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My name is Tora, I’m from Thailand and I’m studying Fashion Marketing Management at Masters degree. My first impression is
this university is very huge, there’s many campuses, the Llandaff campus, the Cyncoed campus and people here are really nice. The lecturers, they always
say ‘thank you’, they always smile to you, they will help you with many things. The course that I
choose to study here is, I think it is very relevant to what I’m doing and I think
the professors or lecturers here have a lot of experience in that industry, in the
fashion industry, so yes. So I study like luxury brand management, about like
marketing channels, how to create a brand, how to create awareness of the brand, how
to do the marketing of a luxury brand, or what luxury brands stand for. The staff here
are really nice, they will help us, they help the international students. The first day
that I came to the University I didn’t know where I have to go or which room I
have to study in, so I ask the staff and the staff always told me everything. You
have to go this way and turn left, then this way, they’re kind of like parents to me! I enjoy walking to the city centre because there are many things there and there are many people
and sometimes there will be some musicians, like playing some violin,
some musical instrument in the city centre and I love to listen to their music.
I didn’t expect that people will be this friendly, a lot of people smile,
especially in Cardiff, many people smile to me, they are very friendly, they help me. The first day that I came here I go to Marks and Spencer to buy some bed sheets, a
pillow, and the woman there was very nice and friendly and they helped me to put a pillow in the pillow sheet. They help me with everything and I was like wow, it’s very nice! I enjoy travelling, because this is my first time in UK and
this is my first time in Europe, so I would like to see the buildings, I would
like to see culture, I would like to meet many people from different cultures. This is
what I enjoy the most, I enjoy to meet many people, to see many
places, to travel to the shores, travel to the iconic places. When I’m finished
studying I’ll plan to use the knowledge and experience that I get from the
university to apply to my company and grow my company to be a global fashion
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