Study business at Northern State University

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I’m Morgan I’m an international business
major with a minor in economics I chose Northern because I really wanted
to go to a small school that had a strong community and being able to study what I love – which is business. My name is Olaf, I’m an NSU grad, I was a finance major there and I’m a business development banker at Dacotah Bank. As a business development banker I work with local business owners, service-based, retail, anything like that, and help them solve their financing problems. Northern is an awesome school for business because it’s a very intimate setting you get to know your professors, you have awesome fellow students from
all over the world. Both of the internships I had before I graduate were because of Northern’s School of Business. The faculty helped me get
those internships which led to the career I’m in today. If you’re interested in business at all, Northern State is definitely a place for you. If you want to study business you’ve got to come to Northern!

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