“Shifting Nations Through Houses of Prayer”, the new book from Rick and Patricia Ridings

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– We are living in a time
when the battle between the kingdom of God and
the kingdom of darkness is becoming stronger and clearer in our cities and in our nations. How do we shift our city and
nation to align more strongly with justice, righteousness, and truth? – We are so excited to
see the Lord restoring the tabernacle of David
all over the earth. As David worshiped the
Lord with all of his heart out in the fields as
a simple shepherd boy, the Lord was forming him
for the courts of a king, and to eventually become
the king of Israel. Today the Lord is raising
up houses of prayer with worship and prayer day and night. They are preparing the way
and building up a throne for the great son of David,
Yeshua, who will reign forever. He has called us to partner with Him, to simply praise and worship Him. – By the grace of God in our 20 years as a house of prayer in Jerusalem, we have experienced some clear
shifts in the neighborhood, in Jerusalem, in Israel,
and in other nations for which we’ve prayed. The Lord has even opened up doors for us to counsel leaders of nations. We have seen hundreds of Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian youth experience
reconciliation and unity. – We have written a book sharing some of the prophetic history
of how the Lord has led us and other houses of
prayer that have been used to influence cities and nations. – In this book you can learn
principles about birthing and strengthening a house of prayer. You can learn about mandates that help shift cities and nations. You could learn how we can
prepare a dwelling place for the presence of God. It is ultimately His presence
that changes the atmosphere over a nation and over its government. You may order this book now
online at Don’t wait to be better equipped to change your city or nation. Join us in preparing a
dwelling place for the presence of God to bring change
in your city and nation. (soft background vocal music)

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