Stephen King’s IT (Book) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis


What’s happenin, baby? This week on Thug
Notes, we straight CLOWNIN’ with IT, by Stephen King. That movie scared the sh*t outta me. First thang you betta recognize
is this big-a** book always jumpin across two time periods. But since tellin it like
dat would be a b***h, I’m gonna lay it on y’all chronologically. Da year is 1957 and
it’s rainin’ BALLS in the town of Derry, Maine; where lil’ shawty George playin’
wit a paper boat made by his older brother Bill. S’all good til dat boat flow in to
a storm drain where- “Da hell is a clown doin down there?!” Man they got
some weird crackheads in Derry. Anyway, George try to snatch da boat back, but dat clown
straight RIPS his arm off. Woo! he dead. Three months go by and a boy named Ben rollin back
to the crib when “HOLD UP! There’s dat same red nose hater!” The clown axe if he
wanna grab a balloon and chill and Ben’s tempted, but he say “nah, blood. I’m straight.”
and the Clown turn in to a damn MUMMY and Ben like “mm-MM!” and BOOKS it. Later, Ben tryna’ duck a thug named Henry
Bowers and his crew of gangbangers by layin low in the barrens, where he become tight
with two homies who also gettin their a**es whooped by Henry: George’s older bro Bill,
and this cat Eddie. Next day, Ben, Bill, an’ Eddie ghetto rigging a dam when some other
young bloods named Richie and Stan drop by. Turns out most of em beein seein that clown
on the reg- so has a girl named Beverly and a brutha named Mike! Together, all these cats
make up The Losers Club. Richie thinking this clown gotta be da one ghostin all these lil’ kids
in Derry. Eventually they recognize da clown shacked up in the sewers and change shape
usin some s*** called “glamour.” Aparrently, da only way to end dat fool is by bustin’
a mad lyrical flow of jokes n’ riddles while biting on IT’s tongue. It’s called “The
ritual of Chud” and yeah man- it sounds pretty freaky! But I like it. Mike show da Losers his daddy’s
collection of old-a** photos- and what do ya know? Dat clown all up in those crusty
stills! Man this dude older than- “oh DAMN!” the clown try to BUST outta dat photo and
be all like “Break Yo’selves fools cuz I’m comin for ya!” Oh I don’t like this clown, man. So the Losers do the
logical thing and get sooooo high, and trip ballz imagining IT crash on Earth
millions of years ago. Later, IT gets even whiter when he shapeshifts
in to the moon and start conversatin’ with Henry Bowers. He slides him a blade and say
“Psst. Bruh. Yo daddy and dat girl Beverly GOT TO GO.” So SHANK! Papa Bowers get TOOKEN
out. Henry get the jump on Bev, and while she strugglin’, two hoods just watch it
go down without even doin nuthin. But Bev don’t play, man. HIIIYA! She kicks him right
in the NUTS and bails to go hook up with the Losers. Bill start gettin crunk bout how all
the adults don’t give a f*** bout whats happenin to kids in Derry. So they decide
THEY gotta be the ones to pull up on on dat beasty. So they crew up and head
down to the sewers. Thang is, Henry and his posse creepin on em from behind. But it ain’t
long before IT ghosts both of Henry’s boys, and Henry get lost fo’ hours. After WRECKIN’
IT with an inhaler and some choice words, The Losers roll up on IT’s Lair and Bill
gets his a** lost in some kind of void. And if you think this jam was trippy before, peep
this shit out: A GIANT TURTLE who created the universe say “Yo if you wanna kill IT, you best start
layin down that CHUD.” So Bill start flowin, bite down on the monster’s tongue, and IT
scurry away like a lil ol b***h. Lil ol clown b***h. Afta’ dat, The Losers cain’t find their
way outta the tunnels, but Beverly got an idea: “Hey boys, drop yo drawers and f***
ME!” Wait.. what.. these kids are only 11. Stephen, man! So after an assembly line of
da freak nasty – POOF – the Losers find their way out of the sewers. They all swear that
if the creature ain’t dead, they gotta come back and put it in the ground- no matta what.
