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– Hello, Amy Smith with
Usborne Books & More. I’m going to share with
you some picture books to share a story with your child. Just snuggle up and just
enjoy your time together. Starting with one of
our pop-up fairytales. This is very exciting. Sleeping Beauty has some
beautiful pop-up pictures for you to enjoy and just engage in this classic story about the little girl who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel. My children love this story and it truly comes to
life with this version. Play Me Some Music, it’s
just a beautiful book about the joy of music and how you can enjoy it in your home. Let me open it up. Play me some music with
a quartet of strings, a swirl of fine dancers, twelve swans with white wings. There’s a beautiful
rhyming text in this one. Gorgeous illustrations. The pages are very thick and durable. All different types of children enjoying music in different occasions
and arenas of their life. That is Play Me Some Music. We also have Build Me a Home. From a treehouse to cool homes and other amazing places. You’ll see a little bit of everything in this really gorgeous volume. Again, this book also
has very durable pages and a rhyming text. Build me a skyscraper with seven hundred floors. We’ll play hide-and-seek behind all the doors. Learning about all
different types of buildings that your child can explore with you. Love this! Next, Farmers Market Surprise
is going to help your child learn how to count while having fun with some fun and silly
animals, Addy and Alice. As they are going to celebrate together. There’s so many classic
illustrations in this. I love the kind of old
school feel to this book as they learn to count together. This is Farmers Market Surprise. Next, we have Grandpa’s Favorite as well as Grandma’s Favorite. And this is your must have
if you are a grandparent and want to share with your grandchild how much you love and adore them. You will see all different grandparents in all different cultures and places around the world share reasons for why they
love their grandchildren and the experiences
you can enjoy together. I highly recommend this
for any grandparent to get for their grandchild. Next we have two new books
in our Shine-A-Light series! These are wonderful, wonderful stories and non-fiction text that you can share with your child or with your students. Dinosaurs Shine-A-Light. You’re gonna be learning
about different dinosaurs. And I gotta find one that
I can pronounce here. Tyrannosaurus Rex is
armed with a big bite. It uses its sharp eyesight and
sense of smell to spot prey. And when your child shines
the light behind the page, they’re going to see that
prey of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. These books are perfect for
your child to create a fort and go underneath with a little flashlight and just enjoy a special
time with these fun books. We also have Wonders of
Our World which I love ’cause you’re going to see so many natural and man-made places around the world. Here is of course, Petra. You’re gonna see… Petra, Jordan. You’re gonna see that shine through the gorgeous, gorgeous man-made structure. You’re going to see South
Africa, Rio de Janeiro. So may places that your child
is gonna explore in this book. We also have a new book in
our Phonics Reader series. This is a Spider in a Glider. I think that’s so fun. And this little guy is going to take an adventure on his glider. And we always have the
rhyming text in these. The glider is gleaming and ready to ride. Beetle and Spider both clamber inside. So your child is gonna be working through rhyming words and long vowels. Huff and puff. You can see that double consonant there. So many things to learn together with. This is a fun story just to read aloud, or if your child is
learning to read with you. Our next stories are our
Read with Usborne texts. We have two new ones in each level. 1, 2, 3, and 4. Let me start with 1 to show you. These books have smaller
texts on each page. It was! Elephant could squirt water, brush flies away, and pick fruit from high trees. So your child will have to
be sounding out some words but also recognizing some
with helps of the picture. Making text and picture connections. That is How the Elephant Got His Trunk. Rudyard Kipling favorite. Next, for number 2,
Little Red Riding Hood. A classic tale but you’ll see there’s more text on each page. Next for number 3, the story of Icarus. A lot more text here. Still some really lovely illustrations to help your child along who still loves to have illustrations. And finally level 4 is
going to have chapters. This is the story of Thor, which I’m really excited
to share with my son. There’s three chapters in this one about the adventures of Thor as he wrestles sea
serpents and other things. So I really highly recommend these texts. Ask your consultant for which level that they would recommend. These are so wonderful for
children just starting out. And beyond of course. Hope you found something that you may love and enjoy with your child.

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  1. Pooja Mapari says:

    Wow such a wonderful books

  2. Betty Hartman says:

    I think my favorite of these would be "Grandma's Favorite."

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    Wonders of the world was awesome!!! Love

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