STOP WASTING TIME – Part 1 | Motivational Video for Success & Studying (Ft. Coach Hite)


The one commodity that is most valuable on this earth is time. Time to love, time to live. From the moment the human body is born it begins dying. I don’t think you, you quite caught that. Let me say it again. From the moment the human body is born it begins dying. Some happen faster, some happen slower, some of us help them go faster, and some of them prevent it from happening sooner than later. How many seconds how many minutes do we waste every day doing things that are nowhere near the goals and aspirations and passions that we have inside? How many times you go through the course of a day and realize did I do anything I set out to do today? Write down those goals each and every day. No matter if there’s two goals a day if you can accomplish those then you’re doing more than just making it through the day. You are living and achieving your dreams. Find time to better yourself. Read explore, research, live life do things you’ve never thought of doing before. That’s what it’s all about. When you’re born that’s that date that they put on the left side of the tombstone. When you die they put another date on the right side of the tombstone but that dash in the middle is the most important thing on that tombstone. That is a line that throughout that entire time frame you were able to impact and touch others lives. You were able to leave your mark on this earth. You were able to build a legacy that nobody could change. You were able to have it to where people remember who you are no matter what. When you’re living for that dash in the middle you’re going to remember your why. Your why, why you’re here not, not the why, why did you do something, your why. Your, your reason for getting up in the morning. Your reason for pushing yourself past the brink of exertion and giving up. Your reason for moving on and getting things done in life. That dash in the middle that’s the thing that pushes you. How do you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in terms of your physical appearance? In terms of your health? Do you take care of yourself? Are you allowing yourself to get overweight and out of shape? Are you conscious of your health? Are you watching the food that you take into your body? Do you make a deliberate effort to exercise, you know it was George Burns, he said we cannot help getting older but we don’t have to get old and many of us get old before our time because we don’t take time to take care of ourselves. Your environment is a very good indicator on a scale of one to ten is it what you want it to be? Do you find it desirable? Are you satisfied? The job or career that you’re involved in someone said that 85% of the American public are unhappy with their jobs. Are you spending eight hours a day just doing time? Doing something that you don’t find challenging, that does not make you stretch mentally, that does not stimulate you, that does not inspire you, something that you don’t find a sense of fulfillment in it? If you’re doing that day in and day out, it has to affect how you feel about yourself, your level of motivation, your relationships. What kind of impact is that having on your life? Is it nourishing or is it a toxic relationship? Does it drain you or does it build you up? Ask yourself that. How motivated are you to do something about it? Your contribution, your actions… what are you giving? Many people will leave the universe without a trace. No one will know they were here and in fact under their name we could put under there, ‘not used up.’ Will anybody know that you came this way? What contribution are you giving? What will you leave? What will be different because you came this way? Just, just stop for a second. Write down your why. What are you doing this for in life? If your why doesn’t make you cry, that’s not your why. Again, if your why doesn’t make you cry, then that’s not your why. Your why should be something so big that it moves your family tree. Your why should be something so big that it changes the whole outlook on how things are with you and your home, your family, your religion, your purpose. Think about your passion, think about your opportunities and that’s how you find your purpose. OPP. When that why meets up with your passion, your opportunity, your purpose, then you’ll find out. The most important day in your life is the day you remember why you were born.

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  1. Andrea Heiligh says:

    Damn ok dash in the middle

  2. Mr Sunny says:

    How i retrain my brian?

  3. CaptainChickenNuggets says:

    I think he is talking about global warming when he said when you are born you are already dying

  4. Erna Wiyati says:

    Thanks very much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  5. Mobo Tech says:

    Watching these video is also a time waste

  6. Michael says:

    "If you find yourself alone in the darkness, like a candle you most become your own fuel to see the path🕯️If you do not know your path, then you must be lost and alone in the darkness until you know thy self". – MYSTERIOUS LIFE.

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  9. Sachin Rathod says:

    dont say your self as i waste my time .Because if you say like that then always your brain work like so that you fill you are wasting your instead of this ,say as i learn form my time ,i am more experience now.This give you positive energy and you fill as each movement of your life you live fully.this is my personal experience

  10. shahr ketab says:

    Who are those 2k dislikes?

  11. Hamada The king says:

    I have a dream it's travel and live in USA and I will do my best to atchive it

  12. Hajar Renate Midbrød says:

    I was expecting the soothing voice of morgan freeman since that was in the thumb nail and instead I get some dude that sounds like he is from Harlem or compton .. cant listen to it sorry … its just grating and I cant focus …

  13. Rich Doh54 says:

    I'll get to it right after a nap.

