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and i was like… so dont ask about my grade you dont have to pay for anything science in Korean? hi guys welcome to my channel in this video i gathered 5 common questions that you guys have been asked me about the university i just gonna answer it here actually i also replied you guys but i also want to make a video so let’s get started ohh wait im studying in Korea at Ewha university im a full time student from if you guys curious about that let’s get started now the first question is they have both Korean taught courses and the English one actually it depends on you which one are you gonna take for example, for my department they have an organic chem the English one, and they also have it in Korean so basically they have both in Korean and in English but another case for example the lab class they only have it in Korean it also depends on the professor if they gonna open the class at that semester or not the problem with an English class is that when i get into the class they just teach me in Korean i have experienced this thrice i went to the office, and they just told me that it depends on the professor and i cant do anything they have that case guys and i was like how am i gonna do that but i never experienced this kind of thing with liberal art courses professors are really good in English if you are gonna take the liberal art courses i dont think you have to worry about that this leads to the next question Do i have to learn Korean before going there? a tricky one in order for you to apply here im talking about Ewha though you dont need it but, English is not their first language so they gonna use Korean more than English obviously also do to the problem that i told you before so it’s better for you to know Korean i started to learn Korean 3 months before i actually went there it’s kind of too late i know how to read and write and… know how to in introduce myself that’s the basic thing so i decided to take Korean class i started a level1 again at Ewha and it was a waste of time cause i have to take like 12 hours a week of Korean class so i recommend you to take the Korean before coming here there cause im now in Thailand the next question is umm… it’s easier to make foreigner friends then Korean friends there are so many factors that make it easier for us we are foreigners, so we kind of like get the feeling and know the feeling of each other and there are a lot of like exchange students also full time students but for Korean friends.. i would say that yeah it’s a little bit harder also because my Korean skill is not that good i have goal that im gonna talk more, and im gonna have more Korean friends just try to change myself first cause i feel like the reason that im not having a lot of Korean friends is because i also dont try to adjust myself yeah and sometimes i got ignored from them when i tried to we were waiting outside of the class, and i was like…ummm “are we at the right class?” something like that didnt even finish the whole sentence and she was like “no no” but i also have good, nice friendly friends senior but i mean like it’s harder for me to make Korean friends than foreigner friends so that’s why i recommend you to learn Korean before cause it’s gonna be easier for you to make friends easier for you to live imagine you have to learn Science in Korean….. so dont ask about my grade next question is Where do i learn Korean from? i just studied it in Thailand a private class when i went to Korea i just take the class that the university provided oh oh for the first level i took the class that was during the vacation time the winter time for 2 months yeah about that for the level 2 and 3 i took during the semester and it was a waste of time i mean like i dont hate it you didnt get any credit from that right so you have more subjects to take, but your credits were just like the same as other people it’s just tiring and i was exhausted and the last question is did i get the scholarships? this is a heartbroken question guys haha just kidding it’s ok you can ask me soo i didnt get any scholarships when i filled the application form they gonna ask if you want to apply for the scholarship or not and i was like “yes” but i didnt get it there were like 3 essay questions i forgot about the question guys im so sorry my friend however got it and she said that someone called her and make an interview so if you apply for Ewha, and someone called you it means that you got a scolarship there are many type of them the scholarships the one that provide everything for you is the EGPP tuition fee the dorm you dont have to pay for anything and there is another type ISS for international students they gonna give you a tuition fee for like 4 years another one is 2 years and 1 year but, all of the scholarships if you get it you have to maintain your grades and also the other one like you have to work for the university i just gonna put the link down below so that you guys can find more about the details those are the 5 questions if you have more questions that you want to know although if you are interested in other university or other major i have some seniors who live at other universities too i can ask from them so if you have any questions any any questions you can just leave the comment and some of you actually DM me you dont have to leave the comment like DM is fine so thank you for watching, and i hope that it helps you guys bye bye see you on the next one~

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12 thoughts on “Study in Korea [Q&A]”

  1. วันชัย ดีเลิส says:

    Ahaa!! I would like to know about the night life at the university.

  2. Eva says:

    Do you can speak Korean???

  3. Miria Cavalcante says:

    A new videeeo <3 I love it!

  4. madria diano says:

    may I know how old are you? am I allowed to study during my 12th grade?

  5. Evija J says:

    Can you do a dorm room tour?

  6. Bubble tea says:

    Are the journalism classes taught in English or korean? It would really help me a lot if you could answer that. 🙂

  7. Victoire says:

    Wow I just found out about your channel and since I am going to Ewha as an exchange student for my last undergraduate year and am planning on staying in Korea for my master degree, Do you know any graduate students who could help me on how to apply ? 🙂

  8. Nurhanis Shahanim says:

    Hello, i want to ask, is it true that we must have $10,000 in our bank to study in Korea? And how much is the budget that you prepared before you going to Korea?

  9. ali alizadeh eslami says:

    nice video, please check my video for living and studying in Korea too ^^ and I appreciate to have your comments:

  10. Эй Не says:

    Hello 👋 thank you for the video. When you applied, which language certificates did you have? At that time, did you study at a Thai university? If so, are university grades required? Were Your GPA higher than 85% when you applied? Waiting for your answer and I will be very grateful if you answer 😊😊😊

  11. 2 users says:

    How about nursing or health sciences?

  12. Aleeki N. says:

    Hi! Dont know if this is a relevant question but Im planning on applying for the EGPP and wonder how much allowance you get? Is it enough for daily living as in for food, clothes, pads/tampons, care products? Or do you have to work? I have social anxiety and I want to avoid working to support myself!

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