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100 thoughts on “Study Music || Relaxing Studying Music || Focus Concentration Music”

  1. Sana HATIM says:

    I wish I was this concentrated as this mangaaaaaa

  2. Thị Quỳnh Nga Phan says:

    Có thể cho tôi biết, làm thể nào để bớt nhớ một người không? Người đó không còn ở thế gian này, không thể gọi điện hay chạy đến gặp. Người đó cũng không về trong mỗi giấc mơ của tôi nữa. Tôi phải làm sao đây? Tôi có nhiều điều muốn kể. Tôi phải làm gì?

  3. Aleto. Kin. says:

    Ah I got social science tommorow and I'm really tensed

  4. PassiveDemon says:

    Going to have 2 exams of science in the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

  5. Christopher Taylor says:

    The music keeps skipping.

  6. Thị Quỳnh Nga Phan says:

    What's first song name in this video??

  7. Ryan Summers says:

    Help i paid so much attention to comments I forgot where I left of😬 can anybody give a 6th grader advice on coordinate planes

  8. Jheala Celeste says:

    Why this song reminds me something so I can't focus my study instead i review my notes I want to cry

  9. cookie banana says:

    I have this really major medical exam from November…and my preparation is really I am really worried…and I am sad now

  10. I Love Crash 0u0 says:

    Love this revision music 😉 I always listen to this when I do my revision and homework.
    我很喜歡這首音樂,多謝上傳 😊

  11. Ellie Masongo Manaba X says:

    I can’t be the only one that can’t study to this music in my ear 😂

  12. Han Wenhui says:

    Learn math and computer science. To be a cool girl!

  13. mars one says:


  14. mars one says:


  15. Hoseok’s wife says:

    Hello my fellow friend reading this just so you know you are doing great you can do this don’t stress out everything is gonna turn out good don’t worry just keep fighting we got this
    Edit : hi it’s been two weeks and l succeed in all of my exam l am so proud, if l did it you could too

  16. Mykee Marbella says:

    Wow, i actually love the first track a lot

  17. Jo says:

    I should be studying history, But why i'm so sleepy…..

  18. 공증호 says:

    Thanks for music♥ Studying hard with THE SOUL OF WATER!!

  19. jcelia09 says:

    Thanks, i needed this. Finally finished my paper🙌

  20. Aya Aya says:

    Oh poor this cute boy is setting 8 hour studying😔😂

  21. dsenagul says:


  22. Anna Warrican says:

    Guysss I have my guides entrance exams and final term exams in a few weeks. Some support is needed !! 🙁

  23. Anuja Sharma says:

    So relaxing..
    I'm gonna complete my 8 hours today

  24. Jeya Loves says:

    I'll have my exams tomorrow. I don't have a choice but to cram information. Hope I'll pass. 🙏🙏

  25. Vhrenz Butel says:

    Currently reviewing for my exam… Can anyone tell me wht is the title of that anime? Hahaha…big fan of anime here

  26. G says:

    The comment sections is too sweet, you guys are amazing! you will done a great job!

  27. Malak Home says:

    I don't beleave that music help you when you studing it perturbate you

  28. mysong song says:

    Fight for Final exam🤓👩‍🏫

  29. HINDOL BISWAS says:

    Dont know why this music makes me crying…memories are coming like flood in my mind

  30. Mudassir Hussain says:

    amazing music

  31. shreya _2003 says:

    So good 🍓

  32. Z2-18 TM says:

    Wish me luck on my test next on Tuesday! Good Luck on your next text, exam, essay… Whatever! I know that you can do it and I know that you will do it the best way possible! Now go study… Cuz those A's don't happend by themselves! Good luck! ❤️

  33. jinjan says:

    this comment section is way more friendly then other videos

  34. ashly bastian says:

    I wish I could listen to this all day.It is ssssssoooooo Goood

  35. Viny Jonggi says:

    I enjoy my homework bcs listening this

  36. Fyra Goddess says:

    what the heck I keep studying and I finished the whole video without a pause !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Purushottam Zade says:

    Thankuuuuuuuuuuu so so so so so muchhhhhhhh for this
    This music makes me feel so energetic thanks a lot

  38. Tu patrona says:

    This sunday,I´m gonna have university entrance exam :((( Luck to everyone who is gonna have an important exam ;;;u YOU CAN DO IT

  39. Tshfbku Go says:


  40. Stephanie The Great says:

    Im actually studying…. i just went here in the comment section to get some motivations… welpppp thank you for reading imma go back and study….

  41. rikimaru jojo says:

    Why am I crying :')

  42. Softsock YT says:

    This is so relaxing it helps me with my homework 📚

  43. Giorno giovana says:

    I LOVE GEOPOLITIQUE 🤪💕💕💕💕🤪🤪😓🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇲🇦

  44. Kacie Hernandez says:

    Good Luck everyone, I believe in every single one of you!! ☺️

  45. ImIzaak says:

    Im doing a 15 page essay because i got sick for a week. Hope for the best

  46. Rohit Shaw says:

    Is this really works for studies???

  47. Aixin Wu says:

    STOP RIGHT THERE!! DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! You will fall into the blackhole of distraction. NOW GO BACK TO STUDYING!

