will fall for everything this fucking liar has to offer.

  9. John Evison says:

    Who couldn’t see this coming?

  10. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    That’s what happens when the Village Idiot becomes President, driving the economy off a cliff…

  11. Lemmings gotta Go says:

    and 100 billion more collected from individuals last year on taxes under trump cuts

  12. Robert Allen says:

    "Is Treasury Secretary Mnuchin sending the Tariff money directly into a Trump account? That would make sense why Trump loves the tariffs!"

  13. Carla Rae says:

    Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot by electing trump. What ever happened to small government? It's getting pretty bloated.

  14. Creature_of_the_ Underground says:

    Trump lies worse than prince Andrew 😂

  15. james foster says:

    How could dump be rong he is the second coming of saten so how can he be rong he always loves the people who gives him so much money and he is listening to them not the people that voted hem in

  16. John Smith says:

    "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."

  17. Peter Matthews says:

    It should not take a study to confirm how tariffs work. Magats are easily manipulated.

  18. Oceanside Affirmations says:

    Sigh. Yes. Its an I told you so moment for Oringe.

  19. morlockmeat says:

    People have to remember – whenever Trump opens that sphincter in his face, only sh*t comes out.

  20. Tamara Sullivan says:

    China's laughing all the way to the bank thanks to fat donnie.

  21. Gar Gra says:

    When you don't know economics or have good people advising you about economics, this is what you get!

  22. Lee Kimberlin says:

    You know I got a question if Trump put sanctions, and tarrifs on other countries then why don't they talk about much on the news. Maybe he lied about this also.

  23. Elizabeth Simoes says:

    America is in a mess.. Poor Americans.. 🙄🙄🙄

  24. ZHEQRERE says:

    The only time he's being honest is when his gob is shut.

  25. Manfred Buchholz says:


  26. Sharon Bodimeade says:

    I saw a report on this about 4 months ago.. so what do the trumpturds think about this?

  27. Barry Werdell says:

    The Republicans scream about "the War on Christmas" or ":The War on Thanksgiving" but are completely silent about "The War on the Poor". Food prices are going up but not 'Snap"
    benefits, rents gone up, everything's gone up in price but everyone says the economy is booming.

  28. tired of the problems says:

    Everything out of his mouth is a lie. His supporters will still refuse to listen. We have heard this since the tariff war started, we KNEW this, anyone who can do basic math knew this. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  29. Herb Liptow says:

    Well duh!!

  30. batgurrl says:

    Sadly this falls into the No Shit Sherlock category
    Yet the lemmings who love him will vote for him again no matter how much it hurts them. I don’t understand what drives them

  31. Mark Sanders says:

    Trump is massively incompetent, but he thinks he is doing a good job. That alone proves he is mentally unstable

  32. ken5336 says:

    Try to convince president Dump supporters they are paying for it smh 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  33. Ramiro Benavidez says:


  34. j3161usadkg says:

    The federal reserve is full of never trumpers and obama appointees, so dont believe this fakenews!!

  35. thomas fraley says:

    no wonder his ex professors have said that he was the dumbest student to teach at wharton school of business

  36. David tinch says:

    Americans paying for trumps tariffs!!
    Americans paying for trumps wall..
    Americans paying for trumps weekly golf outings!!
    Americans paying for a family of grifters occupying their WH..
    Who's Winning??

  37. Star Gazer1212 says:

    I still want tariffs

    Make products in the usa

    Tariffs are supposed to be coupled with board of director taking a pay cut, so that the prices do not raise

    Also stop importing poor people they are devaluing my wages

    Tariffs are supposed bring jobs back to usa

  38. seannootherway says:

    Lol. Your country is fucked

  39. David Taylor says:

    of course Americans are paying. That’s how tariffs work.

