STORYTIME: Je vous raconte un de mes tournages à Los Angeles!


Good Morning, good evening, I hope you’re doing great Glad to find you here for a new video I know it’s super weird to make a storytime standing up Honestly I feel like I’m doing my lawyer oral exam or something like that But I’ve been trying to find a spot with a good light for 25 min in this f******* house Well I get it, I start super late and decide at 5pm that i’m gonna film, knowing that I have no lighting anyway So it”s gonna happen here So today I’m going tell you more about one of my first filming experiences in LA. It happened a year ago, and we filmed it like, 8 months ago It was a medium lengh movie An they were looking for actors who know how to dance I saw the audition call, I was like yeah I dance, I can do everything In matter of auditionning I can do everything, I can learn everything for you Horse riding, fencing, anything you want, just tell me, I learn So I said yes, but I mean, americans I mean in the image I have of them, they’re super serious dancers, when they can dance, they CAN DANCE So I come in, and I’m not a “real” dancer, like I took a few classes, I can dance a little, but well… So I come in for the audition They didnt test our dance level, but just our acting, like in a scene 2 weeks later, I got the part, and a few weeks after, we started filming So that day I arrive, I’m so ready, I go in for makeup and clothes choices like we gotta choose the clothes for each scene I wait for my turn and then it’s time to go film I get in the room, and first scene they wanna shoot is the DANCE scene We didn’t talk about it before or plan a choreography, nothing There was a choreographer that day, and they told me Alright you just go in the middle, follow everyone and learn the steps I started panicking, but acted totally as if everything was fine and great like I’m super confident and I got this I get there, get in the middle, follow the moves, do my best, they had CRAZY MOVES anyway Seriously, she can never say that this wasn’t dedication, I gave it all, I’m sure it was okay we take 20 min to learn it, and then, go, time to film we start, put the music on, first take, there’s just One move I missed, I thought nobody will notice that’s okay, I’m sure they do this in movies! There must be 1 actor that misses 1 move and they don’t notice we keep going, once, twice, and that’s when everything gets worse cause when we finish that scene, the director goes Maud, hummm, can you do a dance solo? And I was like well I said I’m a dancer, so I guess technically yes, so i look at her and say Ha Ha, YES OF COURSE She’s like happy and stuff And I actually thought that the choreographer would create a choreography and I would follow it I thought okay that’s something I can do! But she’s like okay, actually I want you to improvise it all I started panicking way more But I keep pretending it’s all great shes starts a whole speech explaining You have to dance and let the emotion get inside of you and at the end of the solo you fall on the floor and you cry! I thought wow what am I gonna do! She’s expecting a whole lot of crazy beautiful moves! I tell her okay I just need a min She’s like yes of course, She looks at me, looks at the camera person, and says ACTION They start the music, I start I GAVE IT ALL I put my whole heart in it Did my best, turned, jumped Anything I could remember from every single american movie I’ve seen my whole entire life And it was more like, a contemporary dance You know big moves, large steps huge jumps Which I usually love but anyway So I start, do my thing, fall on the floor like she said And like, tears don’t come So I keep my head down, and I think it’s okay just pretend She’s like greast amazing, she calls the camera person “come here closer” Cause you know we can cut the sound for these types of takes She’s like “closer” He comes this close to my face And then she says now look up I took a deep breath, and looked up like this What do you want me to do, I just did She said cut, and was like, great! So we started the second take I focus really hard, do my thing, fall on the floor This time tears come down my face so it’s okay So that’s great when she says look up I’m crying I didnt need to pretend anymore, like Pretending you’re crying feels like the worse thing ever It’s horrible you feel stupid But anyway, after that I’m happy everybody’s happy and satisfied We start the next scenes, BUT then The camera man can’t find the footage anymore * looking for the french word* So I did all that, and the file is lost??? LOST??? All my soul in that dANCING SCENE That hurts, won’t do it again The director was so so angry That was rough But the thing is it was to late, on set it can be super expensive to rent a specific place to shoot So if you wanna add one hour, it can change the whole budget of the movie So the film is out, I haven’t seen it yet So I don’t know if they found a way to keep the scene or not Beside that there were a few other scenes, like in one I was Kidnapped That was so much fun, I had to be scared and everything Some guys kidnapped us in a van, then we were rescued I also had to take care of another girl, who was a little younger And protect her from others, like “who are you” and stuf ” I don’t trust you” “I don’t belive you” I act way better then that in real life lmao That was cool, and the thing is that scene was an added scene Some directors like to improvise last minute scenes Like for this one, we got the lines 5 min before filming It was just one page, so that was do-able That was super interesting we got damaged clothes, Water on us in our hair chest and stuff And that day was cooooold, it was around santa monica beach It’s a beach in LA It’s one of the coldest sides of LA, especially when it’s chilly, its colder there … Well anyway, there was also a yoga scene, and I’m not a yogi Yogi? that’s the word right? yeah But well, I did it all, tried not to shake all the positions like, the down dog, down wa? down? downward dog? the V, I’ll call the V That was especially painful, for takes, when you needed to say something specific at a specific time You sometimes had to keep the position for loooong But it was fun For a start here that was really cool It was a great experience Iabsolutely loved working with a team like that Just wanted to share this with you all a little I could also talk a bit more about the more technical side of filmings how is it, with details about every job, the stylist makeup artist the whole crew and what they have to do If you’re interested, let me know, I answer on instagram or here in comments And, even if you don’t want I’ll still talk about it If you enjoyed this subscribe Leave a like, a comment, follow me

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