Sleep is Just Death Being Shy


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100 thoughts on “Sleep is Just Death Being Shy”

  1. Lasami Salagne says:

    Ah shit here we die again

  2. _Hesamuヘサム says:

    This video is making me think so long, to the point I literally passed out.

  3. IVMTENSA says:

    I did this as a project in class in the 5 grade scared the shit out of people.

  4. TSeeker says:

    Do you dare to scroll all the channels exurb1a is subscribed to?(btw, was the sentence grammatically correct?)

  5. MarcyyD says:

    This shit hit me deep bro..

  6. Kernel Popcorn says:

    shit man this is deep

  7. s4lty k1d says:

    That title gave me chills and now I don't want to watch the video.

  8. ha det så kult says:

    And I said I'm six FUCKING years old

  9. yuval buda says:

    שינה היא אחד חלקי שישים ממיתה

  10. Ajax says:

    I zoned out for 5 seconds and I'm already lost

  11. ღᗩutumn’s ᗩffirmationsღ says:

    Wow okay, now I’m having an existential crisis. Fun. It was really beautiful at towards the end and now I’m crying. I want this played at my funeral.

  12. Liam Duff Carter says:

    My life has no value then… I never thought negatively of my life and I fully valued seems like I was a fool

  13. Bethany de la Torre says:

    And he said …
    And I said

  14. Wyatt Leach says:

    God is real

  15. Joel Tijerina says:

    Or Elon can put us in Minecraft

  16. Iah Chico says:

    ⚠️ WARNING: Don’t watch this at night.
    Results to insomnia

  17. Olivia Roden says:

    damn, dude.

  18. NoPlanB says:

    Well that's all folks! When does Porky Pig shove his head through the paper?

  19. PewDiePie is da best says:

    this video gave me depression

  20. Kislay Tiwari says:

    You are great at going from a different and much larger topic from some seemingly weird point

  21. CrazyCaptain says:

    You, yes you, are not intelligent enough to define your own purpose.
    You, yes you, cannot come up with ideas that have never existed in any way.

  22. nikkmha says:

    Gosh I’m glad I’m a Christian

  23. Beer Buntenbach says:

    ew, optimism

  24. vvishvvud says:

    Who are you, why was this video recommended to me, and why am I crying now?

  25. zai says:

    well, didn’t see that coming. the sudden shift in tone surprised me, but pleasantly so

  26. DemonEnd says:

    Best video title ever

  27. Gustav Danielsson says:

    you can spot pink guy at 4:12 in the crowd

  28. Alla says:

    didnt expect it to go from sleep to millions of descendents but it was beautiful

  29. kati says:

    so what your saying is… that i should bleach my hair 😳🤚🏽

  30. Blue Zero says:

    Can’t I believe I’ll be dead while all the stuff happens

  31. Lavender Dust says:


  32. Calub_Campbell says:

    I didn’t cry u did it’s u

  33. satyam 1 says:

    Thank you but I'm INDIAN Hindu

  34. Lipi Saha says:

    Will you please stop , I m getting anxiety 😅

  35. zippy reave says:

    Watching this during 2 am does not help

  36. Maria Elena Vasquez Garcia says:


  37. Dan Mqng says:

    there aren't very many youtube videos that I feel change me as a person but its beautiful when I find one.

  38. Mica Aurich says:

    CAUTION This Video Does Not Cure Depression

  39. AnimeBlackGuy _ says:

    that was beautiful man

  40. syd the kid says:

    this made me cry but i’m glad i watched until the end

  41. Steve Sauder says:

    As always, a beautiful contemplation on mortality, from exurb1a!

  42. OneCup says:

    when we all fall asleep where do we go?

  43. holly_jolly says:

    Thus video sums up my depression

  44. Jon Shefsky says:

    "Fuck you wasps!" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -thanks you for making such a wonderful video:)

  45. Cedric Mathieu says:

    I don't know why people are freaking out in the comment section lool this made me feel better thank you Exurb1a you just got yourself a new fan 👋😁

  46. sacha dnhsk says:

    Well, what do you reckon slep is for

  47. sacha dnhsk says:

    sleep is a death trial

  48. pillowofacat says:


  49. Floop The Tesseract says:

    “I don’t sleep because sleep is the cousin of death” -Nas in the song NY state of mind

  50. Chris84 says:

    yer dads a mutant if he said that to u

  51. Aktby says:

    hey, exsuburb1a, try not to burnout now, i love this vid, but just a heads up.

