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[Upbeat music] Arts and Letters really lets you ask those important questions. I think differently about EVERYTHING now. [Upbeat music] This research project allowed me to dive into a topic I’m really passionate about. [Upbeat music] We’re thinking about
the impact, we’re trying to be compassionate, and we’re trying to do something that’s really worthwhile for the world. [Upbeat music] If you’re looking for something that you can apply to any career path, this is it, and it’s going to allow me to have a lot of great opportunities moving forward. [Upbeat music] The liberal arts education was a great
foundation for what I’ve been able to focus on my career. The more balanced liberal arts education really set me up to succeed. Arts and Letters forces you to
go and think beyond what’s traditionally and conventionally accepted. [Upbeat music]>>Kendra: We hire quite a few liberal arts majors
from Notre Dame.>>Nick: You could be in marketing in a client-facing role, in investments, finance, accounting…>>Angela: Project management, technical services, training…>>Erin: It’s really important that we have
people that can think about our business in different ways.>>Nick: Those skills that liberal
arts majors tend to bring will be extremely important and help you be
successful. [Upbeat music]

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