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Hello it’s Deanie and I am your friendly Dark
Brotherhood member and today I come to you with an original book tag the Skyrim
book tag. I’m going back to my roots of this channel where I originally started
out just playing Skyrim and doing voiceover with book stuff and I wanted
to go back to my roots and do a Skyrim book tag. So I really hope you enjoy it. The Dragonborn can absorb souls, breathe
fire, soothe wild beasts and so much more. What character do you think would be
capable of doing anything? So I think that Mark Watney from The Martian could
pretty much do anything. Like the dude was able to make potatoes grow on Mars
so like I think he is probably capable of anything
because his brain is just just so smart. He was able to survive on Mars. I would
trust him with my life. “I am sworn to carry your burdens.” Lydia is sworn to carry your burdens. Who
is the most annoying side character? So in the Descendant of the Crane Hesina’s
adopted brother named Caiyan, he kept on calling Hesina
“milady” like all the time. It’s like you’re you’re her adopted brother. She
treats you like a brother and yet you just keep going “milady milady” it’s like
please dear God. I I know it’s very petty thing but like don’t say milady when
it’s your sister or something. Like you don’t need to go milady. “Let me guess. Someone stole your sweet roll?” Did someone steal your sweet roll? What
is a delectable food from a book that you’d love to eat? So in The Three Dark
Crown series there are the naturalists who have like these powers where you can
like make things grow really well or like have some sort of connection with
animals. And so every couple of years they have like a naturalist festival or
I think is actually every year and then they have just like all this food and it
looks so delicious well it sounds delicious because they’re
able to grow things so well and like get the best wildlife, get the best wild
foods. I’ve just like ooh all of it just sounds so good. I would love to have like..
I know we have like farmers markets here but it’d just be so nice to have someone
make it for me instead of making it for myself. “I used to be an adventurer like
yourself but then I took an arrow to the knee…” I used to be an adventurer and then I
took an arrow to the knee. What character do you think would be most likely to get
randomly injured? And so I’m going to the Grisha trilogy and talking about Alina
because I think she’s just clumsy. She just comes off as a clumsy character
like she really wants to do something and do good but then she would just mess
up and probably hurt herself in the process. So her like she’d be like light
and then like blind herself or just hurt others and just I don’t know or just
like try to run into battle and then fall. Yeah probably her. “you have caught my
attention mortal. That is most unwise.” Aedra versus Daedra. What is the most
interesting force of good or evil or otherworldly power that you found in a
book? So in The Diviners series you have kind
of all these different elements these different types of evil. You have the
occult with Naughty John who who has this cult following and he lures people
in and like kills them but he does it in this way that is just so creepy and then
you also have the element of the fact that history it’s kind of its own force
in the book because it’s history where we’re not learning from our past
mistakes especially it’s set in the United States so you’re not learning
from all of the bad things that happened in US history and then we’re repeating those
same mistakes. So you get to see that really come to life in the book and then
you also have things like where your dreams are not even always safe and it’s
based off of like different cultures superstitions or they’re like cultures
in general. And I liked how you bring in all these different elements and they
worked so great together. Tamriel is full of deceitful characters.
Who is your favorite deceitful or suspicious character? So I’m not going to
name a specific character but I’m just gonna suggest reading Warbreaker cuz
it’s a book where it’s full of political intrigue and you have to guess
throughout ‘is this the person I’m supposed to trust?’ But then you’re like,
oh wait no this person but they’re at odds with each other and wait but I like
this person now and you just have to figure it out through the entire story.
So I would definitely recommend if you like like deceitful characters or just
like not knowing or just constantly questioning definitely we read
Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. The Lusty Argonian Maid is the hottest
book ever written. What is your favorite romance in a book? And this could be like
a romance book or just like the favorite romance that’s in a book that isn’t
centered on the romance. So for me it’s Get a Life Chloe Brown. So I love it as a
romance book and I also just love the two characters Red and Chloe together
because you have like.. they’re just both really sassy, really cheesy and they kind
of like bicker but then it’s also just like full of tension and you’re just like..
It makes me feel so happy. The stealth archer is the most obvious
and most practical character build you can do in Skyrim. What type of character
do you think is the most useful and give an example. So I think like the lovable
rogue is my favorite and also kind of really useful because they’re very
skilled. They tend to be very charming because they’re lovable but they’re also
have like this high need for self-preservation so I know if I’m gonna
like attach myself to anyone to like survival situations like we’ll go with
the rogue. I don’t think they would really want me to tag along but I’ll tag
along with them anyways. An example of this would be Sam Lloyd from The
Diviners series. He is just so charming but you can’t always trust him but
you’re like you get it you you’re really good at what you do and I’ll just stick
with you. “Buying and selling fine jewelry here.” “Khajiit
has wares if you have coin.” The world is more than just humans. Elves, Khajiit
Argonians and more. What is your favorite fantasy or sci-fi race? so for me it’s
Ghus from Saga. I don’t know what his race is but he’s like a cute little seal guy
and he is just so.. he’s like the caretaker of the group and he’s just
adorable. He has this cute little outfit. I don’t know what he like is he the only
one is he the only Ghus does he have more Ghus people? like I don’t know but I want
there to be more Ghus because Ghus if especially if they’re all like him
then they would just be like the best people ever. You just want to like be
your friend anything you’re just like you were a lovable person,
you know, you probably take care of everyone. The world would be better off
with more Ghus’s. Glitches – Dragons freaking out mid-air.
Giants sending you sky-high. What is a surprisingly funny or an
expected thing you found in a book? So pretty much half of whatever happens in
Saga and Assassination Classroom that’s always funny or really unexpected and
it’s pretty much always highly inappropriate so like I can’t show you
the examples but if you’ve read the book and I mentioned a dragon for Saga, you
might know what I’m talking about. And then Assassination Classroom just
has weird elements that are unexpected mainly because they get randomly
heartwarming when you have this octopus guy who will say like inappropriate
things or just be kind of awkward but then like he’ll teach you a life lesson
and you’re like I’ve learned something and it just like warms your heart of how
he interacts with the students because he genuinely cares but he also wants to
like destroy the world. “Do you get to the cloud district very often? What am I
saying, of course you don’t.” And now it’s time to tag people and I’m very excited
so I’m gonna tag Tea from Djungeltea and she’s pretty new and she also
really likes video games so Tea do you do you play Skyrim because I really hope
you do but if not you should play Skyrim and also do this tag. I’m also gonna tag
Paige from Paiging Through who also really likes video games then Andrea from art
books and other things, Mike from pints and paperbacks, Michael Knipp, Ramsey from
Rajathan, Una and Krypto over at the Codex Cantina, Scott from book invasion
and the Booktube Doddess who also did her own original tag recently based on
70s TV shows. So go check out all of those people I really enjoy all of their
content and they’re pretty awesome people just anyways. So that’s it for the
Skyrim book tag. I really hope you enjoyed this I was really excited to
make it and thank you for watching.

