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What we want of our graduates is that they
have the five Rs. That
is, they’re resilient, they’re reflexive, they’re responsive, they’re
ready to learn, and they’re research-engaged. We prepare teachers to teach from birth right
through to high school, so we have double degrees in psychology, education,
in arts education, science and education, and we also offer graduate
entry programmes. We produce highly-employable graduates. For example, our graduates get
96% and 97% on the national literacy and numeracy tests, which is well
above the national average. So here at Macquarie, we have a lot of people
come and teach us. It’s not just academics who have never been
in the field. It really
benefits from that, real world experience that they bring to the table. I feel like you learn so much in just a short
period of time. Mia Mia is a long day programme. It plays a big role in the
university. It is a good place for students studying the
early childhood degree to see quality education. It definitely laid the foundation for
me to continue to grow in my own professional career. I chose the Bachelor of Education 0-12 degree
because of its focus on early childhood learning, as well. I spent four weeks in
[inaudible] at the end of 2016 doing a placement there in a
Year 2 class and, by far and away, the best part of my degree. The students studying the post grad can have
a placement where the research they are studying is being implemented
and they have the opportunity to be part of the classroom, be
mentored, and then also try and implement some of what they’ve been taught
in their course. Honestly, choosing Macquarie was the best
decision that I made for my education. I found that choosing teaching at Macquarie
meant that I was given access to evidence-based practise
by leading researchers and also experienced teachers, which ensured that
my learning wasn’t disconnected from the classroom, but at every
stage, it was applied to real-life classroom context, which meant that
when I went on prac, I was able to be a confident and a competent teacher.

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