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I’m Jeff up in the big game hunter a
coach who helps people professionally in a number of ways– job search, hiring more effectively, managing and leading, a lot of different ways that I help should I
include a cover letter with an online application?” Yes, the reason is it’s an opportunity to sell yourself now I want to be clear the
cover letter should be page one of your resume. It should not be a typical cover
letter where you talk about how you’re a wonderful individual it makes the case
for your candidacy let me give you a sense of what it might look like I’m
uploading my resume T for the position of such-and-such that I saw on fill in
the blank let me walk you through my background and how it fits the role.
In the flush left, you put this skill that’s required flush right how long and
how recently you do that the same thing with the work with the functionality
you’d be doing for the job so for example, in technology, program management. 15 years current. They say they want a PMP you know five years current you list
the skills sought the functionality of the position flush left flush right how
long and how recently and by making it page one of the resume that you’re
uploading what you’re doing is keyword stuffing the application so the
applicant tracking system is able to figure out that you have all the
experience that they’re looking for I’m Jeff Altman. Hope you found this
helpful. Visit where I have a lot more there that’ll
help you. Also, I want to mention you can watch me on YouTube get notified
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