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12 thoughts on “Skyrim Book Tag | Original”

  1. The CodeX Cantina says:

    Woah, Deanie. Greenscreen, ring light. You went deep on this one! Also the intensity flip from when you were reading your question to answering @1:20 was great!
    I call Lembas for quesiton 3!

  2. djungeltea says:

    By Akatosh!! Thank you for the tag 😀 I do play Skyrim!! Can't wait to get to this one, I looooooooooove Elder Scrolls lore, my favorite ES game is Oblivion though even if it doesn't have Cicero! I love how you made all the questions relatable to the game! Also I haven't read Saga but more Ghus-seal-guys for the people, he's the cutest 😍

  3. The Nihilist Geek says:

    Great tag

  4. Rajathon says:

    I spent so much time in Skyrim like 100 hours this tag is so cool. I played on xbox so I may have to grab some of that footage but you did such a great job on this. Great game footage and really cool questions. Wow so awesome!!

  5. Michael Knipp says:

    I love it! And I’m looking forward to doing this one as well. Holly crap I love Skyrim also. I’ve played so much of it as well!

    Awesome video and thanks for the the tag!

  6. Pints And Paperbacks says:

    This was so good! That green screen effect is top notch and also that cosplay was great lol cant wait to do this

  7. Book Invasion says:

    Yes this is awesome. I haven't played Skyrim for years and i've since gotten rid of the game because I 'thought' my PS3 was busted because it was in a repeating state of failed updates. but now it works again and I really want to play it but then i'd really get absolutely nothing done. Great questions. i'll really have to deliberate over some of these. Thanks for the tag!

  8. Dane Reads says:

    This is so cool, I love the effort that you went to with this!

  9. lost in a booKCase says:

    I was reading an amazing book once, but then I took an arrow to the knee…

  10. Paiging Through says:

    Hell to the yes

  11. BruceReadsBooks says:

    This is some TOP-TIER entertainment!

  12. Booktube Goddess says:

    Green screen and costumes … WHO DOES THAT!? Alas, I've never played Skyrim but I definitely love this tag!

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