Study in Denmark – Vlog by Ricardo from Portugal

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My name is Ricardo, I’m from Portugal, I’m 22,
and currently I’m halfway through my master in robotics. This is where I have lectures. One of the things that is different here in Denmark,
from Portugal is that: You have like, half of the lecture, and then
the rest is just project work. The lecture took like 15 minutes, and now we’re
just gonna get to the lab, to work again, on the robots. What you see now, is one of my projects this semester,
one course that I have. It’s a human hand, I designed it. In the morning I set up the 3D printer,
to print one of my hands. It takes like 11 hours or something. I just got home from shopping, and I have groceries. For people that want to live healthy, Denmark is
a good choice, there are a lot of things available. I’m making dinner, I’m gonna make spaghetti,
with chicken steaks. Dinner is ready! My two German flatmates told me,
they are gonna have some friends over, so, maybe I’ll join them. 5 germans, and they still throw a pizza to the floor… It’s just past 7:30, and I’ve had dinner already. This is kind of a big difference,
between Denmark and Portugal. I would only have dinner at, I don’t know,
let’s say 8, 8:30, 9, sometimes 10. But here everything starts earlier. What I’m gonna do now is just,
watch a TV show or something, to relax a bit. And then I will just call my father and my mother,
like I always do.

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