Sherlock Holmes uses his Library card

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Hello, just reading one of my favorite
books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. That’s Sherlock Holmes. You know you can’t go
wrong with the Sherlock Holmes book. Did you know that anyone who lives or works
in Ouachita Parish can sign up to get a Library card? You know I did this my very
self. You can look at it to see, oh yes. This is your ticket to unlimited access
to all things Holmes, Sherlock Holmes. Books, DVDs, you name it they should have
it and if they don’t maybe they could get it. Wouldn’t hurt to ask. In fact, if
you sign up for a Library card in January, you will be entered for a chance
to win two tickets to the Strauss Theatre’s Baskerville, starring me of
course and a host of other wonderfully talented people that you’ll love to see.
Matter of fact, if you don’t win the tickets, buy some anyway, for a friend too,
and come see the show and when the show’s over, check out the book. You’ll be

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