Study in Russia Foreign students must watch this before coming to Russia


Hi, My name is Ali Raza and I am from Karachi Pakistan Right now I am in Saint Petersburg Russia, On Student visa Let me show you how Russian student visa look like. this is Russian student which is show from my Country the is visa called as short stay visa and its duration 3 months, then this visa will be extent when you come to Russia. as per course duration time, and its look like this all student visa are look like this. you can easily extent this visa, on my upcoming videos I will tell you regarding its procedure, know I want to tell you some thing about my self before come to Russia , I completed my masters from US in 2005 after that I Visited different countries Such as, France, Germany, Portugal and many others countries, Recently I Completed my Masters from University of Wales, Cardiff UK and know I am in Russia. The Purpose to making this video is That, that my university told me to make video and guide new students who want to come Russia al though I am making this video on my company behalf but I will insure you guys that I am a student and I Know the feelings of students So, all the things I tell you here are totally base on reality and fair I will not speak any thing doge because I am student and I know your’s feelings, and understand your issues so, why you come to Russia? what about your future and why Russia is better? because I just came here about 3 months ago So, I like to share my own experience with you guys, what I feel in these months So, before come here, commonly student ask this question I am not speaking about for all students but so many student asked these question. first question they asked that how much we earn while we study, there is part time job for us or not. How we survive Yes, I understand that job is important but brother job is not every thing. You need to think about other things also, such as what about the future, can I stay here more, what about culture issues, can I afford education expenses , how about standard of education? and many more things So, job is not every thing and I believe that if you have skills then you can get job any where in the world the best plus point about Russia is that right now Russia offer Citizenship to foreigner, the process is very easy. but you need to follow small process, and here I like to mention one thing that before 10 days Russian government announced quota about 1500 people only regarding for saint Petersburg city This is not depend on any point base system, you just need to follow the procedure for this quota means TRP and this TRP lead you to PR and then Citizenship After TRP you need to follow small procedure to avail PR and Citizenship with benefits secondly , the living and education standard is very good and if You compare with other countries, For e.g, if you compare with UK regarding education expense, so here the education expense is almost quarter . such as if you pay around $ 4000 per year in UK than here you just need to pay $ 1000 only. this is just an example moreover the transport system is amazing as well as living standard, you can compare these with any other European countries Such as UK, Germany, France. Technology , Education , transportation are very good Culture is also amazing, people are very nice and very friendly and you can easily adjust with them and here is no racism issue and as a Asian you are very save compare with other countries Russian give so much respect to Asian even more than Americans … you are very amazed to listen that but this is reality, what I feel here in last three months there are so many benefits here but the main barrier is language in my point of view this is the main issue people here like to speak Russian and want to listen Russian after come here you need to focus on Russian Language if you not able to do this then my suggestion for you please not choose Russia. and if you have grip on Russian or able to communicate in Russian language then here you can build your bright future so when you come here may be you face other issues like what to do here, how to do… I will tell you these things on my upcoming videos, step by step, just don’t worry and if you want to come Russia and really desperate to come here… than I will suggest you the company name RIBTTES , ,me and so many other students like me came here with this company and the web link of this company is and the most important thing is that, this is Russian base company yes, its true Russian base. they will not do any thing doge with you. you can trust them, this is my advice because I choose this company and this company is very good for me. and that why I am making this video because all my issues is solved by this company till now lastly if you think Russia is good for you than my advice for you to choose RIBTTES and also watch my upcoming videos, Thanks

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96 thoughts on “Study in Russia Foreign students must watch this before coming to Russia”

  1. Dheeman Roy says:

    part time job ? how about it for a Bangladeshi student wanting to study bachelor in Russia? and is it possible to carry tuition and living cost by working part time ?

  2. Usman Amir says:

    very informative video.. m from peshawar pakistan.. mjhe per annum tuition fee and monthly living expense k baary mai please thora guide kr skty hain..

  3. Ali B says:

    Quite misleading video. Points to be noted.
    1) U dont even look like a student from any angle. U have done two masters, one from USA and other from UK. Why? Pehla master kharab ho gaya tha kya??? Clever people go for PhD after Masters and u r repeating masters over masters.
    2) If u have lived in USA and UK and travel to many european countries then u should think twice before comparing the technology and transport system of russia. The most dumb transport system ever I have seen in my life. And u are telling to people that its the best. Living standard in Russia is most pathetic, U have just lived 3 months and u didnt analyse anything.
    3) And education system is full of corruption and most backward and u r telling that its far more better than Europe and USA.

