Storytelling of a omelette corporation with #AJOGADA

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Hello world, my name is Rodrigo, I’m the
author of this gamification system called #AJOGADA, and this video is to show you how you gonna use our free game-kit for managing your business or personal projects with two very simple and open tools: a modeling canvas and a
online Blance Sheet. The meaning of the world “jogada”, in Brazilian Portuguese,
means a “leap” that works as a game changer event. A movement that turns the table of the game, and suddenly, inverts the situation of a problem. It’s a word
very used on soccer but also used in the business world. So #AJOGADA is the name of this technique that contains algorithms from project management and agile management philosophies inside a disruptive interface that can be easily
printed or drawn on any surface to help you structuring projects with holistic
vision to detect blind spots and preventing losses with prolonged trial
and error cycles in the developing a solution. Save this video because I bet
with you these tools will make you more money than any other tool in your life
or office. Like a computer, cellphone, car… Because it’s the only tool that will
help you to use all the other tools we with STRATEGY.
So, this is our 4D Valuation Balance Sheet Designed to help you to structure the valuation of any type of traditional or creative business. How to evaluate
companies like game studios or design agencies? The same way you make the
valuation of a farm of or restaurant? So this balance sheet will help you to see
that, but distributing the data from your cash flow in different layers, taking
commercial, operational, tactical, strategic and existential layers of
management, and putting in perspective with your current revenue, with your current EBITDA, your current valuation, and your current
stage of evolution, in comparison to your five-year long term goal of valuation.
Giving you perspective of how much you have to be selling and
profiting with a hypothetical product, to be able to have a massive
revenue, supporting in a massive valuation, that will in the end rank your business going from a food-truck, between zero and 100k. Into a restaurant, from 100k to
1 million, to store from 1m to 10m, to a supermarket, from 10m
to 100m, from 100m to a 1 billion you are a shopping mall, until you become the legendary unicorn. But together with this incredible
spreadsheet there is also an incredible mandala shaped board game that you can print and use it as you wish, that works like a 4D Excel, that will help you to you
to see your assets with the right side of your brain. Being able to make more
creative links between them. But when you have both things together you’re gonna
feel that you have more brilliant ideas that will make you feel very exciting
and energized with it all the time. To the point it can be sometimes dangerous,
because makes me feel you can work stoplessly, without never getting tired,
because you create such dopamine flow, that it gives you this endless energy
sensation, so remember to enjoy well your contemplation breaks because
they are when we effectively learn and thus we evolve. If you don’t do that we
keep repeating the same mistakes. So, speaking about contemplation, I will show you how to make an omelette, using the board, and crossing it with something
called: The Hero’s Journey. But to prove the concept I will narrate it as a quest of
you inventing a omelette specialized business, that later becomes a franchise.
So, one day you come home at 3:00 a.m. from party, but you feel hungry. So you go in front of the fridge and open the door. That, starts a contemplation phase
element water. You look at the fridge and see that you have eggs, one tomato, and
some cheese. What could you do with it? So, in many possibilities and forms of
preparation, you decided the best way for cooking it is making an omelette. Then once you decide to make it, there is a specific kind of magic step that puts
a landmark that when crossed, can’t come backwards. This landmark is breaking the
egg. Once you break it, you can’t come back anymore, without paying the price of losing it. This is like doing a contract with Nature, that creates a penalty for
those who give up or abandon their causes in the middle. That, starts a preparation
phase, from the element Earth. So, after breaking and mixing the egg, with little
pieces of tomatoes and cheese, and setting them up on the stove, there is another landmark, that poses a point of no return. Lighting up the fire will
change the molecular structure of the substance and it can never come back,
then. Especially if you let it too long on the fire. So that starts the element
Fire and during this process moving it and mixing it to cook well, the
cook puts all its talent and signature. When timing is up to stop the fire, the
trigger that ends the Action and starts a new Contemplation, with the
appreciation of the preparation. On this contemplation phase you can stop your
mind to be able to feel again, obtaining new information that will be used for
improving your preparation process for the next time you make this omelette. So
now, imagine that two days later you feel again the will to eat that preparation
you like. And after the end of the process this time you think that you
have found a perfect formula for making it tasty and juicy, but also crocky. So
you started what could become a successful business, specialized in seven
types of ingredients, in different preparation of omelettes. Then you start
researching for possible good places for this business, or buying a food-truck.
Renting your store or buying the truck can be your point of Engage. Then after
setting up and running your business as a omelette assembly line, you figure out
you have created a efficient process and the product is good. Because it’s tasty
cheap and healthy. So you start thinking that this could easily be a franchise. So you
start projecting it’s possible valuation and the year five, learning about the
omelette world market, and looking for a lawyer specialized in franchises, to learn
how can you open your business for investors and franchisers being able
to enter the business. You start learning how to set up a franchise owners manual and instructions of supply chain, and team management. You hire a marketing agency to prepare a VIPs event for investors directed to people
of the state’s Franchise Association. So you present your numbers explaining how giant can be the omelette market, as a healthy substitution of hamburgers based on data about the stagnation of hamburger industry, because of the negative
marketing of being responsible for fires on the Amazon forest. You explain your
contract and raise so much capital that you just become instantly
richer. You just went from a food-truck to a store and you became 100 times
richer. So people that is what #AJOGADA game does. Thanks for watching this video and check our free course on personal finance gamification, and join our
training clubs, if you want me to help you on your setup. Just check up Bye bye!

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