  14. Melanie Baylon says:

    Thank you 😘

  15. ii_lxnghty says:

    But im 13

  16. ninja master says:

    Stop scrolling and do it!

  17. Faheem Waqar says:

    We work not for wasting time

  18. İkranur Yapı says:

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  19. Adelwin 505 says:

    Subtitel indonesan please!!!

  20. Sagar Jadhav says:

    Life Gives you TWO options
    Pain of Discipline
    Pain of Regret

  21. Pluto Entertainment says:

    This was deep

  22. Gloom says:

    I am watching this video instead of reading…


  23. Wumbo _ says:

    Actually you don't start to die from the day your born, from the day your born to about 22 years old, your developing and new brain cells are forming. So, when you turn 22, brain cells stop forming so actually, you start to die when your about 22

  24. miss shy365days says:

    When she realize thay he's wasting so much time and it is too late to get it bacl

  25. Ayush Nishad says:

    Always remember you die next day ….. limited time to do something ……. great for yourself not care world… just 19 ..iam just lost and waste my powerful teenage

  26. Abdullah Ahmed says:

    truly amazing

  27. UBER JAY says:


  28. georgette bueza says:

    I also have a board exam this coming November,

  29. Larszkie männlicher says:

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  30. Richard Richmond says:

    The time on the laptop (at 2:25) is going backwards! Maybe it's an error, maybe it's a metaphor, we feel like time is going backwards when we're studying!

  31. hic•Rhodus•hic•salta says:

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  33. Erna Wiyati says:

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  34. Zümrete Demir says:

    I quit the job and now studying for college exam to go medical school. I'm thankful for your videos they keep me motivated and awake.

  35. Furkan Enes Bulut says:

    I am seventeen and I have a lot of thing in my mind that can doable. I have a lot of way on my life that I can go. But will I choose which one. I'll almost lose my mind? I have to choose a way, a routine, a life. I will either move forward or I'll waste my time. But now I make a decision. I have a reason that be alive on this world. I'll leave a mark for people which want to be leave a mark. I'll do what I do for people which want to change this world like me. I'll get up every day for those who want to make changes and create a company like Elon Musk.If you have a purpose that bigger than your fears you can be fearless.

  36. neena yadav says:

    Sir please make video in hindi just because i am waist time and i need it so much please make video in hindi

  37. Lelouch/ لولوش/ says:

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  38. Tammie yap says:

    love yourself
    motivate yourself
    you can do it !!

  39. jason oh says:

    I'm currently a yr12 student who really wants to become a pilot but im afraid that i wont make it to the uni i want because of my poor marks….
    plz wish me luck…

  40. Menard Mabutol says:

    After watching this video, I further realized that I had so a lot of time I wasted. How fool i am?

  41. Mike Fani says:


  42. javad zangeneh says:

    What is the time?

  43. javad zangeneh says:

    Never Never

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  46. lets care the earth says:

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    -Wise man

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  53. ivana j says:

    I wasted so much time because of depression! Now that I am not depressed again, I will push myself to work hard on myself that will compensate all the time I wasted. Still 23, currently in rock bottom, but this is where I will build my solid foundation. Good luck to everyone who's in the similar journey!

  54. valak demon says:

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  55. Syed Naseebzai says:

    It requires a considerable courage to maintain your life by giving an apple pie order to all the activities you are connected to. Once, activities of worth your time and energy captures you, is the day to celebrate your success loud and proud with the infusion of excitement and ecstasies.

  56. winny moraa says:

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    I am really thankful that YouTube existed :< I keep on wasting time doing unproductive things and I just realized that I have to get my shit together. Thank you so much for uploading this kind of videos!

  63. Isabelle Chad says:

    I waste my time about a year from January until now Oct. I never felt I was in rest enough even I have no job…Heart were tired. The environment let me feels so depressed even I came back from others place 10 months ago.

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    No. When the human is alive, he is WHAT HE IS DOING, LIVING. some people live longer. U don't die everye day, u live

  79. Spectre Fantasy says:

    Yeah, I'm wasting 8 hours a day in American Schools. I learn better at home, not sitting in a classroom that drains me of my motivation and mental energy for when I get home.

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  99. Marcus Carter says:

    GOD made us individually for a major purpose in life. He didn’t give us life just to waste it in the little time we’re here. Seek him and trust him and you’ll realize it.

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