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Hello everyone! Hopefully you all are good This video is going to be very important for those people who are planning to apply to Germany for higher education so take out some time for today’s video and make sure to watch it till the end because it include many things that might help you in future since the video is on education so let me tell you my educational qualifications I did bachelor’s engineering from NUST univeristy and then I completed my master’s degree in Energy science and technology from Ulm university, Germany I am actually sitting right in front of my university there it is lets go inside sunshine is quite strong here so after completing my masters I am now working in fuel cell development and testing field the information that I am about to give you now is based on my personal experiences lets talk about it in detail but not here lets go home without wasting any time lets begin The first thing you need to know before applying in German universities is the type of universites One is public and the other is private. The fees of Public universities is almost close to 0. each semester you only have to pay in between 150 – 300 euros it varies according to the university in case of private universites here you have to pay quite a bit of money and the fees varies according the course and university usually its much higher than public universities also in public univerisities there is one exceptional case In Germany there are different provinces like bayen, baden, hessen etc.. other than Baden wuerttemberg all other provinces offers almost free education but in Baden wuerttemberg you have to pay around 1500-2000 euros each semester also in public universities aswell so if you get admission in this provice you have to pay this fees even in public universites ( its still cheaper than private unversities fees) I thought of telling this in advance in case to avoid any confusing When I was studying here (2 years ago) they charged me only 160 euros per semester but now the same exact university is charging the students 1500 euros per semester next comes the German education system its quite important to understand this that higher education (known as hochshule) consist of two main sub-branches first comes the fachhochschule (Technical college) and the other is universität/ technische universität in fachhochschule the course curriculum is oriented more towards the practical side it includes compulsory interships aswell so the course try to link you more to industury while the courses in universität/ technische universität are more research oriented courses so if you are planning to apply for a phD after completing your masters then I would recommend you to apply in universität/ technische universität its gonna be easier for you to get a phD after that compare to that of fachhochshule Fachhochschule give you the Master in Engineering degree while universität/ technische universität give you the master of science degree So now that you know which type of university you want to apply in next comes where to find your course related universities I looked it up from the webside known as here you can search for different universities let me give you the practical demo how to search uni’s using DAAD website start with opening the website convert it in to english language I guess most people would be more convenient with it next click on the study programmes in Germany and enter the keyword for the course that you want to apply in it will show you all related courses I studied in energy and here you go you can see the courses you can add filters aswell like click on masters if you want to apply in masters also you choose the field of study engineering or natural science or any other infact ofcourse it depends on you which field you want to go also you can choose the specific area you want to study in next comes the courses language if you want to choose the german course you must have certain knowledge of german language there are also different levels starting from A1 to C1. it depends on the requirement of university that how much level they need most people comes from asian countries prefer to study in english language since their prior education is in english. hence you can choose the english language course so by adding different filters you will be able to find the desired course quite easily till then you must know how to search the universities let me take a breathe my throat is dry man shit my legs are numb going for a walk ok I am active again next step is how to apply in the university keep that in mind that some universites will ask you to send your application documents directly like what my university did after that they will check your documents and will inform you if you get the admission or not while some universities won’t directly take your documents they ask you to send your documents via Uni assist Uni assist will take your documents and will match it with the requirements of the university if your application match the requirements of the university only then Uni assist will forward your documents to the university Uni assist won’t give you the admission only university will decide weather to give you the admission or not so uni assist will simply take your application, verify it and will send it to the university this way universites will save themselve from useless applications and their processing will become much easier around 65-75% of the German universities use this indirect process of application they just won’t take your application directly since uni assist doesn’t belong to our unlce they will ask for the fees πŸ˜€ they will charge you 75 euros when you apply in the first university via uni assist if you apply in more than university via uni assist they will charge you 30 euros each afterwards suppose you applied in 5 universities via uni assist for the 1st application they will charge you 75 euros and then for the second one they are going to charge you 30 euros each so you can go on apply in as many universities as you want via assist it will cost you some you can send your application to as much universities as you want now comes the next thing which the application requirements 75-85% German universities generally demands following application documents so listen to it carefully its quite important first thing ofcourse they will look for your grades (degree/transcript) transcript generally includes the grades of each subject and the degree states the overall result many people ask this questions about the grades that if they have a lower gpa will they be able to get the admission or not this I can´t guarantee you only university can tell you this different universities have different gpa requirements some demands 75% minimum gpa some demands more while other might demands less aswell so it basically varies according to the universities of you have 3.0+ gpa (75%) its usually good enough to get you the admission don`t worry if your grades aren´t that good there are many other europeon countries aswell where gpa requirements aren´t that high.. Like spain, norway, italy etc. (in case you didn’t able to make it in german universities) because mostly german universities demands good gpa compare to the rest of europe but at the same time I know many people who’s gpa were less than 65-70% and they are still studying here in german universites next comes the letter of motivation this is actually quite important here they want to know about your motivation to study this course what’s your future plans after you are done with the course or what are going to contribute after getting this degree what are you planning to learn from this course and what are you gonna do with it next why basically are you so motivated to learn this course so its very important just keep that in mind and put real focus while writing this 3rd thing would be the letter of recommendation this has to be written by your university prof. I would recommend you to get 3-4 letter of recommendations from different profs and to those professors who are atleast phD (have a strong academic and research profile) so get it from those profs where your reputation is good πŸ˜€ after that you need a proof of language test most German universities demands IELTS/Toefl to know your language skills slide requirements are shown in the slide In case if you studied your past degree in English language you might have a chance to get in the german university without giving IELTS/Toefl test for that you have to get a letter from your universitythat your course was in English language and then show that letter to the university you are applying here in Germany but remember it won’t work with every single university in Germany. Since most universities in Germany ask for IELTS or Toelf test even if your previous course was in english language so you have to check it with the university requierement where you are interested in applying Man I wish I would get this information before I was applying (Your welcome :D) Also add the internship experience if you have one and make sure to add the work experience since it also matters a lot specially in case if your gpa is not that good so that was it for today’s video hopefully now you will have the general idea of many things in order to apply I know you still might have a lot of questions in your mind so just write it down below in the comment section I am going to read it and will try to answer asap and if you like the video do like it this way I will know that you guys are interested in such topics and I will try to make more videos like this one and don’t forget to subscribe the channel to keep updated with the informative topics which you might find quite useful in future see you guys in the next vlog Bye πŸ™‚

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