  40. Red Pill says:

    All the economic figures in the United States are complete lies. Both unemployment and inflation are well over 20% each. All economic indicators are in free fall. The stock market is being propped up with trillions of dollars in debt and trillions of dollars in the purchase of short and long-term bonds with borrowed money and the stock market has absolutely nothing to do with the economy at this point it is being artificially propped up.

  41. Onair Carna says:

    That was always going to be the case. That’s how tariffs work. This should not come as a surprise to anyone except trump’s minions who believe his every word.

  42. Lore Strahan says:

    Are his supporters aware of that? How can't they see it? What is wrong with them?

  43. Vincent Reyes says:

    What happened to American
    People don't respect each other. It's so sad so bad and a president that is a criminal

  44. jay fkncool says:

    Not to mention china went up 20 percent more using this as an excuse , that's why there sale,s made more than 30 % this year and lots of American companies closed down, and now u see Chinese people showing up in bus tours taking pics of land and closed companies so that they can buy them, my opinion as a business owner and that's what's going on thanks to the one that makes America great again.

  45. High Gamer says:

    What's the world coming to when you can't trust a stable genius.

  46. Just For Fun says:

    What I'd like to know is what is this crooked corrupt trump government doing with that "extra $40 BILLION" in tax revenue? tRump certainly has done diddly squat with our crumbling infrastructure. Is this orange ass hole trump going to try to waste it on his useless border wall?? I want to be see the some accountability.

  47. William Ridgeway says:

    The only ones making money from the tariffs are the Chinese and the US politicians who are invested in the Chinese companies! The American people are the ones getting fucked! And yet the American idiots still don't get it!

  48. Hamidkhan Abdullakhan says:

    …common the guy crashed ALL of his businesses!

  49. SUSAN PETERSON says:

    Thanks tRump, oh by the way we can read and the reports say WE'RE PAYING THE F_ING TARIFFS, 40 BILLLION DOLLARS worth! Nice job at wiping out the middleclass!

  50. Sherryl Luciano says:

    Hey fox news, your bs regarding tariffs and Donald Trump's bs lines that Chinese Is paying. Also along everyone and other networks told the truth about the united States paying for tariffs, nobody else. America consumers and the federal reserve got screwed

  51. baileytom78 says:

    trump the lier and cheat.
    He is growing his fortune by investing in China with backdoor deals

  52. Michael OprPRO says:

    No need to “study” ! WE ARE PAYING THE TARIFF !

  53. BTS LIVE says:

    Everything Trump touches become disastrous…….as usual.

    “Full Blown Recession by 2022” predicted by 75% economists.

  54. ryoon816 says:

    Best way to raise taxes on the middle class with out looking like Trump raised taxes. It’s a back door tax increase….

  55. Simon Says says:

    This is trumps attempt to make up for the huge tax break he gave to his doners.

  56. Steve Blankenship says:

    Everything Trump does has been smoke and mirrors and what’s on the mirror only counts when Trump’s image is on it

  57. Teemu Heinola says:

    What a fucking useless country! Jew.S.A wake up you blind morons! Get the fuck out of our country and stay off you fucking liars and thief's! Your country only bring debt to citizen's and you fucking idiots blame Trump?!?!?! Are you brainless? Your country never made anything but debt and we have to pay your fucked up shit! Your useless leaders are pedos and assholes like Epstein and you keep sucking them! Can you still go lower? I bet you can!

  58. Mark miller says:

    China paying for trump’s tariffs must be the trump conservatives new talking point.

  59. Lennard Covarrubias says:

    He said we would be tired of winning when did the game start???

  60. Jack Giblin says:

    This can’t be true!! Donny says the Chinese are paying,so it must be true. God chose him, so he can’t lie

  61. Sacred Band says:

    What does this say about Republican supporters. Please do not let them out of America as 'we' the rest of the world do not want them.