    Kindly dont misguide people.

  4. Study Solution says:

    thanks to guide me if i come i will meet you

  5. Joseph S says:

    You are talking fucking rubbish.How much time have u been here? 3 months? Are u mad??? I've been here in Russia for the last 20 years.I'm myself from India and did my master degree from Russian university. Here getting citizenship is very very tough, living standard is low, development is minimum (developed cities are only Moscow and Saint Petersburg, others look like village)), part time job is prohibited for foreign students(need special permit), and these white Russians don't like Asians.
    So please don't post this kind of fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Ali Raza, I just want to talk to u…..tumhare aankh se parde hataunga……pls. can u post ur mail address?

  6. Yogesh Pant says:

    Thanks a lot bhai jaan .

  7. Raju Zzaman says:

    Bro how much salary they pay for month or they pay per hour??

  8. muhammad atif says:

    AOA Mr. Ali Raza. I am Atif from Pakistan. I have a question. How much can a student earn minimum while doing a part time job? Figures please.

  9. LaDla GuJJaR says:

    what about medical students?? from pakistan??

  10. faizan chohan says:

    I m coming to russia in november … through recas is it really a good agency to come r a fake can you tell me plz and tgey sugessted me to the orel state medical universties

  11. Guri gurmeet says:

    hello sir I'm from India please contact me WhatsApp no.+919463980066

  12. Usman Amir says:

    Is there any English literature and linguistics course there in Russia

  13. Syed Ali Haider says:

    part time job mil jaye gi easy ya nhi or muje bataiye kesy jana ho ga apply kesy karna hai

  14. Master Mindz says:

    sir normally study cost kia hogi agar koi matric base pe russia aa raha hai

  15. MIAN SHAHID says:

    niceeee videoooo😊😊😊

  16. Bosco Kataria says:

    Thanks alot for your video i was confused about which city i choose but now I'm Determined about my Goals Thanks again

  17. Prranjal Shrivaastav says:

    The countries readily giving a Visa to pakistanis can be counted on fingers. U should abide by all that they demand and make sure that u only indulge in yr studies. U don't want those few countries to become even fewer.

  18. nightly starlight says:

    This guy didn't do masters in the US. His english in both the comments as well as the subtitles is laughably bad. Don't trust him.

  19. ROBIN DESWAL says:

    could the international students eligible for the jobs after completion of their studies, can they apply for the TR …??

  20. fawad muzzzamil says:

    Bro I am also from saintpetersburg

  21. Relaxation Station says:

    Anywhere in the world that there is a huge influx of Indians and Pakistanis there is also a huge increase in drugs, violence, discrimination, ghettos, political corruption, ceaseless warfare, hate groups and terrorism and the entire Midde East, North America South Africa are excellent examples of this!

  22. hamza malik says:

    bro can we do migration russia to germany if u r foregen student ?

  23. Click Mintaka says:

    Hi. I am ISMAIL from Hunza Pakistan. I am web designer and developer. If you want to visit to come to Pakistan. You can contact me without any hesitation. I will guide you propery and visit you all historical areas..
    You can call me at:
    Mob: No: 0092-3105688263
    My Youtube Channal: click- Mintika
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Thanks and wish you best luck:

  24. Click Mintaka says:

    Hi. I am ISMAIL from Pakistan. I want to to Russia for software business. Can you guide me about software market in Russia.
    Is it easy for me to get citizenship easily in russia.
    Please inform me soon.

  25. Goldy Baba says:

    per month income Russia

  26. omair sohail says:

    Awaz to nikal

  27. The African woman says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  28. punjabi boy says:

    Bro i m frm india muje aap plzz y btaaiy kii muje MBA in international bussiness me addmision lena hai MOSCOW ya apki city me to total kitna money lagega plzz

  29. jehanzeb khan says:

    hi i am jehanzeb khan aur me pharm D student ho is sal mere graduation complete hojae gi then i want to apply for MD in russia aur me apni field me job b karna chahta hn in russia kia ye possible hai please guide me and fees kitni pay krni pary gi MD k leay

  30. Rizwan Ali says:

    Assalamualaikum .sub doston ko Mera Salam araz ha.bhai log AP SE ek mashwara karna ha MN Rizwan ali from Pakistan samundri se hn.bat un ha k meray pass 2 year ki Dubai ka Taxi ka experience ha aur aub MN Russia ana chata hn tu kaya koi mujh ko Bata sakta ha yahan PE MN Dubai k license PE job kr sakta hn Yar dusra yahan PE job earning kaisi ha?