  48. Amberjane cabaltera2 says:

    I hope i passed my board exam and soon to Registered nurse this 2019🙏😭

  49. Cheshire Mika says:

    it's a bit too relaxing that makes me want to sleep

  50. Just kinda here says:

    I was gonna scroll down but y’all keep telling me to get back to work so I will

  51. WZ L says:


  52. uta cho says:


  53. neha saha says:

    Love the music n comments…love you all…😘😘

  54. Rezouana ahasan Ritu says:

    I m trying to write something for first tym. I never tried it before.. But seeing these beautiful comments made my day… Thank u so much all… ❤️
    ND… U…. Go back to study to do ur best… ❤️

  55. Cynthia Savage says:

    How long has this girl been studying..

  56. darren chiew says:

    YOU R NOWHERE near to success if u keep scrolling until u read my msg ,GO BACK TO STUDY RN!

  57. Nurul Shahzira says:

    Goodluck everyone! You definite;y can do it! slowly but surely u will get there too and finish all those task and notes or whatever your goal is! Have faith and everything will be alright. One thing at a time everybody ^^

  58. Sarah Kfan says:

    I am working while listening to this 💜.

  59. NIVEEN ALIE says:

    Movie name?

  60. G J says:

    I would like to be like that boy… Instead of reading the comments… 😶😅

    Stop, and come back for studying!

  61. uyweil iak says:

    I reading with this song
    5 minutes later
    I sleep

  62. exonexoo says:

    Hi! Can you post the titles of the songs used here? Some are familiar to me but I do not know how to find their titles. Please.

  63. Niranjan Tandi says:

    Just dropping by to say this music is absolutely gorgeous! All the best to everyone with their studies….I've a big, big exam coming up in 2 months so wish me luck everyone! Take care!

  64. Mira Batyrkhanova says:

    this is for sleep yo. love the playlist but yo haha

  65. Duolingo_abuse_is_Real Club_penguin_lives says:

    Aww that’s from my neighbor Totoro.

  66. nurain says:

    It’s normal to feel stressed and tired once in a while. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. Your exams, assignments, thesis and your sleepless night. You’ll get through it. Hang on, you’re almost there. Good luck everyone ♥️

  67. eris dandanie says:

    I just felt really motivated & the people on the comment section are so nice. Let's do well! 💪

  68. Bino Hans Semi says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the second song? I've been looking for it. So mesmerising. Thanks in advance.

  69. Savannah Kelley says:

    Bless your soul. This is the only thing that I can study to now. The studying gods and myself give you the greatest of thank yous.

  70. S. Thomson says:

    welp time to cram for math lol

  71. Jashiar prodhan says:

    Hi! This is Tasfia prodhan Jarisha and I am using my dads phone and youtube
    And I usually don't write down comments but this music remind me to show my gratitude and thank you to the maker of this music I am preparing for my boards exam which is in 2 months and its 4:45 am right now in Bangladesh.
    Please keep me in your prayers.
    May Allah bless you all.

  72. Dayah Ramzi says:

    1/12 final exam for my second semester, wish me luck, thank you, I wish all of you all the best in your exam and future 📝. Love from Malaysia. 🥰

  73. CaptenMurica says:

    Studying for my Psychology Exam coming up on Tuesday..

  74. jazzy red says:

    worked so well. i'm gonna use this in every study moment.
    btw, wish me luck on getting school captain role

  75. sugyani Dash says:

    Nice music

  76. Op Kelania says:

    hyyyy guys just to say thanks to every person who took time for writing such beautiful and motivating comments over here 🙂 god bless you all for this small step of spreading positivity , which really is a big thing to do in itself 🙂

  77. Kristoffer Liong says:

    Hey you Stop Right here go back to study let the music do it's thing ok God bless you all Good Luck on your exam's

  78. Fuyuto Yukiyuma says:

    What's the song that starts at 46:28? I heard that one before.

  79. ak leon says:

    I guess thank you for this video I appreciate that someone out there is trying to reduce stress of the students by bringing together such sweet Melody for studying

  80. Maha Motir says:

    I love it 🥰

  81. Jose EditsTheWorld says:

    Just you and me, study buddy.

  82. marcellyon luhung guritno says:


  83. shan jida says:

    Is this really helpful????

  84. Merve Güngör says:

    Cause of yks for med💛💛

  85. Study With Bella says:

    looks like a melody from spirited away

  86. Diya Rawat says:

    Hey people, I hope you are doing well! And if not, let me tell you, every phase of life is temporary and I know you will be able to come out of this situation. Good luck to all!

  87. Frank wo1fer says:

    51:06 isn't that from Sword art online ost ?

  88. Ana G says:

    Things will get better, just give it a time, like everything else

  89. Megan Tun says:

    Any tips on learning math?

  90. Rahaf Mohamed says:

    What is the name of this anime🤔?

  91. Asama Nakahara says:

    What name music 00:00??? Someone tell me please😭

  92. Chloe Goggins says:

    Breathe in and out!
    Chew gum while studying it helps!
    Get back to work stop reading this!
    But anyway I love you! And I hope you do good on your tests and exams!
    I’m even studying business and maths! Tomorrow is my test!

  93. It’s Leonard G. says:

    Thank you so much! This really helped me focus on my reading homework.

  94. aesthetic person says:

    The background is from my neighbor totoro 😮 I'm sh— gtg study

  95. Daniella Making Learning Art says:

    This is beautiful and peaceful. So nice.

  96. iremay says:

    writing my bachelor thesis that is due in three weeks… have gotten sick so I can't motivate myself to get some stuff done 🙁 hope this playlist will help… I wish everyone good luck for whatever it is you want to achieve!! :))

  97. lokesh dhanka says:


  98. Lol Lol says:

    I tried it… I tried it and I failed miserably

  99. satria id says:


  100. awatef alhmood says:

    whats name of this cartoon ??

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