  62. Giovanni Pincoletti says:

    Forty billion dollars pales in comparison to the farm debt which is $415 billion dollars.
    Trump is bailing out the farmers due to the money they lost because of the tariffs. Guess who
    is footing the bill for the $415 billion — the American taxpayers. By the end of Trump's term,
    the tariffs are going to cost all Americans close to one trillion dollars which will be

    tagged on to our already bloated 23 trillion dollar debt.

    This is quite a price tag to pay for Trump's pissing contest with the Chinese. It is Trump's

    ego vs the Chinese resolve and the loser, once again — the American people.

  63. Generic White Man says:

    That's how tariff works, dumbass muricans are too stupid to understand that.

  64. Emperor Solo says:

    Well America voted for him so they will need to get rewarded! Taxed is one way lol

  65. Ron Wooters says:

    BULLSHIT..BULLSHIT..AND MORE BULLSHIT BALDY!!but your incompetent followers will believe anything you say right?

  66. Hmong Universe Channel says:

    Whatever the products Chinese sell to the US still going to be the same price. The tariff Dummy Trump put on the products will pass on to US citizen to pick up the tag. We are the consumers and we are the one paying for that tariff. I just can't believe some American don't see that.

  67. Alex Martinez says:

    Now that you understand how tariffs on other countries work… It is the same for taxes on corporations.

    I know you won't like it…but it's true.

  68. Sahara Reyes says:

    Trumpist you áre so ignorants AND racist Trump Is allways first

  69. Mario Soto says:

    Anyone with some common sense knows that the end buyers pays the price of whatever we consume,unless we are talking about Trump supporters.

  70. Alexander Westhuis says:

    now we wait and see how long it takes for Trump to call it "fake news" and a "hoax"..
    poor fool doesn't understand the gravity of it all

  71. codiddley says:

    Fucking duh…

  72. Flea says:

    This is the absolute truth. I'm trying to get my hair company off the ground. My vendor whom I've been working with for a few years now in China, where in the beginning, years ago, no direct international charges, to now; I'm charged out the yang for a simple order. His lies is hurting us Americans, not anyone else. Enough is enough!

  73. Santos Roman says:

    Trump said and repeated because this way get in to the ear of many stupid people who believe him. Like maga people,them they blame the liberals because their own ignorance.

  74. Darrkstar420 says:

    Tariffs have always been paid by Americans. Thats how it works. It is literally a price increase. So now poor people have less money to buy those things and because they are so poor they DEPEND on that. This is unfairly hurting the poor and disadvantaged and nobody seems too care as long as it isn't them….. but it is other AMERICANS…. Shouldn't that matter or do you also select party over country? Don't be a selfish cunt. Nobody likes those people.

  75. Dragon G says:

    Dumb says, make American grave more again,

  76. Michael L says:

    Yeah, don’t need a study to figure this out genius

  77. kao saeteurn says:

    So this extra tax could of been used for med4all 40 billion a year.

  78. Terry Stolte says:

    Is that a dimmercrat study? BECAUSE we all know how reliable a dimmercrat study is even you dimmercrats know how fake it is. You're just to BIGOTED, HATEFUL and NARCISSISTIC to admit the kind of people you are!

  79. Celienet says:

    It's benefiting REPUBLICATION Megacorps. That's what THEY wanted.

  80. Celienet says:

    Yep – he is now lying 100% of the time.

  81. RSS says:

    I can't wait for The Donald Trump Show to be over

  82. Edward Siegel says:

    China already had the lowest prices which is why Americans were buying from them. It is utter stupidity to believe tariffs – a sales tax – would be paid by anybody but the buyer. The US Treasury collects the tariffs, then turns around to give money to farmers hurt by China's retaliatory tariffs. Shoot yourself in the foot and then treat with leeches and manure. The wisdom of Trump.

  83. Maker Melissa's Lab says:

    I disagree with one talking point here. American manufacturers are not raising prices “just because they can”, they’re raising them because they’re paying tariffs too and passing those onto the American consumers.