  31. Harsh Verma says:

    Can I get your number please?

  32. Ansary M. Muhtasim Sifat says:

    Is there any Electrical related engineering job in Russia after having Masters degree on related field?????What time do they provide for work permit.???

  33. Puneet Teotia says:

    Ali bhai… Students visa pe shadi kar sakte h russia mein?

  34. Deep Das says:

    I'm from India, can I apply for p.hd in Russia, do I have to learn russian language to survive…. Hope u answer me bhaijaan…

  35. Sajid shame says:

    how to take engineering addmission in russia please help me

  36. Davi Monteiro says:

    How much rublos do I need for living for 1 month in Saint Petersburg? (Basic Life) How much rublos do I get if I work on Saint Petersburg at the night and studying during the day per 1 month?

  37. Anik Das says:

    Please suggest me best madical univercity in Moscow or sent Peter barg

  38. HAFIZ ARSLAN says:

    Assalam o alikum Ali Bhai.
    Thanks for informative videos. I have been selected for scholarship for MSc Robotics at Innopolis University Russia. To apply for Study Visa, there is a requirement

    1) HIV Test Certificate
    2) Medical Fitness Certificate

    Can I get these certificates from any hospital or some special hospitals of Pakistan are authorized to give these certificates ???

  39. Talha Rajpoot says:

    Visa kitna ka h

  40. Fenestrane Ladderane says:

    Something's way much wrong with this guy!

  41. study,fun and musical life in russia says:

    can i have your phone num i also want admision there

  42. akash khan says:

    Salaam sir I am from Pakistan tell me tuition fee of MBBS per year in saintpeterburg

  43. Michael Dunham says:

    That's an old visa

  44. Saeedjan Lehri says:

    Asalam alikum bro, i am Sohail Ahmed from Pakistan, is there any college where English language is being spoken? because i can't speak russian but alhamdulilah i can speak English hence i want English college, and i want to know that can pakistani students work part time ?

  45. Ayush Choubey says:

    wah sir ji aapki baat sunkr aacha lg rha he bohot

  46. Maxwell White says:

    Is part time job for a student( medical student) that has to to heavy machinery(excavator operator)·

  47. BBJ BBJ says:

    Sir salary kitni milti he month me

  48. sports and information says:

    Kahan ha link???

  49. Laiba Jamal says:

    Thank you sir,I am planning to do my bachelor's from Moscow same university in video,And yeah want to settle there after education ….guide me please..

  50. Jaspreet Singh Toor says:

    This company is cheat with me 90000 russian rubble.they take advance money from me but not return.if any quiry contact with me whats app +79643272346

  51. Mahmud khan says:

    Let us know job facility in Russia , Student can work weekly 20 hours, how much student can earn monthly? How to work facility for the Moscow city & St. Petersburg. If any one go Russia for Russian language program 1 year then he can convert his visa to business or Work. Let us know the budget One year enrollment & accommodation separately. my age 40 years.

  52. clouth guide says:

    Sir aapke email I'd kya hain
    Aapse kuch swal hain

  53. clouth guide says:

    Sir ribbts me koi member hindi Janta ho usss se mujhe prichit kawain

  54. hafiz hassaan says:

    bhai jan russia PR dta hai ky nae

  55. jazzyking says:

    Bros and sisters its fraud i with send you link with all the proofs soon that they are charging double than fee and they will rip you off and you will pay double then what you meed to pay to come here
    Anyone cane contact me on Facebook ch ijaz sarwar or ijaz_ [email protected] Com on Facebook and my email id is [email protected] to get proofs

  56. H Khan says:

    what about nizhny novgorod state linguistics university? ????

  57. MS Anwer says:

    The voice is coming down very little

  58. Visit the World with Abubakar says:

    Me russia me Mbbs krna chahta hun please muje guide krein

  59. Nayeem Nayeem says:

    Brother I have finished my intermediate 2016 now2018 I study Russia for MBBS I can admitted if I am being able to MBBS how cost are need for every year.

  60. Fraz Ahmad basit says:

    Assalamo Alaikum Russia 🇷🇺 matric karne k bad ga sakte hai wahan ga kar languge course par work kar sakte hai aur language course complete hone par age matric se age study continue kar sakte hai please guide.

  61. raheel dilawar says:

    Salaam sir, hope you are doing well.
    I just started to watch your amazing videos about Russia. And I also want to go for language course of Russian language lead to degree program.
    Can you tell me that how much bank statement will be required??

