Study Abroad Seminar – Feature – (2019)

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Study Abroad Seminar Texas A&M University-Kingsville (MUSIC) Nicolette Dacke: so today we’re doing our first study
abroad fair this is an opportunity for our office to showcase the variety of
programs that we have available to our TAMUK students. Attending the study
abroad program benefits more than just getting taken care of that credit or
visiting a country for a short term period, it also can have long-term
effects and benefits to their academic careers their personal career their
personal development as well as their future career goals. Katrina Sacurom: Well I went on to
study abroad programs the first was when I was a freshman and that was to Japan
and I think that really kicked off my interest in international affairs,
especially because we worked with the university so there were other students
just like ourselves but in another country and especially because it was
geared toward my interests in political science and that helped me venture into
another study abroad program which was based in Bhutan for approximately a week
and a half and then in India for the rest of the program. Jason Almaraz: I wanted to get
to know what it’s like over there overseas, I would like to experience
different cultures that the students can learn about other cultures learn how
other places look it’s a good opportunity for students to really get
out there and see what the world is like outside of the United States. you

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