  84. MADRA RUA says:

    But..But Trump Promised us!
    And swore, Promises made, Promises kept!
    Trump shafted us, and he didn't even use lubricating Gel!

  85. Proud White Bigot says:

    You are all a bunch of Chinese loving pieces of shit.

  86. Satria Kurniawan Djaenal says:

    Anyone surprised? There's a reason everybody's reluctant to take on China economically.

  87. Cris Briones Fourzán says:

    We knew all the time that China was reaping this kind of money due to the trade wars. It is Trump's people who don't believe it, or don't care.
    For Trump's base…
    How much is $40 billion dollars that we, as Americans, paid for your adored Trump in 12 months to China?
    You don't know?
    That is $40 thousand millions!
    Is it OK, by your opinion, that Trump just open his mouth an we lose that much? Or the farmers? No? Okay!
    You need to start questioning Trump! Demand him to explain why he gave China this amount of money, after he knew that we, the people, are paying this kind of money. Did he do it to safe face?
    See if he can give you a credible explanation.
    Could you, Trump fan, tell me whether you like him because he is White or a bully? Or White and a bully? Or a Nationalist, a bully, a White, and ignorant like you are?
    Please, do tell what he has done for YOU (not for him and that you think he did it for you, like the wall?) during these 3 years?
    Are you ready for another tax cut and losing the rest of your benefits or entitlements only for the rich, like McConnell just warned us?
    You know that if there is a warning, there is no deception intended, right?
    Trump will tell you that it will be to pay for the deficit that he caused 2 years ago with his first tax cut. It was $3 trillion dollars. How many ceros? Twelve big zeros. Why don't they pay that deficit themselves?
    Whether you believe it or not, if you vote for Trump, you will be losing the rest of your benefits or entitlements, as we are too, even though we didn't vote for him neither like him at all!"
    Vote blue, if you love your country, instead of Trump!

  88. David Jeffrey says:

    **tariffs destroyed my online business** FUCK TRUMP 🖕😡🧨

  89. Keith Jackson says:

    Our dear leader lied??. My world makes no sense now.

  90. Mario M says:

    trump has a reputation of having someone else pay the bills.

  91. BTFOOMNY says:

    The damage is far worse than that. The government is NOT rolling in $40 billion in extra cash. In order to appease the farmers for damage his trade war has done to them, tRump has had to issue a Presidential edict, giving them subsidies to pay for their votes, uuumm losses. And, it STILL GETS WORSE!! The Chines have actually gone out and cultivated sources of grains in OTHER COUNTRIES, because their US sources are unreliable. SO, the farmers have PERMANENTLY lost a lrge chuck of business, AND when the Chinese actually do begin buying US again, they will be able to drive down prices because they have ALTERNATIVES! Way to go, Donald! All hail, King Donald The First. Seig Heil, Donals, Seig Heil.

  92. Betty Thomas says:

    $40 billions, how much are each US citizens paying?

    Please calculated & inform the citizens.

  93. Mark S says:

    That's typically how it fucking works morons

  94. Rudolph C McCoy says:

    Trump was told that the United States would have pay , but Liar Trump tried to change the facts , Only his fan base believe his lies.

  95. Gigi W says:

    Just go in the grocery store the prices are up. Gas is high almost $4 just great every thing is high even the 99cent store has high prices now. Just great!

  96. waswestkan says:

    I'm 63 this is not surprise for most my age and above. My guess most that are younger can't understand why this was the expected outcome.

  97. SONS OF DRAGONS says:


  98. Doug Waterman says:

    Us seniors citizens living on SS can't live with the t Rump Tariffs

  99. Christopher Conkright says:

    Wasn’t that the point? Tariffs confuse his base into thinking he is great and let’s American companies raise prices. They knew buy America would not be cheaper nowadays in the past yes but greed is rampant.

  100. Slavic Trooper says:

    I'm not paying more from a product just because "oh iTs mAdE iN amERiCA".

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