SMOKED SALMON PIZZA! (Indonesian Subtitle)

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[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today we’re going to make some smoked salmon pizza there’s a really simple recipe that I got from Barefoot Contessa cookbook that I just bought last week so if you want to know how to make them just keep on watching the ingredients you need are salt honey instant yeast olive oil warm like lukewarm water flour pepper and that’s it let’s make the bill have a mixer ready with the dill attachment to that you want to add your water yeast and your honey and you want to mix it a little bit after you see it like kind of combined you want to add your flour mix a little bit [Music] [Applause] while the machine is running you want to add your spa and olive oil a little bit of pepper too you go now you want to mix this around ten minutes until they’re really really like like really nice consistency if it needs a little bit more flour you can add in a little bit but try not to add too much so I’ll see you in ten minutes what you done mix it for ten minutes do you need to keep it aside and let it rise for around 20 30 minutes or so make sure the bullets cover and oil your bowl that way you won’t feel the crust that is not a good thing so yeah let’s leave it for around thirty minutes or so at room temperature until they’re almost double inside after around 30 minutes or so it depends on temperature in your house the dough gonna be around double and you want to put them on a flat surface and you bite it into three now flour your hand and make sure that you put the door on a well flour service now you want to shape into somewhat a smooth ball [Music] you can wait it if you want but I don’t feel like it as soon as you have like three somewhat equal sized balls cover it and let it rest around ten minutes or so while your dough is resting let’s make the topping what you need is just mascarpone cheese chives and salt pepper that’s it to make the toppings you need at the salt to to mustard Pony some of the chive leave it the rest for like garnish or you know just decoration or you can add all depends on how much you want to put on it and then just mix it well there it is you have the topping for it once the dough rest for around ten minutes you want to shape the dough until eight inches of circle once you’ve done that you want to press your dough with a little bit olive oil oh I need to tell you that the recipe makes around three pizza crust like pizza but I’ll be showing you just one right now the same time once you’re done brushing your dough you need to put in a pita oven around 500 degrees or as high as your oven can take just keep an eye on it oven are different every machine are different you know yeah I just have to keep an eye on it but you need to cook it around 12 to 15 minutes until they’re golden brown and take it out after that and we go from there that’s right yes okay guys the pizza is done so I’m going to start assembling in basically what you need to do is just to put the cheese on the bottom and put that’s my guess you want I mean like if you like peas you can put more cheese if you don’t like cheese just don’t drink too much should have waited a little bit longer but I can’t wait I’m hungry so I’m just gonna do it right now and then you stop it up with your smoked salmon you can garnish it with little bit off the chai you still have it left here you have it smoked salmon pizza hey guys this is how they look like I think that looks really good but let’s see if they taste good too so let’s give it a try [Music] now I have to tell you this if you do not like crispy crust don’t cook it too long but I love like crispy crust it’s just like eating on a cracker the dough is not really salty but the smoked-salmon kind of salty so it just bounce everything out and for those of you who doesn’t really like cheese like my husband you will enjoy this because you can’t really taste the cheese so I hope you try it please come and subscribe and leave a comment down below if you want me to review anything and thanks for watching this video guys so see you in my next video bye

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