  62. Yasir Palari says:

    Dear sir I want come to Russian will you help me plz

  63. Momin shoaib Ahmed says:

    Sir how to learn Russian Language
    Plzz Guide

  64. Muhammad Hamza Waseem says:

    Scholarship ka btao yr MS in Computer Sciences Subjects mn

  65. cricket hai mera junoon says:

    Secondary education k liye apply kr skte hain

  66. cricket hai mera junoon says:

    Yes school mei chaye wo language k liye q na ho udr job k sth

  67. cricket hai mera junoon says:

    22 hai jinab

  68. Adeel Iqbal says:

    Bhai Jaan Russia mn minimum wage Kiya Hain students k liye or future Pakistan se Kitna acha h Russia

  69. Sujan Sitaula says:

    One year russian language course leading to degree may trp melayga sir..

  70. Sujan Sitaula says:

    Sir sab log ktay he k russia bakwas he russia mat jawo sab log russia say wapas aaraha he kyun ke waha par kaam he nahe milta salary bhe aacha nahe melta sab log ktay he k russia say aacha toe somalia he …kya yea sach he sir kya waha par kaam nahe melta he kya waha par survive karna yetna muskil he sir aagar job nahe melayga toe ksay survive hoga wudar..

  71. Manish Gamer says:

    I have apply for russia and soon i will be there. They told me that they will extend my visa after 3 months.

  72. Syed Inayathulla says:

    Is studying masters degree in petroleum engineering in Russia good

  73. hasnad1 says:

    salam sir please can you tell me names of you have universities in your panel .
    by email my email is this [email protected]

  74. Junaid-Unar says:

    Thank you so much for the video brother. I love Russia ever since I heard the name, its been more than 15 years. I truly love Russia. I will be there some day Inshallah

  75. Kashif Mehmmod says:

    Hi ali send me ur whatsap number plz i want study visa plx

  76. sunny8727 says:

    Will u provide us job during study

  77. Drsamk says:

    I am also interested but want to know how much a student can earn in russia while studying

  78. JAGDISH K PARMAR says:

    Bhai jaan itna btao college m fee hum khud bhar skte h Kya….

  79. Abdul Basit says:

    Kb tk Russia ki nationality kb tk mil jati ha

  80. Abdul Basit says:

    AP kha job krty hai?

  81. Abdul Basit says:

    Thora informative video bnae to zda motivational bne gi

  82. INnoXenT Faadii says:

    Pls tell me wage rate per hour worker is there forigners can easily full fill expenditature and living cost. How much they earn in one month. I am coming to russing to continueing my studies. I am from Pakistan.

  83. Nouman Ali Jutt says:

    Sir complete information provide kr dyny..

    part time job kr skty hn master ky sath.?

  84. Mizfar Jameel says:

    Thank You So Much Sir.

  85. Milan Thapa says:

    Computer science ka study kaisa hai?

  86. Gourav Kaushik says:

    Sir Abhi meri master khtm hone wali h or PhD krni h Russia se chemistry me

  87. Gourav Kaushik says:

    So please guide me

  88. Findian Lifestyle says:

    Hello sir as a student can open account.

  89. anilkumar naik says:

    Sir I have completed Bachelor of Science in Agriculture can i get any job in Russia related to Agriculture Please tell me sir..

  90. Bungerboy Bunger says:

    helo sar rasya ky leye age kitni honi chahye and study gap

  91. harishchandra deshmukh says:

    Sir kya Mai second PG kar sakata hu kya .. Maine PHYSICS Mai master kie hai ..

  92. Umar Raza says:

    Sir asi university bataen jahan ziyada tar pakiatan students hn plz or nomal cost vali university bhi bataen plz maine abhi inter pass kia ha

  93. syed zamab says:

    sir i'm really trying to access ribttes but they are not guide me properly because i want to get admission in sept intake sian peterburg polytechnique university and university admission coordinator said that you need to contact with ribttes

  94. Blue Paradise says:

    I want B2B relationship.Can you provide me your WhatsApp??

  95. Frosty says:

    Hello, sir.
    All Russian govt universities offer courses in only Russian? Isn't there any university that offers courses in English for bachelor's in computer science? Is it compulsory to learn Russian for bachelor's? and how long does it take for one to learn the language?

  96. Saad Khawn says:

    Mbc walo ko kia bolein ke Russia me Kun prhna chahty hein

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