  52. GuardianVerse Products says:

    That beautiful Clare De Lune at the start…

  53. doodle-tube says:

    This reminds me of the futurama episode where they keep going forward in time forever

  54. y e e says:

    I love this so fucking much but hate it for giving me another existential crisis this week

  55. Jackson Gilbert says:

    I’m currently reading the fifth science, I love it so much. The prince of milk was also amazing!!!

  56. 11 PM says:

    This keeps being recommended so fuck it why not.

  57. Dogotato plays says:

    Where did we just go from sleeping…?

  58. Liu Xiaokun says:

    Life – the silly bit inbetween birth and death

  59. Liu Xiaokun says:

    This is apparently called optimistic nilhism

  60. Kaeden Hammer says:

    Ah… okay ^^

  61. Kristian Jerak says:

    You just made a 17 year old male cry

  62. Ivan Gentile says:

    thank you lad

  63. HM arts says:

    Billie eilish has entered my chat

  64. Uncle Billy says:

    I love you

  65. Wavyy Babyyj says:

    How did this turn from a video about my dreams to a video about what will happen 1,000,000,000 years after I die

  66. Pradyumn kasundhan says:

    One of the best videos on utube

  67. Yoshi says:

    am i the only one crying

  68. Ethan-Ambrose Sellers says:


  69. The Doorman says:

    Fuck you for making me happy lol love your work

  70. Mathew Ruppert says:

    youtube reallllly be pushing this video in my feed for the 20th time

  71. Hannah Brook says:

    i’m halfway through this video. Is this going to become theory of evolution backwards . .?

  72. a nice cup of tea says:

    Love clair de lune.

  73. Evan Lobo says:

    I’ve always been afraid of sleeping, because something could happening during at and bam, my life gone without me even having a clue

  74. Smorange says:

    This, in its own way has oddly soothed me about the prospect of death…the long sleep. Whatever happens after (if there is an after) I have already practiced it.

  75. BREZ760 says:

    Sleep is so your body can recover 🙂 lifechanged

  76. BezoS says:

    Im not afraid of death im just afraid of dying to early.

  77. Leah Bailak says:


  78. Trucky Dee says:

    i wonder if after all of those years mount and blade bannerlord will finally release

  79. Hakim Habib says:

    I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death.
    -Nas, The Message

  80. Andre Whyze says:

    "It's just as arbitrary to lose hope as it is to find it"… yup

  81. -MeinJuaco- says:

    No one asked me if i wanted to go in this trip >:(

  82. bustanuwu says:

    s u p e r m a s s i v e b l a c k h o l e

  83. Jakub Matta says:

    Ahh yes, enslaved existential crisis.

  84. Omar Abs says:

    This guy sounds like Mrwhosetheboss at the start of the video

  85. Haroon Mahsud says:

    If you read the Holy Quran you will be amazed

  86. zkazzay says:

    Remarkable writing my dear friend, you always seem to almost make me want to change my life completely.

  87. Cassette Tape says:

    I watch him. Even if there is some shit going around talking about rape and that.

    He has his life and I don't think its ok to judge him before we get the details. What I see is A man with a shady backstory try to make a good name for himself only to be punched back down by people who don't know the whole story.

  88. John Boi says:

    Sleeping is death but temporary. Dreams are just either hell or heaven…

  89. theGhost LTU says:

    Truly, you are the voice of a generation

  90. ugandan knuckles says:

    there wont be no life we probably al die in a few years probably worlds fucked up

  91. Stereotypical Weaboo says:

    Who else tought this was some shitty r/showertoughts reddit tts video?

  92. SAMUEL NUTAS says:

    Great information right on !! Love th ed way you bring your " art of magic "

  93. Rice Will says:

    when we all fall asleep where do we go?

  94. Silva Lupas says:

    you make me cry every time 🙁

  95. Daniel Bradshaw says:

    I was hoping this video would stop my back from hurting!! Been hurting for weeks now

  96. JisunSijanSojan1 says:

    Everybody will die 1 day lol

  97. Alc odce says:

    thanks for the facts, now i have something else to stay up all night about

  98. Harry McGuinness says:

    This honestly is something I think about all the time and it fucking hurts to know that someday I will be nothing and that I won’t even know I ever existed and that I know everyone around me will die and that everyone I have ever loved will just disappear and that I will have to live through the deaths of these people and know that they no longer exist and knowing this makes me fucking depressed but it also makes me grateful for right now but what I would give to have everyone live forever but that’s just not sustainable and it really messes with my head . So I hope some day I get over my fear of death and can live my not so long life happily and accept that death is something that just happens

  99. hanna punkt says:

    Ah fuck this is amazing

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