SNN: Book donations after Irma

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TURNS into hundreds of book donations for her classroom. Eighth grade language arts teacher Danielle
Forbes walked into her classroom at Brookside Middle School after the campus was used as
a pet-friendly shelter during Hurricane Irma and was shocked to find most of her books
gone. THE HERALD TRIBUNE SAYS the families that
had been staying in the rooms had taken them off the shelves in fear they would fly off
due to the storm. So Forbes did what most anyone would do these
days, and posted her experience on Facebook and shortly after he had over 300 shares. Now, Forbes’ class has received donations
of more than 560 novels. A Facebook fundraiser has garnered almost
$600 for Forbes to buy more books. The books have come from as far as California,
and one school in Georgia sent a box of 50 books as part of a class project.

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