As fo’ Henry? Dat fool get tossed in the loony bin and takes the fall for all of IT’s
murders. Damn. Twenty-seven years later, children start disappearing in Derry again and Mike
gettin ‘spicious. So he holla at his old crew and say: “Get yo’ a**es over here,
bloods! IT is back!” So all the Losers hustle back to Derry, except Stan who get so wigged
out he SLITS HIS DAMN WRISTS. Meanwhile, Henry get a visit from IT who tell him it’s time
to bust outta da big house to get revenge on da Losers. Da clown bein a real dick making
the Losers relive all kindsa nasty mess from their childhood. And if that ain’t enough,
Bev’s a**hole hubby and Bill’s wife come to town unannounced. Later, Henry Bowers shanks Mike at the library,
but he still kickin’. With a lil’ help from IT, Henry head over the hotel to ghost
the Losers, but Eddie keep it clutch and mercs Henry the way most gangsters do it- with a bottle
of perrier. Oh classic. After gettin word that Mike got wrecked and IT mindcontrolled Bev’s husband
to snatch Bill’s woman, the Losers are like “‘nuff f***in around man. Time to end this
fool!” After seein MO’ crazy s***, The losers drop in at IT’s digs. Bill, Richie,
and Eddie start layin down the ritual of chud, head up in to dat void, and IT CHOMPS Eddie’s
damn ARM off. He dead. When da monster start crawlin away, Ben bust every one of its eggs
and Bill crushes IT’s heart like a G. Now that IT’s finally dead, they grab Bill’s
wife and chunk deuces outta the tunnel. No gangbang required this time. All the Losers
go their separate ways and slowly start to forget what the hell just happened. Bill’s
wife all whacked out in the head from da craziness she saw, but after Bill gives her a ride on
his hoopty-a** childhood bike she snaps right out of it, but still don’t remember what went
down. You might be thinkin- why would a gnarly beast
like IT set up shop in a hood like Derry? Well, this spot ain’t da innocent small
town it seem like. All dat Leave it to Beaver bulls*** got a dark side brewin under it:
peoples who are crooked, violent, racist as f***, and don’t give a damn bout whats happenenin’
to these lil’ kids. See, IT actin’ like a mirror of the crooked-a** people in Derry. Just peep
this quote of homies jabberin’ bout the monster: “The one glimpse I caught of him,
it looked like he had a Winchester bolt-action, and it wasn’t until later that I figured
out I must have thought that because that’s what I had. Biff Marlow thought he had a Remington,
because that was what he had. And when I asked Jimmy about it, he said that guy was shooting
an old Springfield, just like his. Funny, huh?” Erry brutha remember da monster packin the
same piece they were packin, reppin dat the clown is a reflection of all the raw violence
inside da heart of all dem hoodrats. Matta fact, ain’t no mistake that IT roll around
decked out like a clown. Cuz just like a clown, the people of Derry seem nice to kids on the
outside, but on the inside, it’s all bulls***. Dat clown wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t
for Derry’s dark deeds. See, IT is only able to hit the scene when a horrible event
go down- like child abuse or murder. It’s like a gnarly cycle where the messed up thangs
the Derry-folk do inspires IT to terrorize da people, which then encourages the people
to do even MORE whack s***. And cuz this cycle just keep goin and goin, IT been chillin in
Derry for a LONG a** time. “…It’s become a part of Derry, something as much a part
of the town as the Standpipe, or the Canal, or Bassey Park, or the library. Only It’s
not a matter of outward geography… Somehow It’s gotten inside.” This whole cycle jam go even deeper cuz there
be circular imagery all up in this huge-a** book. The kids circle back to their hood roots
when they return to Derry as adults to lay a whoop on the monster, Beverly replaced her
abusive daddy with an abusive husband. Da only way they able to beat IT in the end is
by throwin back to the mental states of their childhood and flexin’ their imagination.
They even recognize dat past events happenin all over again, like when big boy Ben peep
some beezy reading the same story she read to him back in the day: “Am I supposed to
believe that’s just coincidence? Because I don’t… Is something really stapling
the past and present together here, or am I only imagining it?” Da Losers always form a circle at important
points: like when they promise to wreck IT if he dare show his face in Derry again, when adults
try to remember what went down back then, and even when errybody gather round to tap
Beverly’s a… nevermind I can’t say that sh*t she’s only like 11. Maybe all this cycle jive
just preachin’ a greater point about evil. Just like IT, evil been around since the beginning
of time, but its only when humans arrived that IT started to take shape. And since humans
keep doin dark deeds over and over again, IT been thriving fo centuries! So maybe thats
King’s message- Evil only becomes for real when humans allow it to take control of us
and guide all our nasty qualities like greed, jealousy, and violence. “It’s always been
here, since the beginning of time… since before there were men anywhere… It was here
then, sleeping, maybe, waiting for the ice to melt, waiting for the people to come Yo, thanks for chillen with my in my library today
ya’ll. Peace!

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